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Issue # 89

    June 2012   
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Toy Voices  -  6/5/12


Articulatory Flexibility  -  6/7-8

Dialects I  -  6/9-10

Dialects II  -  6/11


Long Form Narration II: Docs  -  6/11-25


Small Group Workout  -  6/12 


Intro: Starting Out  -  6/16  


Stepping Out  -  6/23


Creating Characters  -  6/23


Acting on Camera For Teens  -  6/24


Nailing The Audition  -  6/26


Voice-over For Teens  -  6/30


Your Voice Imprint  -  7/8


Director's Perspective  -  7/10

*** Revised Date *** 


Your Voice Imprint  -  7/8


Small Group Workout  -  7/12


Breaking Through  -  7/12-19 


Classes often sell out. Register early!    

Summer Fast Track

This July/August, we're running our 8th annual Summer Fast Track. This is an opportunity to take three of the Core Curriculum tracks in 23 days - Commercial, Character and Narration. Visit Summer Fast Track for complete details. 


Commercials  -  July 21-29, Aug 3   


Characters  -  July 30 - Aug 5   


Narrations  -  Aug 6-12 


Take one class, one track, mix and match - it's up to you.


Reservations are now open!



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Elaine's Top Tips


1. Pay attention to trends. Watch TV, surf the web, listen to the radio. Are the commonly heard voices quirky, real or announcer-y? Do they have texture, smoothness or crispness? Trust and train your ears; they are your best assets. Use them well so you can continue in this business for a long, long time.
2. Don't let other actors' egos interfere with your confidence or performance. Trust your work and forget comments and posts that get to you. 
3. Learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. Personal growth comes through experience. Tough clients make us better performers. 
4. Get to know your agent(s) and clients on a personal level, not just as hands that feed you. People like to help friends. 
5. Develop a strong stomach. Divorce yourself from any life or client tensions and concentrate on doing the best voice-over job possible. 
6. If you're working in a professional recording studio, learn to "read the room." Are you the first to perform or the last actor of the day? You're there to do a job. Don't let your insecurities or need for attention add to the problem. Don't overstay your welcome, either. Be brief, be brilliant, be gone. 
7. Use your body rather than your brain. Thinking too much lessens the believability. Trust and commit. 
8. Don't get discouraged. It takes time, commitment, marketing, and talent to succeed. Set goals and work toward them. 
9. Prepare yourself for lean times. Contracts come and go. You may be a top earner one day and lose the account to a competitor the next. You'll have busy spells and dry spells. That's freelance for you. 
10. When you perform, never become less than who you are. Keep your personality alive. Feel the power in the gut. Trust your intuition and creativity. Let your inner child out to play. 
11. Strive on a consistent basis to perform at the highest level: unconsciously competent. Creatively, this business isn't that hard. We just make it that way by getting in our own way. Trust, relax, breathe, and believe. 
12. Prepare yourself before each meeting, audition, or job. Think and feel first before speaking. Practice, commitment, and trust are the keys to your success.  

When you open up your imagination and let the words come alive, the real fun begins! Bank on it. 
Excerpted from third edition of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is," by Elaine Clark. To order your copy visit:

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.       


* Sujata Shrivastav signed with Tonry Talent and Mark O'Neill signed with Stars, The Agency. 

* Valerie Weak
played a Marketing Exec in an on-camera industrial for VMWare and a Health Care Expert for Cisco.   
* Alexandra Matthew
recorded and harmonized on some songs in German for a toy at Creativity.
* Jennifer Knight recorded a promo for a mobile app, Duke 2.
* Noam Smooha recorded a web tutorial for iMeet.    
* Bill Bump recorded for on-hold messages for Sea Watch International.  
* Stephanie Roberts
recorded an interactive quiz game that will be in a museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and a character for an iPhone/iPad app, Puzzingo.
* Keri Fishman recorded  an in-store promo for Albertsons. 

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