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Issue # 86
   Mar 2012   
Added Class 
Narration workout with Melissa Gray on Sat. 3/24 from 10am to 5pm.
Maximum 12 participants - advanced students only.
Time Change
Small Group Workout with Melissa Gray on 3/16/12 has  moved from 12pm to 4pm.
Scene Study
Date Change

No meeting on April 23 (week 7) so class will end on May 7 instead of April 30.

Upcoming Classes
All 2012 Classes

By The Book  -  3/1-4/19


Advanced Narration  -  3/3-4, 10


Professional Invitational  -  3/5


Directing Yourself  -  3/6-27


Basic British  -  3/7-14


INTRO: Starting Out  -  3/11


Scene Study  -  3/12-5/7


Small Group Workout  -  3/16

*** Moved from 12pm to 4pm *** 


That's NOT All Folks  -  3/16-17


Stepping Out  -  3/18 


Creating Characters  -  3/18


Narration Workout  -  3/24

***Added Class *** 


Promos That Sell  -  3/28-4/4


Spontaneity  -  3/31-4/1


Character Intensive  -  4/6-7, 13-15


Tips From the Pros  -  4/10-24


Small Group Workout  -  4/18


INTRO: Starting Out  -  4/18


Classes often sell out. Register early!    


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Home Studio Options         


There are simple and inexpensive ways to set up a home recording studio for your auditions, jobs, and podcasts. Free recording software, inexpensive microphones, and ways to minimize room tone keep budgets in check. There are also expensive options for top-level home studios. I've broken the choices to five categories to satisfy price ranges and needs. Feel free to mix, match, and research options that aren't listed. The industry changes quickly and new equipment and software emerge constantly.


Option 1: Inexpensive
Download Audacity at or use another free, easy-to-use recording software program that may be pre-installed on your computer. Make sure you have the ability to deliver files in .wav, .aiff, and .mp3. Additional downloads may be necessary to convert and export mp3 files. The Audacity site provides a link to the Lame mp3 encoder. In the Help section of the site are a user manual, a tutorial, and tips to educate you on the recording process.   

Next, you'll need a microphone. USB microphones are not

the best quality but are much better than the microphone in your computer. Here is a list of several condenser mics under $150: Blue Microphones Yeti (better than the Snowflake and Snowball); Audio-Technica AT2020; Samson G-Track, C01U, and C03U; MXL 990; and AKG Perception 120. Some of these mics come with a desktop base, others require an additional purchase of a microphone stand.  

To minimize some of the room tone echo, place your microphone in the closet between your clothes, stack pillows around you, talk into a corner of the room draped with heavy fabric, or create your own sound studio by building a box with acoustical sound foam on the inside to put your mic inside. It's not very glamorous when you stick your head inside these areas, but they get the job done.  

To listen to your recordings, insert the earplug connector from

your cellphone or portable music device into your computer. You'll get a better sound than listening to the recording back through your computer speakers.


Option 2: Mobile Device

Phone and hand held devices like iPhone and iPad offer light,

portable, and cheap options for recording and editing your voice. The iAudition app is less than $5. Twisted Wave is around $80 and offers more functionality. The AT2020 and Blue Yeti microphones work well with these audio programs.


Next month we'll look at the more expensive options.


Excerpted from third edition of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is," by Elaine Clark. To order your copy visit:


Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Congrats to Trevor Allen on signing with Stars and to Don Moffit on signing with JE Talent.
* Shannon Riley 
recorded VO 's for Cisco WebEx, a cross-cultural training module and a two web spots for Monster Cable.
* Sharon Huff 
recorded VO's for a web video, No Guns on Campus, a promo for the Game Developers Conference, and a fundraising video for UC Merced. 
* Steven Spohn
recorded a few online spots for 

* Stephanie Roberts recorded six spots for Sunstate Academy, a cosmetology school located in Florida.
* Susan Iannucci narrated five web videos for Social Silicon and a teacher guide for the N. Cal branch of the International Dyslexia Association.   
Last year, Sara Colby worked on an independent Anime, Exaella. It has  just been released on DVD.  
 Congratulations to all who've recently booked  jobs.
Send us your success stories!

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Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm.
$15 cash at the door.

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