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Issue # 84
 Jan 2012   
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Stepping Out  -  1/15


Creating Characters  -  1/15


Preparing For A Demo  -  1/17-24   


Acting For VO & More  -  1/18-2/1   


Home Recording  -  1/19


Making It M.I.N.E.  -  1/21-22


Daytime Conservatory  -  1/24-3/7  


Home Recording  -  1/19


Narration Simple  -  1/27-28


VO Bootcamp  -  1/29


Comfort On Camera  -  2/2-9     


INTRO: Starting Out  -  2/4 


Long Form II: Documentary  -  2/6-20


Small Group Workout  -  2/7


Copy Intensive  -  2/8-9   


Stepping Out  -  2/11


Creating Characters  -  2/11


Improv For Voice-over  -  2/12 


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Moving Forward   

 Every year, you should write a list of things you wish to accomplish. It doesn't have to be long, maybe five things. Here are some suggestions. Pick and choose what is best for you based on where you are right now. Feel free to add other goals that are not on the list.

1. Buy a microphone or a better microphone.
2. Take a voice-over class.
3. Expand your client list.
4. Get an agent.
5. Define and hone your personal style.
6. Market your talents.
7. Rearrange your recording space so it's more pleasant.
8. Read a VO book.
9. Become a better audio engineer.
10. Join the union.
11. Book a national commercial.
12. Take a singing class.
13. Practice diction and breathing exercises regularly.
14. Join an ongoing improvisation workout group.
15. Take acting classes.
16. Get cast in a play.
17. Add folders in your email to keep track of auditions and jobs.
18. Book five more jobs than last year.
19. Create a new demo.
20. Assess your pay-to-play site listings and update them.
21. Increase your booking ratio.
22. Respond quicker to auditions.
23. Develop a better system for uploading audio files.
24. Decide how much you realistically think you can make this
25. Create a system to achieve your financial and artistic goals.

Saying you want something isn't enough. It takes hard work and dedication. Even though the word "acting" sounds like play, clients take it seriously when they hire voice talent. They've invested their money in you and expect an A+ performance that will support and help build their business.

Decide how you can improve yourself and move forward to achieve your goals.



Excerpted from third edition of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is," by Elaine Clark. To order your copy visit:


Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Congrats to Rossana Schneider on signing with Tonry Talent and on booking an on-camera job for Safeway.  
* Congrats to Tom Fiske on signing with Stars, The Agency.
* Jack Pollard
starred in an orientation video for the VA Memorial Hospital.
* Cia Court voiced a couple of characters for Dragon Hunter 3, a game for mobile devices.
* Dan Pearson shot a Public Service Announcement for San Benito Water District.
* Maria Niles recorded a tutorial for
* Katie Krueger
came in to record another doll's voice for Mattel.  
* Sharon Huff
shot an industrial film for Samsung. 
* Keri Fishman recorded an in-store spot for Sam's Club.  

 Congratulations to all who've recently booked  jobs.
Send us your success stories!
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