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Issue # 80
Sept. 2011  


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Diction & Clarity  -  9/8


Narration Simple  -  9/9-10


INTRO - Starting Out  -  9/11


Nuts & Bolts  -  9/14-10/5


Your Voice As An Instrument   

-  9/15-22


Teleprompter  -  9/17  


Commercial & Industrial Auditioning -  9/17


Stepping Out  -  9/18


Creating Character  -  9/18


Daytime Conservatory  -  9/19 -11/21  


Behind The Scenes  -  9/19


Bringing Voices to Life  -  9/23-25


Scene Study  -  9/26-11/14


Character Intensive  -  9/29-11/17


Making It M.I.N.E.  -  10/1-2


Home Recording 1  -  10/4


Small Group Workout  -  10/5


By The Book  -  10/8-9, 15-16


Home Recording 2  -  10/11


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The Talent Agent Expects .... 

Landing a talent agent is a major milestone for an actor but it doesn't mean the road ahead is paved with gold. One of the pet peeves of talent agents is when newly signed talent sit back and cease growing after signing. That's precisely the time when you should be cranking up the effort and taking advantage of your momentum. An agent doesn't expect a newly signed actor to start booking jobs immediately but they do expect them to be looking for jobs on their own and not leaving it all to the agent.


Talent and versatility are important, but professionalism is vital. You need headshots, resumes, and demos. Plus, you are expected to show up to (sometimes last-minute) auditions and jobs, on time. Striving to improve your skills and therefore your booking ratio is a constant. Top actors (Voice One teachers included) practice and study their craft. If you expect to compete with them, you have no choice but to improve. You need to practice regularly, attend industry mixers, learn new techniques, branch out into other areas [acting, improv, theatre, film], research new trends, and learn new technologies.


Your agent represents hundreds of actors. They submit actors for auditions based on them being reachable, available and the likelihood of them booking the job. You must be easily reachable and virtually always available or your agent won't have confidence in submitting you. You must be always improving to enhance your chances of nailing that audition. If you stop growing when you land your agent, your chances of auditioning, let alone landing jobs, are minimized. If you find you aren't auditioning as much as you'd like, maybe it's time for another growth spurt that will make you more competitive in the market.


Remember, landing an agent should be a milestone on your journey, NOT a destination. Keep your skills sharp!



Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Congrats to Victoria Shepherd - she is now represented by Stars, The Agency.
* Melissa Redmond
filmed an e-learning on-camera job for World Free Press and recorded two VO 2 spots for County Markets in the Midwest. She also signed a  contract with AT&T to voice a series of phone prompts.
* Bruce Whitson played a detective on an episode of I (Almost) Got Away With It.
* Steven Thomas has had a busy summer.

He did on-camera jobs for Sybase, OnLive Productions and SFPD and VO's for One World Communications and for Razorfish.   

* Sharon Huff recorded additional spots for Haven Hospice and Monster Cable[Cast through Voice One] 

* Cia Court recorded a game for Somatone.
* Noam Smooha recorded an educational VO for Diageo wines.
* Scott Reyns recorded VO's for iPad apps ColorStudio HD (Crayola) and  Sly the Dragonfly (Animalations). He also recorded a web tutorial for
* Alexandra Matthew
and Jeff Newton  both shot industrials for Intel and Intuit.
* Mantra Plonsey recorded a Trade Show promo for THX. [Cast through Voice One]
* Rossana Schneider and Meghan Weimer worked  together on a phone system in Spanish for Career College Of California.   * Steve Badolato played a grandfather in a branding video for an app called Path.   
* Jonathan Murphy
 recorded the voice of "The Haunt Overlord" for Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. theme parks across the US. As each park had a different script it was a marathon session.


 Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!
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