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Issue # 79
Aug 2011  
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Narration Simple  -  8/1-2


Small Group Workout  -  8/2 


Advanced Narration  -  8/3-5


VO Techniques  -  8/3-17 


Long Form Narration  -  8/6-7


Video Game Challenge  -  8/9-16


INTRO to VO & Acting   -  8/13


Improv For Beginners  -  8/14


Acting For VO & More  -  8/15-29


Stepping Out  -  8/20


Creating Characters  -  8/20


VO Bootcamp  -  8/21


Small Group Workout  -  8/30


Diction & Clarity  9/8


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Warming Up Your Voice  


You have a job or audition to record. Or maybe you need to deliver a lecture or presentation. A vocal warm up improves the quality of the sounds you make. It also helps prevent vocal injury. This month we present some of the more popular ways to warm up your instrument.  

Gently humming, feeling the focus of the sound on the lips, is an excellent way to warm-up the voice. You should hum gentle melodic glides on the "m" sound feeling a tickling vibration in the lips and nose area.

Singing is also a fabulous warm-up for voice actors. Pick your favorite tune and sing it softly. Don't belt it out - remember you're warming-up, not getting ready to sing on American Idol.


Crisp lips save slips and a slip saved is time saved. Tongue twisters are excellent for warming up the muscles of the lips and tongue. Although not a tongue twister, the following sentence is a workout for the face and mouth muscles. It contains multiple instances of hard consonants and resonators. Say it 8-10 times - starting very slowly and building up speed: Listen! What do you think I am, a piece of ripe fruit you can squeeze the juice out of and cast aside?


Another popular method, used by many voice actors, is to take a wine cork (just the cork - we recommend removing the bottle first) and speak as clearly and naturally as possible with the cork clenched tightly between your teeth. Five minutes is all you need to loosen the muscles. When you remove the cork, your jaw will feel a little sore but you'll enunciate much more clearly.

Try all these suggestions and see what works best for you.

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Voice One instructor, Bob Bergen,  has been nominated for an Emmy. He voices Porky Pig in The Looney Tunes Show episode, Jailbird And Jaibunny, on the Cartoon Network.   
* Three Voice One students are now represented by top SF talent agencies. Pierce Brandt has signed with Look Talent, Noam Smooha has joined Stars, The Agency and Duncan Magidson is now represented by Tonry Talent. Pierce has done a few jobs for Pandora Radio, Noam did a VO for the new Lytro camera [Cast through Voice One] and Duncan and did an internet commercial for Sony Playstation.  

* Former student Mark Neely reports from LA that he was very close to three Superbowl spots this year. He just finished a Video Game and signed a Cartoon contract for 156 episodes.

 * John Bartlomiejczyk recorded a documentary, "Feed The Hungry" for the United Sikhs Organization using the recording and editing skills he learned in the Home Recording class five days earlier. He used his clothes closet as a studio.

* Rosario Cascone recorded a radio spot for Berasain Travel.

* Cia Court recorded a tutorial for Sifteo [Cast through Voice One].

* Meaghan Cunningham filmed an industrial for UCSF and recorded a video game/tour of Stanford University for GeoTrio.

* Jennifer Knight narrated a tutorial for Prowess Medical and a web spot for WeCause.  


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