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Issue # 78
July 2011

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Nailing The Audition  -  6/28

Home Recording II  -  6/29

Unlocking Your Emotions  -  7/6-13

Breaking Through  -  7/7-14

VO for Teens/Tweens  -  7/9

Your Voice Imprint  -  7/10

Director's Perspective  -  7/11

***Originally scheduled for June 23***

Small Group Workout  -  7/12

Directing Yourself  -  7/12-26

***Added Session***

By The Book  -  7/16, 17, 23 & 24

Styles  -  7/18-19

Making It M.I.N.E.  -  7/20-21

Spontaneity  -  7/22-29

Character Intensive  -  7/25-28

Bringing Voices to Life  -  7/29-31

Narration Simple  -  8/1-2

Small Group Workout  -  8/2

Advanced Narration  -  8/3-5

VO Techniques  -  8/3-17

Long Form Narration  -  8/6-7

Video Game Challenge  -  8/9-16 

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Freelance Acting VS Corporate Employment
y Elaine Clark

Voiceover and On-Camera skills have gone beyond freelance applications. Most companies have video and audio on their websites. These postings need to be updated regularly.  Applications include internal intranet video and audio sites, YouTube postings, webinars, news feeds, tutorial programs, etc. While freelancers are still booking many of these jobs, the immediacy of the posts and the desire to establish an insider voice or face of the company has opened up new full and part time communication positions.


Voice One provides the skills to become solid presenters, sound interesting in e-learning modules, and engage the listener on website tutorials. So, if you've got the training and are currently employed with a company that needs these services (or are looking for full or part-time corporate employment), you should let them know your background.  You might be surprised; they may need your services. It's another avenue to get a regular salary doing the thing you love most - acting! And if you prefer the freelance approach, let your corporate friends know you have these skills and can provide voiceover and/or on-camera services. 


You have a choice: wait for work to come your way or go out and find your own. It's time to take control of your career.   


Here's to you booking work!

Look Who's Talking
Mic Small

* Pierce Peter Brandt is now under contract as part of Pandora Internet Radio's talent pool. He's already recorded a few spots for them.

* Sharon Huff recorded a VO for the Monster Cable website and two TV commercials for Haven Hospice.

* Ian Price and Boris had on-camera roles in a corporate video for Oracle.
* Jennifer Knight narrated videos for Monster Savings (Costco delivery service in Manhattan), Nature's World International's future website and
a commercial spot as a talking truck for distribution company.

* Rossana Schneider recorded a VO for Gilead Sciences. [Cast through Voice One database]

* Michael Ritz did two jobs for Deloitte - one VO and one on-camera. He also did a PSA for San Mateo County Fair, a commercial for Ambit Energy and played a lead role in an independent film, Rubicon's Broken.

* Jeff Sun filmed an on-camera job for Eugene O'Reilly. 

* Scott Reyns did character work for Animax Entertainment and other animation & gaming clients in San Francisco and LA.  

* Noam Smooha recorded a VO for Sequence. [Cast through Voice One database]

* Alexandra Matthew recorded German voices for a game. Her first booking from an audition at her new home studio.

* Rick Ellis recorded a promo for the new website for Half Moon Bay's Business Improvement District

* Christina Kowalchuk recorded a VO for Neutrogena.

* Alan Lee, Noam Smooha, Mary Nissenson and Nancy Raciti recorded their Commercial demos, Kristy Duncan recorded her Narration demo, Karen O'Shea recorded her Commercial and Character demos, and Joe Wegmann recorded his E-Learning and Medical demos


Great to hear of so many Voice One students working!
Congratulations to all who've recently booked  jobs.
Send us your success stories!

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