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Issue # 77
June 2011  
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Articulatory Flexibility  -  6/2-3


Dialects 1  -  6/4-5


Dialects 2  -  6/6


Toy Voices  -  6/7-14


Narration Simple  -  6/10-11


Improv For Beginners  -  6/12


Long Form II - Documentary  -  6/13-27


Small Group Workout  -  6/14


Professional Invitational  -  6/16


INTRO: Starting Out  -  6/18


Home Recording I  -  6/22


Director's Perspective  -  6/23


Stepping Out  -  6/25


Creating Characters  -  6/25 


Acting On-Camera For Teens  -  6/26


Nailing The Audition  -  6/28


Home Recording II  -  6/29  


Unlocking Your Emotions  -  7/6-13


Breaking Through  -  7/7-14


Voice-Over For Teens  -  7/9


Your Voice Imprint  -  7/10


Small Group Workout  -  7/12


Summer Fast Track Begins  -  7/16


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Tenacity & Perseverance


Voice-over and acting teachers give their students technique, confidence, and an understanding of the business. What the actor has to provide (besides talent and a fun personality) is tenacity and perseverance.   


Whether you are trying to land a talent agent or audition for a job, what the agency or producer are looking for is known only to them. If you are passed over in favor of

someone else, you must never take rejection personally. It's a numbers game. Whether you are a rookie or have years of experience, the more you audition the more job opportunities you have waiting for you.  


Therefore, keep a positive mental attitude. It will make you feel better in the short term and help you be more successful in the long term. Victory is not always to the swiftest but the one who keeps running. Even Mel Blanc pounded the pavement before Warner Bros. hired him to voice cartoons. If you keep plugging away, you haven't failed. The moment you throw in the towel, all your hard work is rendered useless. So as Winston Chuchill said, " Never, never, never quit." Success awaits!

Look Who's Talking
Mic Small 

* Deborah Carosella narrated three video tutorials for iWatchLife.

* Trevor Allen recorded a VO for Yahoo. [Cast through Voice One]

* Tom Zahner recorded the VO for an award winning video for the Kodak UK Commercial Competition.

* Deborah James booked a 'mock deposition' appearance.

* Marika Casteel used her EarPrompter skills on a job for Powis Parker.

* Rich Rubin recorded a web commercial for Rockport Shoes. He's also the voice of Red Robin's 'Chief Burger Officer,' and the voice of 'Arky' the mascot of ARC Thrift Stores in the Midwest.     

* Shannon Riley recorded a narration for Yahoo [cast through Voice One] did an online flash video for HP and  narrated a few pieces for the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco.

* Rosario Cascone recorded a radio spot for Healthcare Concepts in Reno NV.

* Meghan Weimer landed a VO gig recording 15 modules for Napa County Department of Education. She also narrated "Fact or Fiction" videos for

* Cia Court recorded a narration for Mercedez Benz. [Cast through Voice One]

* Earon Mackey recorded a few spots for a new website for Brilliant Ideas.   

* Scott Jackson recorded an instructional video for Institute For The Future. [Cast through Voice One]

* Mark Nelson is getting regular audiobook work. He just completed one for Hachette and got a good review for All Or Nothing from Audiofile Magazine.    

* Sharon Huff recorded a VO for UC Merced and filmed an industrial for IDEO. 

* Sakura Nakahara recorded a corporate video for 4DS in Japanese. [Cast through Voice One]


 Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

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