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Issue # 72
January 2011

Upcoming Classes

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Stepping Out  -  1/16

Creating Characters  -  1/16

Preparing for a Demo  -  1/18-25

Acting for VO & More  -  1/19-2/2

Home Recording I  -  1/20

Making It M.I.N.E.  -  1/22-23

Daytime Conservatory  -  1/25-3/29

Home Recording II  -  1/27

Narration Simple  -  1/28-29

VO Boot Camp  -  1/30

Promos That Sell  -  1/31-2/7

Copy Intensive  -  2/1-22

INTRO: Starting Out  -  2/5

Small Group Workout  -  2/9

Long Form II: Documentary  -  2/10-24


Classes often sell out. Register early!

Tools of The Trade

Porta Potty

Need gear? A new mic, a  preamp or maybe a portable booth? Until midnight on Sunday, Jan 16, Voice-over Essentials
is offering a 10% discount on most of their top sellers. Get equipped like a pro and save some money while you're at it. This is an exclusive offer for Voice One students. Click the link above and when you get to checkout enter in the coupon field VOICEONE, all caps.

Video review of Porta-booth Pro.

Voice One Talent Database

Producers are listening ...

Check it out!

Peer Workout Groups

Here's a great idea for practicing and building your support system. Form a practice group with actors of similar skills and abilities.  Limit the group to five people.  Schedule to meet for only a couple hours. That is ample time for each person in the group to get plenty of time on mic. Make it a casual event, every 2 weeks is good, in alternating locationsAdd in food and drink to help build camaraderie.  

To begin, speak with your classmates and see who lives in the same area. See if they want to join your group. If you live outside the Bay Area and don't want to travel that far... have someone in your group set up a computer and Skype yourself into the practice session.  Assign each person to bring in 5-10 scripts of a certain type: commercial, narration, character, or audiobook. These can be scripts from class, magazines, jobs, auditions, Internetvoicecoach, or pay-to-play sites.  Practice what you recently learned in class or at a job.  Feedback should include what you liked about the read and what you think needs improvement.  The peer group workout should be supportive and encouraging.
As you practice together remember that it's not practice makes perfect... but perfect practice makes perfect. Practice what you know and improve those skills!
Look Who's Talking

Mic Small * Omar Hudson recorded a narration for Cisco(Booked through Voice One).He was also signed by Look Talent for VO and on-camera representation. Congrats!
* Jennifer Knight  voiced Jodie in a video game, She also voiced Talking Nicky, an iphone app.
* Paul Lux, Steven Thomas and Jenny Debevec recorded character voices for Donnerwood Media.
(Booked through Voice One)
 * Suzanne Musikantow booked her first gig, an on-camera commercial for  Care One.
* Shannon Riley and Cia Court recorded VO's for Yahoo.
(Booked through Voice One)

 * Sharon Huff recorded industrials for UC Merced and Bonita Bay Highrises and shot an on-camera industrial for Seagate.
* Deborah James
recorded a webinar
about online training resources for the City of Alameda.
* Scott Jackson
can be heard as the courtside PA  announcer for the Sonoma State University Basketball program

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

Sunday Drop-In Improv


Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm.
$15 cash at the door.

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