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Monthly Newsletter

Issue # 69
October 2010

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Character Intensive  -  9/30-11/18

Narration Simple  -  10/1-2

Teleprompter  -  10/3

On-Camera Workout  -  10/3

Home Recording  -  10/5

Small Group Workout  -  10/6

Building Your Brand  -  10/6

By The Book  -  10/9-10, 16/17

Home Recording II  -  10/12

INTRO - Starting Out  -  10/13

Stepping Out  -  10/20

Long Form Narration  -  10/23-24

Preparing for a Demo  -  10/26-11/2

ADR/Looping I  -  10/27

Musical Literacy  -  10/30

INTRO - Starting Out  -  11/3

In The Studio  -  11/5-6

Marketing Wizardry  -  11/7-13

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Audition Game Plan

I've long known that that many voiceover and on-camera actors have trouble making the leap from student to working actor. That professional milestone requires an assimilation of information learned in classes and a trust in one's abilities to deliver a truthful, realistic, and
engaging performance when money is on the line.

Assuming your competitors will also do a good job at the audition, the only thing you can consistently rely on is your distinct, personal imprint. That special quality includes your:

1. Unique sound or look.
2. Intellectual approach to script analysis.
3. Emotional accessability.
4. Willingness to share your personal history through the words or actions provided in the copy.

Once you understand the content, connect emotionally with the problem and solution. Personalize your message to someone you know who needs this emotional help. Say the words aloud and give them action. Make vocal or
emotional adjustments if the words sound phony or stilted. Give your story a beginning, middle and end. Stay
grounded as you allow the listener or viewer to come to you. Enjoy the process and more bookings will come your way!

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small* Trish Gregovich recorded a Fuze tutorial for the iPad.
* Marilyn Sullivan shot a film for a Diabetes Prevention campaign.
* Trevor Allen recorded a VO for Monster Cable. (Job through Voice One talent database).
* Joseph Loewinsohn landed his first VO job - a few character voices for Bonfante Gardens Amusement Park.
Boris landed a support role in the opening video for the Oracle OpenWorld Conference.
* Cia Court is keeping busy with her regular gig as the Interactive Voice of Verizon mobile.
* Jenny Debevec, Steven Thomas and Dave Menashe recorded character voices for multimedia messages for Donnerwood Media. (Job through Voice One talent database). Dave was also the voice of Michelangelo for the Amazing People educational series.
* Shannon Riley recorded another medical VO for Gilead Sciences. (Job through Voice One talent database).
* Michael Ritz did a film, print and hand modeling job for Visa. He also had leading roles in two indie films, Symphony of Man and Saraya's Universe.
* Bob Lai auditioned for a VO in an indie film, The Goat. He got cast for an on-camera role. Versatility is valued.

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

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