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Issue # 66
July 2010

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The Message is the Star
by Elaine Clark

As a voice-over instructor for over twenty-five years, I've recognized a pattern in the majority of beginning and intermediate voice talent.  They concentrate more on the sound of their voice rather than the importance of the client's message. 
Why is this problem so pervasive?  Most of us got into voice acting because someone told us we have an interesting, beautiful, deep, rich, funny, sexy, or quirky voice.  That's what the client and their audience want to hear... right? Well, only to a degree. Voice quality constitutes a mere 25% of the work.  The other 75% of our job is how the voice is used to relate to the listening audience and solve their problem. 
So, how can the actor step aside and allow the message to be the star?  This is best achieved when the actor reduces the script's message to one word.  This could be the need for love, security, recognition, confidence, comfort, power, acceptance, superiority, fun, validation, escape, approval, understanding, etc.  This universal human truth connects the voice actor's message to the listener.
Here are some examples:
Facial cream ads = Youth
E-learning modules = Understanding
Amusement park ads = Fun
Vacation travelogues = Adventure
Corporate tutorials = Superiority
Your assignment: The next time you get a script, boil the message down to one word.  Then, think of someone in your life who needs that one word solution in his or her own life.  Read the script so that person gets it!  Then, the message will be the star... not you.

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small* Diana Blanda recorded two radio commercials for One Day Re-Pipe and one for Halpern Law firm.
* Michael Ritz shot an e-learning commercial for Socrates Arts and did a hand modeling job for the Palm Pre.
* Jenny Debevec, Steve Cloyes and Jonathan Murphy all recorded jobs at Voice One for Donnerwood Media.
* Jennifer Bregman recorded a job at Voice One - a web commercial for for Metromint. 
* Christina Kowalchuk, who is currently living in Oxford, was sent to Paris, France to record a commercial for Coty Fragrance. What a fabulous gig!
* Sharon Huff recorded radio and television spots for Haven Hospice, a web commercial for Fluor, a documentary and radio spots for Central American Medical Outreach, and a Bio-Rad industrial. She also did an on-camera industrial for Fujitsu. Great month!
* Valerie Weak played a CEO and also a scientist in an industrial for ELT.
* Christine Claussen had her first booking since being signed by Stars - a game called Top Spin 4 for 2KSports.
* Trish Gregovich recorded a radio spot for Pier One Imports and two corporate narrations for PayPal.
* John Prudhont did on-camera and VO work for two commercial spots for LG TEXTeducation. He also played Robert Sanborn from "The Killer Nearby" episode of the new Discovery ID Channel TV show, Unusual Suspects.

Great to hear of so many Voice One students working!
Congratulations to all who've recently booked  jobs.
Send us your success stories!

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