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Monthly Newsletter

Issue # 65
June 2010

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Narration Simple - 6/4-5

Marketing Wizardry - 6/6-13

Toy Voices - 6/8-15

Long Form II  -  6/7-14
INTRO: Starting Out  -  6/12
Your Voice Imprint  -  6/12
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Small Group Workout  -  6/15
Articulatory Flexibility  -  6/17-18
Dialects I  -  6/19-20
Dialects II  -  6/21 
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Home Recording I  -  6/23

Directors Perspective  -  6/24
Stepping Out -  6/26

Creating Characters  -  6/26

Acting On-Camera for Teens  -  6/27

Nailing the Audition  -  6/29
Home Recording II  -  6/30

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Handling Pressure
by David Rosenthal

In class, in an audition or on the job, you obviously want to make every situation as optimal as possible, both for you and for whoever else is concerned. That way you'll be free to give the best of what you have to offer and make everyone else happy in the process. Surprising then, how often this doesn't happen. Here are a few tips on how to alleviate some of the inevitable pressures associated with performing and auditioning.

Most importantly, make sure you shape your own experience as much as possible.

  Treat yourself with kindness, admiration and respect. It's a pretty amazing feat to do what you do, and to make it sound easy! Stay positive and leave all self-criticism at the door. People will hear it, see it and be turned off by the "downer" nature you bring with you into the room. So, in a nutshell, give yourself permission to truly shine and give the wonderful read you know is inside you!
●  Bring the creativity of play into everything you do.
●  Don't ever get caught feeling like you are rushing yourself in an audition, in class, or job. Take the time to practice until you are happy and ready. Plan ahead, arrive early and you'll feel relaxed and ready rather than rushed and panicky.
●  Spend a moment saying hello and creating a relationship with whoever else you are dealing with. It'll go a long way if things ever get sticky. Trust us, one day things will get sticky.
●  Make sure you are well-hydrated, have eaten that day (brain food, preferably) and don't suddenly need to run off to the bathroom.
●  Wear comfortable clothing whenever possible.

●  Whatever the engagement, leave your personal life- worries at the door, otherwise don't do it!
●  Have fun!

As a matter of fact, if all you remember is that last tip, HAVE FUN, the rest will follow!

David Rosenthal is the founder of  Internet Voice Coach
Look Who's Talking

* Nine months after taking his first Mic Small
VO class,
Paul Lux signed with JE Talent. Congrats!
* Erik Beavers signed with San Francisco Top Talent. Congrats!

* Ian Price played a boxer in a live show, Flight Club.
* Katie Krueger recorded the voice for a prototype of a new doll.
* Trevor Allen recorded corporate narrations for Bechtel.
* Earon Mackey played a park ranger in a TV, Internet and Print project named Woodmen of the World.
* Rosario Cascone  has been chosen as the voice for all of Berasain Travel's radio and TV commercials.
* Gretchen Van Horne  recorded a few narrations for Stanford University School of Medicine.

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

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