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Monthly Newsletter

Issue # 62
March 2010

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Upcoming Classes

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Improv for Beginners  -  3/6

Auditioning For Film  -  3/7

Copy Intensive  -  3/9 - 3/30

Comfort On Camera  -  3/10 - 3/17

Behind The Scenes  -  3/11
***revised date***

Intro - Starting Out  -  3/13

That's NOT All Folks!  -  3/13 - 3/14

Scene Study  -  3/15 - 5/3

By The Book  -  3/18 - 5/6
Small Group Workout  -  3/19

EarPrompter/OCN  -  3/20 - 3/28

Creating Characters  -  3/27

Stepping Out  -  3/27

Spontaneity  -  4/3 - 10
Cartoon Connection  -  4/5
Advanced Narration  -  4/11, 17-18

Classes often sell out. Register early!
Voice One Talent Database

Producers are listening ...

Check it out!
Two Ways To Earn More

Here are a couple of surefire ways to increase your income as a voice actor:

1. Get your existing clients to hire you more often.
2. Get more clients.

Getting clients to give you more gigs is generally easier than acquiring new clients. For starters, you don't have to sell them on using you as their talent as they already trust that you can do a job for. So ask them whether they have additional needs - maybe in a different department or even at a different location. You could even offer to reduce your rate by 10-15% if they get you work from someone else at the same company. So not only are you saving them the hassle of looking for another talent but you're also saving them money. Aren't you the hero!

Your existing customers are also probably one of the best resources for getting new customers. If you have an existing working relationship and the client is pleased with the work you've done, why wouldn't they be happy to refer you to their friends and associates who also need the services of a voice-actor? Ask them to forward your name to these people. If you do land work as a result of a referral from an existing client, it's a smart idea to show your appreciation. A simple card goes a long way.  If your client referred you to a job that earned you, say, a $1000, it may be a good idea to spend $50 or so on a small gift.

So, start marketing and acquiring new jobs and clients from the list of who you know!

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Jonathan Murphy and Jenny Debevec recorded character voices for mobile phone apps for Donnerwood Media - they were cast from the Voice One database.
* Jane Stone
recorded a few VO's for 8-Ball Media Design.
* Rich Rubin booked three spots recently. Big 5 Sporting Goods for tv, Stripe website and an industrial for The Knot.
* Steven Thomas filmed an industrial for ELT and a commercial for
* Greg Land recorded a national commercial for Clif Bars - he was cast from the Voice One Casting Database.
* Shannon Riley played the lead role in an episode of the hit Japanese TV show, The World's Astonishing News.

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

Sunday Improv

ImprovImprov1Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm. Still only $10 cash at the door.

To receive weekly improv workshop updates, please send an email to Brady Lea and ask to be added to the Improv mailing list.
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