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Monthly Newsletter

Issue # 61
February 2010

 Quick Links

The Accents & Dialects classes
with Doug Honorof have been delayed. The new dates are:

Articulatory Flexibility  - 6/17-6/18
Dialects 1  - 6/19 - 6/20
Dialects 2  - 6/21

Upcoming Classes

For calendar & descriptions click here

Intro to VO  -  2/6

Directing Yourself  -  2/9 - 3/2

Small Group Workout  -  2/10

Stepping Out  -  2/13

Creating Characters  -  2/13

Building Your Brand  -  2/24

Bringing Voices to Life - 2-26 - 2/28

Diction & Clarity  -  3/1

Improv for Beginners  -  3/6

Auditioning For Film  -  3/7

Copy Intensive  -  3/9 - 3/30

Comfort On Camera  -  3/10 - 3/17

Classes often sell out. Register early!
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Wearing The Director's Hat

Without a doubt, voice actors have more work opportunities today than five years ago. The down side is that we have to wear more hats. In addition to performing, we need a basic understanding of technology and acoustics to set-up a home studio, audio engineering capabilities to record and edit our auditions, email auditions to agents, upload custom demos on  pay-to-play sites, and know how to write professional job proposals. One of the most difficult new tasks in this record-at-home environment, is interpreting written direction without the benefit of a discerning ear. In other words, we need to learn to direct ourselves.

The good news is that the more we audition from home and listen back to our reads, the more efficient we become at auditioning. As we identify our issues (lack of energy, lack of opinion, mouth noises, energy fades, breathing issues, etc.) we can work to correct these issues. But it all starts with interpretation of the specs, script analysis, and moving the story forward so the listener feels and takes action. The only way to get better at self direction is by understanding your instrument, commitment to the process, and repetition.

In recognition of these new challenges, we've added a couple new classes to help actors understand how to better audition from home. Beginning March 9, Tom Chantler will be teaching a 4-week advanced class called Copy Intensive. Billie Shepard's 4-week intermediate/advanced Directing Yourself class, beginning on Feb. 9, helps build confidence, believability, and trust in yourself.

Remember, it's not practice makes perfect... it's "perfect" practice makes perfect. Develop the tools to move your career forward, and you will succeed!
Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Another four Voice One students landed agency representation - Jodi Skeris signed with Tonry Talent, Deanna Johnson and Christine Claussen signed with Stars and Rick Fisher signed with Boom.
* Byron Lambie
narrated Marin, an online mini-series.
* Greg Land played the lead in I (Almost) Got Away With It.
* Jonathan Hesbol did a VO promo for Divvy Shot, an iPhone app.
* Trish Gregovich
recorded product launch VO's for the web for Twitter and UStream.
* Steen Bojsen-Moller recorded TV promos for the Golden Globe Awards and more characters for Sherlock Holmes video games.

* Pete Saulnier
is voicing a few characters for the feature film, White Tiger Legend. He also played a lead role in When The Dead Awake, and has on-camera and VO duties in a full length feature, In World War.
* Kat Collins recorded Interactive Voice Prompts and  narrated a few web videos for
* Shaye Troha recorded TV spots for Scandinavian Design and a radio spot for Joint Juice.

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

Sunday Improv

ImprovImprov1Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm. Still only $10 cash at the door.

To receive weekly improv workshop updates, please send an email to Brady Lea and ask to be added to the Improv mailing list.
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