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Monthly Newsletter

Issue # 60
January 2010

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Small Group Workout  -  1/7

The Long Haul  -  1/9

INTRO: Starting Out  -  1/10

Stepping Out  -  1/17

Creating Characters  -  1/17

Preparing for a Demo  -  1/19-26

Acting for VO & More  -  1/20-2/3

Home Recording  -  1/21

Making it M.I.N.E.  -  1/23-24

Daytime Conservatory  -  1/26-3/30

Home Recording II  -  1/28

Narration Simple  -  1/29-30

VO Boot Camp  -  1/31

Classes often sell out. Register early!
Learn how to build your business for The Long Haul with the author of two best-selling  VO books, Tales and Techniques of a  Voiceover Actor and Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road.
Harlan is a superb marketer and has been a successful actor for 30 years. He'll teach you how to build a list of clients and how to plan for a long career.
Class is Sat., Jan. 9 from 10am to 5pm and tuition is $180. Click here to reserve a space.

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Planning Your Decade

The New Year is a good time to set goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Therefore, the goal of this article is to remind you of the importance of planning and to motivate you to take action.  
Set both long-term and short-term goals. Think of big or long-term goals as plans and short-term goals as tasks. Break each goal into a series of tasks. If the goal is to get five new clients, write down your short-term steps: 
1. Identify the area where you'd like to book more work. 
2. Create a potential new client list.
3. Establish a marketing plan.
4. Execute the marketing plan.
5. Follow up with potential clients on a regular basis.  (eg. phone or email once a month; mail a postcard four times a year; Twitter, blog, Link-In, or Facebook every two to six weeks, etc.)
6. Land job with new client!

In other words, start with the desired end result and work backwards.  In a top down method, small goals (tasks) are in alignment with the bigger goal.  As small goals are ticked off the list, confidence increases as the long-term goal is achieved.  Moving forward in the direction of your big goals means you won't become disheartened. You'll look and sound like a winner.  So while it's important to set goals for the decade, year, and quarter, don't overlook setting goals for each week and each day.

If you need help setting your plan in motion, you should seriously consider Hogan Hogan's class The Long Haul, Building A Career That Lasts.   It complements our Marketing Wizardry core class and helps you set long-term and short-term personal goals, keep up with the latest market trends, and understand the new technologies needed to succeed.  Harlan is in from Chicago for only 1 day - Sat., January 9th.  So don't miss it! 

A man with a plan can take a chance, a man without a plan will forever be a victim of chance. 
So take a chance - Plan Now!

Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* More students acquired talent agent representation - Michael Ritz signed with Boom Models and Talent and Nolan Meaham Sr. signed with Tonry Talent - Congrats!
* Jonathan Hesbol
filmed an anti-littering PSA for Santa Cruz County and a commercial for a Trademarkia's website.
* Jake Wiest recorded a radio spot for the Idaho State lottery.
* Byron Lambie narrated "White Tiger Legend" and also had an on-camera role in the Indie film.
*Jonathan Murphy recorded a narration for
* Erica Gerard shot an on-camera promo, recorded a VO for Pixetell,  and a radio spot for Plato's Closet.
* Sharon Huff recorded voice-overs for Haven Hospice and The National Parks Foundation.
* Kelly Callahan voiced a job for Bechtel.  She was cast from the Voice One talent database.
* Jenny Debevec and Steven Thomas were also cast from the Voice One talent database - they recorded character voices for Donnerwood Media.
* Jeff Sun recorded his first VO gig - a radio commercial for Talking House Productions.
* A few students have asked and YES, that is Tom Chantler you're hearing on McDonalds TV commercials.

Congratulations to all who've recently booked
 jobs. Send us your success stories!

Sunday Improv

ImprovImprov1Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm. Still only $10 cash at the door.

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