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Volume I, No. 1  Late Fall 2008
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Homecoming 2008
2008 - 2009 Annual Fund
2008 Maintenance Report
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Class of 1958's Reunion
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Dear Michigan Alpha Brother:
I wish you greetings from the Michigan Alpha Alumni Association.  This is the first edition of our new Sword & Shield E-news.  After 79 years as a print publication, we decided it's time to take greater advantage of electronic communications. 
We have established an e-mail version of the Sword & Shield newsletter along with a new web site (using blog software) at www.pdtumich.com to enhance the speed and content of our communications with alums.   We will also continue to maintain the online membership directory on our web site at www.pdtma.com.
The Alumni Association has established an e-mail address pdtumich@gmail.com that will enable members to better communicate with us and provide feedback. 
In addition, electronic communications may enable us to save money by reducing printing and mailing expenses at some point.  We will, however, continue to mail a printed version of the Sword & Shield and will probably never phase it out for those alums who prefer it over e-mail. 
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish you an enjoyable holiday season and all the best for 2009.
JT (Tom) Buck '77
Alumni Association of the Michigan Alpha Chapter of
Phi Delta Theta
Homecoming 2008

New and Old Alums Reminisce, Reconnect & See Progress Made by Active Chapter

Young PDT AlumsA strong contingent of alums visited Michigan Alpha's Homecoming Open House at 1437 Washtenaw.  It was a classic crisp, sunny fall Saturday in Ann Arbor.  The only tradition missing was a Wolverine win as the team fell to the Fighting Illini by a disappointing score of 45 to 20.

Prior to the mid-afternoon kickoff, alums parked for free on the lawn and enjoyed meeting their fellow alumni and active brothers.  The actives had the house in top shape and put out breakfast foods with coffee to welcome returning alums as well as their guests.

Alumni attendees included Dr. Ted Ludwig '61, JT (Tom) Buck '77, Tom KellyAlums at homecoming '82, Michael Reid '82, Greg Karmazin '87, Mike Rossi '87, Derek Adragna '88, Dan Dretler '88, Randy Scheid '88, Matt Stump '88, Chris Shepard '88, Evan Isaacs '06, Jason Barley '06, Matt Scarleta '07, Kellyn Parker '07 and Jon Buck '08 among others who briefly dropped in to say hello.

The Alumni Association is considering ideas for expanding homecoming festivities next year.  Homecoming 2009 will be held on September 26 when the Wolverines take on the Indiana Hoosiers.
To view more pictures of Homecoming 2008, please CLICK HERE
Contribute to the Michigan Alpha 2008-2009 Annual Fund
Last Year's Record Success was the Foundation of $40,000 in House Maintenance During Summer of 2008 

Michigan Alpha kicked off the 2008-2009 Annual Fund in September and the response to date has been positive.  Despite the tough economic situation in Michigan and across the nation, many alums still view supporting the fraternity as a priority. 
We recognize that times are challenging, but any level donation is very much appreciated.  All contributions of at least $25 will be recognized on Michigan Alpha's Annual Fund Honor Roll
Last year, more than 160 alums contributed an all-time record total of $28,035 to the 2007-2008 Annual Fund.  Seven alums made "Robert Morrison$1000 contributors Level" contributions of $1,000 or more (see names in the box on the right).  The average donation amount was approximately $175. 
The Alumni Association is, however, extremely thankful for every dollar we received.  Alums contributing between $25 and $50 accounted for approximately 10% of the total raised for the 2007-2008 Annual Fund.  We cannot reach our fundraising goal for this year without the support of donors at all giving levels.
Thanks to the generous donations to the 2007-2008 Annual Fund and prior years, the Alumni Association was able to perform approximately $40,000 of high priority maintenance to the chapter house during the summer of 2008.  We would like to make a similar level of investment in important maintenance projects at the chapter house during the summer of 2009, but we need your help.
The current Annual Fund Honor Roll reflects gifts made to the 2008-2009 Annual Fund since September 1, 2008.  Within each Giving Club, donors are organized by graduation year rather than by gift amount. 

The list of all the names on the 2008-2009 Annual Fund Honor Roll as of November 26, 2008 can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.
In order to make it easier for you to contribute, the Alumni Association accepts donations made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) through our secure web site.

We express thanks to all of our donors for their generosity and loyalty. 
If you haven't yet contributed to the 2008-2009 Annual Fund but would like to do so, please CLICK HERE
2008 Chapter House Maintenance Report
House in Great Shape, but More Work Needed
FoyerKeeping Michigan Alpha's 105 year old chapter house in top shape is a mission for the Alumni Association that never ends.  Accomplishing this mission would not be possible without the strong support of alumni.  
Thanks to alums' generous donations to the Annual Fund, the Alumni Association was able to perform approximately $40,000 worth of significant maintenance projects during 2008 including:
*  Installation of new tiling, fixtures and window blinds in the third floor bathroom.
*  Installation of new toilets in the second and third floor bathrooms.
*  Fixed the "bubble" in the second floor hallway floor near the stairs.
*  Replaced the main refrigerator in the kitchen.
*  Repainted the stair railing from the foyer to the third floor.  Also repainted the entire second floor and select third floor rooms.
*  Repaired a leak in the steam pipes located in the wall of the basement.
*  Bought 20 new chairs and 4 new tables for the dining room. 
In order to view pictures of the 2008 maintenance projects, please CLICK HERE.
Alumni Updates for Fall 2008

Have an update to share?  Submit it to the Alumni Association by updating your membership information in our online membership directory or e-mail it to the Secretary of the Alumni Association at gkarm@aol.com.

During the fall of 2008, we received updates from the following eleven alums:

Herald Hughes Jr. '50
Bruce Dutcher '50
John Jenks '53
William Michaels '54
Douglas Roby, Jr. '56
Richard Staelin '61
Patrick O'Neil '65
John G. Neville '70
Nathaniel J. Love '81
Jeffrey Post '82
Michael Citren '83

In order to read their updates, please view Michigan Alpha's online membership directory by CLICKING HERE.
Michigan Alpha Class of 1958
50 Year Reunion & Visit to the House Homecoming Weekend
Class of 1958
Pictured above visiting 1437 Washtenaw (left to right):  Nick Mans '58, Charlie Green '58, Dean Finkbeiner '58, Bernie Rinella '58 and Mike Jackson '58.
In order to view more pictures of the Class of 1958's return to campus for their 50th reunion on Homecoming weekend, please CLICK HERE.

Michigan Alpha Heritage Project
Alums Provide Memories, Pictures and Items that Tell the Story of Fraternity Life 
Chapter house postcard
The Alumni Association announced the Michigan Alpha Heritage Project in the Spring-Summer 2008 issue of the Sword & Shield that involves collecting, or copying, materials as well as documenting memories about our fraternity's rich history on campus.  To date, items obtained include:
*  A 1920s circa postcard of the Michigan Alpha chapter house (see above).
The Alumni Association believes that preserving the history of the house will help to educate the active chapter members about Michigan Alpha's tradition of excellence and enjoying our time on campus.  The project is also intended to keep alums feeling welcomed and appreciated when they visit the chapter house and see displays in the Trophy Room that will remind them of their experience in the fraternity.
If you wish to submit materials (photos and other items can be copied and returned) or memories for this initiative, please contact Greg Karmazin '87 by e-mail at gkarm@aol.com or phone at (313) 510-1188.
Active Chapter President's Report for Fall 2008
Michigan Alpha is Strong & Getting Stronger Thanks to Alumni Support
Active Chapter PresidentBy Ethan D. David '10

As outgoing President of the Michigan Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, it is my distinct pleasure to report to the alumni that the state of our fraternity on the U of M campus is strong and getting stronger thanks to the hard work of active chapter members and generous support of alums.

On behalf of the active chapter members, I express my deepest gratitude to the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association/Housing Corporation and Chapter Advisory Board.  I also thank all the alums who contributed to the 2007-2008 Annual Fund.  A total of 160 alums contributed an all-time record amount of $28,035 to the yearly giving initiative administered by the Alumni Association.

I especially want to convey the active chapter's appreciation to Alumni Association President JT (Tom) Buck '77 for his continued commitment and passion about the fraternity.
(In order to read Brother David's entire report, please CLICK HERE)
Senior in the Spotlight:  Jeffrey Bartels, Jr. '09

Plans Future as Navy Fighter Pilot

Jeffrey Bartels, Jr.
Hometown:  Kalispell, Montana
Major:  Geological Sciences
Pledge Class:
  Fall of 2006

Career Plans:

I joined the Naval ROTC at U of M to become a fighter pilot.  I recently got the news that I've been selected for flight school.  This is an extremely competitive program, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I believe in a strong national defense and it would be a great honor to serve our country as a Naval aviator.

Experience in Michigan Alpha:

Being a member of Phi Delta Theta has enabled me to make friends that will last a lifetime and experience the thrill of college with a group of men who have the same morals and values that I possess. 

It has been enjoyable to have brothers who provided a great deal of support while I completed the demanding challenges of the NROTC program and worked to become an officer in the U.S. Navy.