Spring 2011

Dear Early Education Professional,


We felt it would be helpful to share resources with you regarding emergency preparedness given the heartbreaking disaster in Japan. Some children may have seen pictures or heard adults talking about this disaster. 


One way to reassure children is to emphasize helping others in need as well as provide simple ways to be prepared in the event of an unexpected emergency.  Grover and Elmo from Sesame Street are two great characters to help with this! Or look to Rabbit and Turtle to help with earthquake preparedness!


Practicing simple actions and reciting important safety information such as a child's full name, address and phone number will help keep your preschoolers and their families safe.



 The Public Education Staff of the Seattle Fire Department 


 holding hands

Preparing Little Ones For an Emergency
New Safety Activity Weblinks
Visiting the Fire Station
Fun with Fire Safety
Kids Safety Day at the Museum of Flight  


 King County Fire and Life Safety Association



June 24, 2011


child driving engine





Preparing little ones for an Emergency


Simple messages and fun activities can help preschoolers and their families be ready for emergency situations.  Like firefighters, kids can practice being safe!  Do your students know their full name, address and phone numbers?  Grover and Elmo from Sesame Street help make getting ready for emergencies fun, including what to pack in a kid sized emergency kit.  Download handouts or watch the video from their website.

lets get ready

Grover and Elmo Get Ready


earthquake rabbit



To address earthquake safety, Seattle's Office of Emergency Management has a quakesafe coloring book to help children practice Stop, Cover and Hold along with Rabbit and Turtle .  Familiar animals help make earthquake safety a fun topic.




emergency kit

Family Emergency Kit!



Seattle's Office of Emergency Management also provides a simple two page Family Plan and Emergency Kit for you to share with parents of your preschoolers.  It is a great way for parents to reinforce what  preschoolers learn in the classroom.






New safety activity weblinks
We are always looking for additional activities that teach children simple ways to be safe.  Here are two interactive online games your preschoolers may enjoy.   
  Help Mikey Get Out
Help Mikey Make It Out! 
"Help Mikey Make It Out" is an interactive game children and their parents
or teachers can use together to learn what to do when the smoke alarm sounds.  As children help Mikey escape, they learn what to do.  The game can be played numerous times, as just in real life, different things may happen!
I spot something hot  
 I Spot Something Hot!   To help preschoolers learn what things
are hot ... or not, the Home Safety Council created a musical gameshow that asks kids to choose whether an item is hot or not. 
Check it out and see if you find it a winner for your classroom. 



Visiting the Fire Station

FF and kidsHelp your children blossom safely this spring with a visit to your local fire station! We are now accepting requests for May and June firefighter visits and station tours. As a reminder, we do require a minimum of four weeks advance notice in order to schedule a firefighter visit or station tour so be sure to plan ahead. Firefighters are always "in service" during tours and visits, so watch out for flashing red lights and sirens if they have to leave!


Register for your visit or tour today!  






Fun With Fire Safety
cup firedog

Click here for the pattern and instructions.

 Preschoolers love animals and the Seattle Fire Department has a special fire investigation dog named Henny!  Henny is a female black lab so if you choose to make an all black dog with a brown pompom nose, you'll have Seattle's firedog.  However, the traditional dalmation mascot is fine as well...Let your kids choose!                                                                                              




Captain Steve Baer and Henny at the Seattle Fire Department are a team that help to determine the reason a fire started.  Fire dogs save time and resources by helping fire investigators process the scene faster and more efficiently.  What might take an hour without a dog will probably take only minutes with a trained dog! 



Looking for more fun activites? Order a free copy of the Preschool Resource Guide.



   Seattle Fire Department
   Fire Prevention Division 
   Public Education Section


 It is not what you do for  your children, but what  you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.-- Ann Landers