Summer 2010
Dear Early Education Professional,

Summer time is supposed to be a fun time - vacation from school, time to enjoy playing outside with friends and family trips. According to Safe Kids USA however, during the summer months, drowning deaths increase by 89% and bike deaths increase by 45%. While it is important to have fun, it is also important to be careful! Click on the blue words above to be directed to a few simple guidelines to make sure your summer is fun, safe and injury free. 
The Public Education Staff of the Seattle Fire Department

2009 Survey Grand Prize Winner
Preventing Accidental Poisoning
Visiting the Fire Station
Fun with Fire Safety
Safety Citations are Back! 

 Safety Citation 
Be on the lookout for Safety Citations this summer! Firefighters who spot kids wearing helmets while bike riding and skating are handing out citations that are worth one free ice cream cone!

2009 Survey grand prize winner
Story timesIn April a survey of the preschool program was sent out.  This short survey (only 10 questions) provided us valuable feedback on our educational offerings. Your help is vital in the development of effective safety education materials for Seattle's young children. Thank you for your willingness to help us evaluate our Play Safe! Be Safe! Fire Prevention Curriculum for preschool aged children.
This year, the winners are the preschool and kindergarten classes at Thurgood Marshal Elementary School. These lucky children will enjoy story time with Fire Chief Gregory Dean, a collection of fire safety books and a visit from the firefighters at Station 6.
Preventing Accidental Poisoning
cleaning suppliesAs any caregiver will tell you, children are very curious and love to explore. That curiosity can sometimes mean danger however. In this brief, 3-minute video, Seattle Children's Emergency Department doctor Suzan Mazor, MD, teaches parents how to keep their home poison-free and reduce the chances of their child suffering an accidental poisoning. Click here to watch the video. 
Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for children three to five years old.  Each year between 20-25% of all children sustain an injury sufficiently severe enough to require medical attention, missed school and/or bed rest.
The Seattle Fire Department's injury prevention program
Smart Kids! Safe Kids! targets the main injury categories for children between the ages of three and five. The topics covered in the program include burn and scald prevention, poisoning prevention, head injury prevention with bike helmets, and pedestrian safety. The Smart Kids! Safe Kids! Injury Prevention Curriculum is mailed free of charge to teachers working at preschools and daycares in the City of Seattle
. Click here to request a free copy of the curriculum.
Visiting the Fire Station

tour16sHave you planned a visit to your local fire station for summer? We are now accepting requests for July and August firefighter visits and station tours. As a reminder, we do require a minimum of four weeks advance notice in order to schedule a firefighter visit or station tour so be sure to plan ahead. Firefighters are always "in service" during tours and visits, so watch out for flashing red lights and sirens if they have to leave!
Register for your visit or tour today!

Fun With Fire Safety
Try out this fun fire safety activity!
Review "Hot Things Cold Things" with your children. Have the children look through magazines or collections of pictures and tear out pictures of things that are hot or that could burn them (stove, iron, sun, fire, matches, lighter, etc.). Then have the children glue these images to a red piece of construction paper. Next, have the children look through the magazines or collections of pictures again and tear out pictures of things that are cold or that are safe to touch (ice cream, snow, water, toy, etc.). Then have the children glue these images to a piece of blue construction paper.
Looking for more fun activites? Order a free copy of the Preschool Resource Guide. Click here to order your copy today.
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