Winter 2010
Dear Early Education Professional,

It's a serious topic--childhood injury. But it is one you have a great opportunity to address through your skills as an educator. Please take a moment to read how you can take action to become part of our preschool safety team. We promise it will also be lots of fun for you and your students!
The Public Education Staff of the Seattle Fire Department
The Need for Early Safety Education
Visiting the Fire Station
Free Injury Prevention Curriculum
The Need for Early Safety Education

FFkids1Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children ages one to five. Fire and burn injuries account for a significant number of these unintentional, but often preventable, injuries. Misuse of matches and lighters is the leading cause of death in residential fires for preschool children.


Our Preschool Safety Program provides teachers with information and fun educational materials to reach young children with vital fire safety and injury prevention messages. Teachers are the driving force behind teaching children in ways they best understand. We can help provide the tools to make learning fire safety easy, fun and effective. And to help reinforce the messages teachers share with students, we can arrange for classes and other groups to visit with local firefighters at the conclusion of the program.

The Seattle Fire Department Preschool Program is free of charge to any preschool or daycare in the City of Seattle. Registration is online and easy!
Visiting the Fire Station

tour16sHave you planned a visit to your local fire station for spring?
We are now accepting requests for March and April firefighter visits and station tours. As a reminder, we do require a minimum of four weeks advance notice in order to schedule a firefighter visit or station tour so be sure to plan ahead. Firefighters are always "in service" during tours and visits, so watch out for flashing red lights and sirens if they have to leave!


Register for your visit or tour today!
Firefighter Visit Follow-up Activity
Make a class book about your visit with the firefighters. Take photos of the visit or have the children draw pictures. On each page write the start of a sentence such as "Firefighter Jill taught me . . . " or "When I went to the fire station . . . " Have the children finish the sentences. Write down what they say.

Free Injury Prevention Curriculum

skskpartsThe Seattle Fire Department's injury prevention program Smart Kids! Safe Kids! targets the main injury categories for children between the ages of three and five. The topics covered in the program include burn and scald prevention, poisoning prevention, head injury prevention with bike helmets, and pedestrian safety.


The injury prevention kit is free and is available to preschool teachers and caregivers in the City of Seattle. Click here to request a free copy of the curriculum.

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