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This is the Summer 2009 edition of Flash Point, the Apartment Fire Safety e-newsletter from the Seattle Fire Department.
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Keeping Doors Closed

Exit Door

With the warmer than usual weather we have been having in the Seattle area, apartment stairwell exit doors sometimes get propped open to improve air circulation. It is very important to make sure these doors remain closed and are not held open with wedges or other devices. Not only is keeping stairwell exit doors open a violation of Seattle Fire Code, it can endanger evacuating residents in the event of a fire emergency.
During a fire, a closed door will help contain a fire and reduce the spread of smoke and toxic gases. Stairwells are used for primary evacuation and stairwell doors are designed to keep smoke out.
Link to more information about the Seattle Fire Code.
Fire Prevention Tips:
Dry Weather Fire Safety 
This summer, the Seattle Fire Department has already responded to over 100 dry weather-related fires involving dry grass and shrubs. Apartment buildings owners and managers can help reduce the chance of such outdoor fires by following a couple of simple steps:

- Remove long grass, weeds or anything that can burn from around buildings. This includes limbs that touch buildings or hang near the roof.
- Remove dead plants or bushes as soon as possible.
- Clear roof and gutters of needles and leaves.
- Make sure proper cigarette disposal canisters are available in areas where smoking is allowed. Carelessly discarded cigarettes can easily start a fire in dry conditions.

Download the Summer Fire Safety Fact Sheet and share with tenants and residents. Brush fire
 Seattle Firefighter putting out a brush fire in West Seattle (Photo courtesy of West Seattle Blog)
Home Fire Safety Presentations
Seattle Fire Department Public Education Coordinators are available to give home fire safety presentations to Seattle residents. Topics covered may include cooking fire safety, heating fire safety, fire emergency evacuation options and other topics of interest. There is no cost for this service but we do request at least two weeks notice and a commitment to have a minimum of 20 individuals present.
For more information or to request a presentation, email or call 206.386.1337
Thank you for reading the Summer Edition of Flash Point.
Bill Mace