Spring 2009
Flash Point

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Fire Safety Handbook
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Smoke Alarms in Rentals


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New! Fire Safety Handbook for Apartment Manager's LowHigh Rise Apartments 
The Seattle Fire Department developed this handbook to give property managers and owners a comprehensive guide to help reduce multi-residential fire incidents.
This handbook contains information on common apartment-related fire hazards as well as important fire safety regulations most relevant to apartment buildings. The handbook can be downloaded for free at our website. Fire Safety Handbook
Fire Prevention Tips:
Outdoor Gilling SafetyGrill Fire 
Spring has arrived! As the weather warms up, more and more people will be firing up their outdoor grills. For those apartment buildings that allow outdoor grills, make sure you check out our fact sheet on grilling.  
Every year the Seattle Fire Department responds to grilling related fires. While the Seattle Fire Department does not regulate outdoor grilling, we do recommend keeping grills away from walls, awnings and flammable objects. Read more information at: Outdoor Grilling Factsheet
Smoke Alarms in Rental ApartmentsSmoke Alarm
Countless lives have been saved by working smoke alarms. These simple devices work all day and night. When smoke is detected, smoke alarms alert people, giving them the extra time needed to react quickly to a potentially deadly situation. 
Washington State Landlord/Tenant laws set regulations for smoke alarms in residential rental units. Landlords are responsible for ensuring smoke alarms are working before the rental property is occupied. The renter is responsible for maintaining the smoke alarm and changing the battery if needed. Read more about smoke alarms and rentals.
Thank you for reading the Spring Edition of Flash Point.
Bill Mace