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November 2011  
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From the General Secretary 

Hear the Spirit: Proclamation 3 

By Neville Callam  


In the last two editorials appearing in BWA Connect, I urged the importance of proclamation of the Gospel being done through the verbal, that is the oral/written medium, and also through social action. In this editorial, I make the claim that proclamation may also take the form of liturgical signs that have been performed in and by the church from its earliest days. Especially through baptism and the Lord's Supper, the church offers a powerful proclamation of the kingdom of God.


Christians heed the call to proclaim the Gospel when they participate in the sacred activities of baptism and the Lord's Supper. Both sacraments/ordinances are signs of what is possible when the divine/human encounter takes place. In one perspective, both represent the enacted speech of those who gratefully accept the gift they receive from God without ever meriting it.


Of course, it is now commonly and accurately said of baptism that it fulfills both declarative and instrumental functions. Baptism fulfils its declarative role as a means of proclamation of the Good News about what God has done, is doing, and will do, for all who, by faith, enter into the fellowship of the people of God. In baptism, God is at work as the believer receives baptism into the Godhead. The candidates also make an important declaration by accepting God's gracious gift in baptism. Within the gathered community of faith, these candidates, who are professing believers, bear witness to their personal faith that is part and parcel of the faith of the community. Besides this, the baptized declare the promise of faithful participation in the divine mission that Christ committed to the church.


Many who have witnessed baptism by immersion come away feeling the power of that ritual activity. There is something about the dying and rising with Christ that is powerfully communicated in the rite (Cf. Romans 6:1-11). The drama of God's salvific work achieved through Jesus Christ comes into firm focus in the act of baptism.


As in baptism, the Lord's Supper has both an instrumental and an expressive character. In its expressive function, the Holy Communion is a means of proclaiming the Good News about what God has done, is doing, and will do for all who, by God's grace, become members of the body of Christ, the church. In gathering with others in the community of faith, the baptized covenants with God and with others to participate in God's mission through the church and seals this covenant in the sacred meal.


Thankfully, today many Baptists expect that people who have not yet come to faith are among them in services of worship where the Communion is celebrated. They may not be participating by eating and drinking, but they receive the witness of the community that waits at the Lord's Table. Paul's claim comes true in their gathering: "For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes (1 Corinthians 11:26).


Thankfully, most Baptists now reject views that led to the observance of the Holy Communion annually. In fact, and admirably, some Baptist churches have begun to observe the Lord's Supper even on a weekly basis.


As with verbal communication of the Gospel and with social action in expression of this Gospel, we need to hear the Spirit in order to fulfill this ministry of proclamation through the celebration of the sacraments. It is the Spirit that convicts us of sin and guides us into all truth so that we become recipients of the gift of salvation (John 16:8 & 13). Through baptism, the Spirit deals a death blow to sin and performs the life-giving miracle whereby the baptized might be described as people who are "risen with Christ." It is the Spirit who makes the risen Lord present to us in the Holy Communion. Not surprisingly, we begin the Communion service with an invocation of the Spirit. Then, assured of the forgiveness of our sin, we can join in and celebrate the feast that nourishes us for the life of the kingdom.


Let us keep on proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom through baptism and the Lord's Supper.


What BWA Member Bodies are Doing

International Baptist Convention  


The International Baptist Convention (IBC) is a fellowship of English-language churches and missions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. The convention comprises more than 70 English-language churches and missions in 27 primarily non-English speaking countries.   


"IBC churches are very diverse," says General Secretary Jimmy Martin. "Some of our churches are largely American, perhaps military-related families. Others are international business or diplomatic corps families and individuals."


IBC member churches also include students and refugees. "Most [churches] are a combination of some or all these types of people, plus nationals from the country where the church serves," Martin states. "In our churches... we celebrate the diversity of the body of Christ."


The convention focuses on gospel proclamation, the promotion of worldwide mission, the planting of new churches, the strengthening of member churches, and enhancing fellowship among member churches.


The organization hosts a number of conferences that bring members of English-speaking churches from around the world together. The most recent Annual Convention meeting was held from October 24-27 in Rome, Italy, where the Executive Council convened and a new president installed.


A Singles Conference is scheduled for Madrid, Spain, on November 4-6; a Men's Winter Conference in Lenk, Switzerland, in January 2012; and a Ministry Leadership Conference in Naples, Italy, in March of next year.


"IBC churches are Christian families striving to live out the clear command of Christ that we love one another," Martin claims. Our "churches are missionary churches. We passionately believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ is worth sharing."

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Church Spotlight

Towne View Baptist Church

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States


Towne View Baptist Church in the state of Georgia in the United States is engaged in a number of partnerships, including with the Baptist World Alliance as a Global Impact Church.


Started in 1989, the congregation states that "at Towne View we understand that our faith is supposed to [be] lived out in the world around us. We're passionate about being the presence of Christ in our community, our country, and around the world."   


The congregation describes itself as "evangelical in our witness, focused in our worship, loving in our fellowship and passionate in our mission."


It has engaged in a number of mission opportunities, such as humanitarian trips to Bulgaria where members visit and offer gifts to children in orphanages and homes for children.    


In collaboration with other churches of the Noonday Baptist Association, Towne View is engaged in several initiatives, such as Storehouse Ministries, which provides not only "physical food, but spiritual nourishment as well." In August alone, 696 households with 2,261 individuals received food assistance through Storehouse Ministries.


"As a family of faith, we believe in the transforming work of Jesus Christ and we take seriously our role in being Christ's presence in our community," the church declares.


News from the BWA
For these stories and more, visit the BWA website at
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Movements and Changes

Cuvila Tomas, elected general secretary of the Free Baptist Church in Angola, succeeding Joao Kiala Kiasissua 



Elvin Mirzayev, elected general secretary of the Evangelical Christian Baptist Union of Azerbaijan, succeeding Elnur Jaibyev 


Liton Mrong, elected general secretary of the Garo Baptist Convention of Bangladesh, succeeding Proshanto K. Sirker  

Ruperto Vicente elected executive secretary of the Baptist Association of Belize, succeeding  Henry Baizar



Paschoal Piragin, new president of the Brazilian Baptist Convention, succeeding Josue M. Salgado


Julien Nsengiyumva, elected President of the  Union of Baptist Churches in Burundi, succeeding Jean Nyandwi



Rick Lamothe, elected president of the  Canadian National Baptist Convention, taking over from Jeff Christopherson   


Central African Republic

Zacharie Yanguema, elected general secretary of the Association of Baptist Churches of the Central African Republic, succeeding  Andre Roger Waka, who died in August 2010    

Ferdinand Grezokoye, elected president, succeeding Joseph Koyamba, and Esaie Foungala, elected general secretary, succeeding Jean-Jacques Nimeziambi, of the Baptist Churches Union

Andre Fegouto, succeeding Paul Change as president, and Symphorien Bouassi, succeeding David Koudougueret as executive secretary, of the Fraternal Union of Baptist Churches 


Mauricio Reyes, elected president of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Chile, succeeding Raquel Contreras, who is now president of the BWA Women's Department

Daniel Andrés Vivanco Contreras, president, succeeding Mario Ramos, and
Esteban Merino Beltrán, elected general secretary, succeeding Paula Castillo, of the National Baptist Convention of Chile

Juan C. Rojas, elected general secretary of the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba, succeeding Homero Carbonell


El Salvador

Mauricio Salinas, president of the Baptist Association of El Salvador, succeeding Sonia Valiente     



Peter Sjoblom, general secretary of the Finland Swedish Baptist Union, succeeding Nils E. Vikstrom 


Marc Deroeux, general secretary of the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France, succeeding Pierre Jeuch


Erik Nielsen, president of the International Baptist Convention, succeeding  Peter I. Taylor    


Estuardo A. Diaz, executive secretary of the Convention of Baptist Churches in Guatemala, succeeding Carlos W. Cerna



Stephen Gomes, elected president, succeeding Peter Changa, and Roxanne Abrams, elected general secretary, succeeding Yoland Jeune, of the Baptist Convention of Guyana    


Daniel Mannepall, general secretary of the Karnataka Baptist Convention, succeeding M. Daniel


Upa Zahranga, president, succeeding B. Hainuaia, and Chinzah (John) Hrangzuala, general secretary, succeeding Hlichhal Lalsangliana, of the Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church    


Dhojen Borgoary, president, succeeding Bronson Marak, and Stefen Mecemrai, general secretary, succeeding Rohendra Narzari, of the Lower Assam Baptist Union  


Keviyiekielie Linyu, president, succeeding Kuzierang Thou,  of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council


Gajilal Tossa, president,  succeeding Samuel Kath, of the North Bank Baptist Christian Association     


Ngaituasunga Darlong, general secretary, succeeding Rajania Kapipeng, of the Tripura Baptist Christian Union



Toshio Okumura, president of the Japan Baptist Convention, succeeding Akinori Taguchi    


Yuji Fujii, president, succeeding Sigemi Ono, of the Japan Baptist Union


Tae Jun Yoon, president, succeeding Nam Ho, of the Korea Baptist Convention



Joseph Kazzi, president, succeeding Samuel Kharrat, of the Lebanese Baptist Convention 



Sozinho Guerra, president, succeeding Jeronimo Cessito, of the Baptist Convention of Mozambique



Gagendra Khan Thakuri, president, succeeding Lal Sing Gurung, of the Nepal Baptist Church Council    


New Zealand
Lyn Campbell, president, succeeding Ian Brown, of the Baptist Union of New Zealand  


Bennett U. Enyioha, president, succeeding Rueben Chuga, and Samson O. Ayokunle, succeeding Solomon Ishola, of the Nigerian Baptist Convention   
Abel A. Pego, president of the Portuguese Baptist Convention, succeeding Antonio Pires, who died in May of this year



Iosif Simon, president of the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania, succeeding Istvan Gergely


South Africa

John Sigudla, president, succeeding Sobusa E. Ngodela, and Christopher Dikana, general secretary, succeeding Paul Msiza (a BWA vice president), of the Baptist Convention of South Africa   


Edson Magoloi, president of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, succeeding Raymond September



Soren Carlsvard, president of the Baptist Union of Sweden, succeeding Lars Dalesjo   



Agbatan Agossou, president, succeeding Bamerbanona Kadera, of the Togo Baptist Convention  


Trinidad and Tobago
Ivan F. Baptiste, president of the Baptist Union of Trinidad and Tobago, succeeding Edwin Lewis



Mayimba Geoffrey, general secretary of the Baptist Union of Uganda, succeeding Alex Wanyama    


Stephen Lee (English Wing), president, succeeding Peter D. Richards, and Vivian Williams (Welsh Wing), president, succeeding Olaf Davies, of the Baptist Union of Wales

United States
Frank Christine, president, succeeding Mary Hulst, of American Baptist Churches in the USA      


Darko Siracki, general secretary of the Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA and Canada, succeeding George Sommer


Ricky Creech, executive director of the District of Columbia Baptist Convention, succeeding Jeffrey Haggray   


Bernard Kamutzki, moderator of the North American Baptist Conference, succeeding Dennis Dewey  


Golden Kyungupengu, president of the Baptist Fellowship of Zambia, succeeding Ebby Musika


Moses C. Mbulo, president, succeeding Moses Mbulo, of the Baptist Union of Zambia


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Baptist World Aid
BWAid grants for the months of  September and October 2011

Grants recorded in United States dollars unless otherwise noted

East Africa Famine - 10,000.00

Democratic Republic of the Congo
HIV/Aids Counseling  - 5,000.00

South Sudan
Children's Home Assistance - 2,500.00

Flood Relief - 21,750.00

West Orissa Flood Relief - 22,900

Food for Nursing Homes - 10,000.00

Central America
El Salvador
Tropical Storm and Flood Relief - 13,735.00

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Monthly Prayer Guide

Each week, the staff of the Baptist World Alliance prays for conventions and unions throughout the world.


We invite all other Baptist conventions and unions, and individual Baptists everywhere, to join us in these prayers.


For the month of November we will remember the following:


October 30-November 5

Union of Baptist Churches in Burundi


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Baptist Community in Central Africa

Baptist Community of the Congo River

Baptist Community of Western Congo

Community of Autonomous Baptist Churches -- Wamba-Bakali

Community of Baptist Churches in North Congo

Baptist Churches in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo/Africa

Community of United Baptist Churches



Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda

Community of Christian Churches in Africa

Union of Baptist Churches in Rwanda


November 6-12
Baptists and other believers scattered throughout Gabon and Sao Tome and Principe


November 13-19
Cameroon Baptist Convention
Native Baptist Church of Cameroon
Union of Baptist Churches in Cameroon

Central African Republic
Association of Baptist Churches of the Central African Republic
Baptist Churches Union
Evangelical Baptist Church of the Central African Republic

Fraternal Union of Baptist Churches 

November 20-26

Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Burkina Faso
Baptists scattered throughout  Chad


November 27-December 3

Liberia Baptist Missionary and Education Convention

Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone             


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