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November/December 2010
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Latest News

University of Kentucky Launches $25 Million Energy Efficiency Retrofit

US Foodservice Expects Big Savings From Freezer Lighting Retrofits

Camelina-Based Biojet Fuel Cuts CO2 Emissions 75%

Hara Lands Huge Abu Dhabi Environmental, Energy Management Contract

Report: LED Lights in the Enterprise $1 billion by 2014

World Bank Cuts US GHG Emissions 7%, Paper Use 15%

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We now carry electric car chargers!
Portable chargerLeviton offers a complete solution to Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging. The Evr-Green product line consists of both portable and fixed-mount chargers and is supported by a certified installation team and extensive customer service.  The Evr-Green line complies with all industry standards and is compatible with all major EV manufacturers.
Raychem Floor Heating

Raychem QuickNetWith the Raychem QuickNet electric floor heating system, we're putting slippers out of business. Simply install the QuickNet heating cable between the ceramic tile or natural stone and the subfloor and enjoy true warmth and comfort in your own home.

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HID Lamp Blowout

Sylvania HID lamps

Sylvania HID Lamp



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Recessed Electrical Boxes

Arlington DVFR2W-1 Recessed Electrical Outlet Mounting Box with Paintable Wall Plate, 2-Gang, White Recessed indoor double gang in box, for new & retrofit construction, non-metallic electrical box with trim plate accepts most double gang wiring devices & uses standard indoor wall plates or a GFCI cover plate, recessed box allows items such as furniture to be placed closer to the wall without bending cords that are plugged into the outlet, includes textured, paintable trim plaster that extends over the cut edge of the drywall.

  • Recessed box allows items, such as furniture, to be placed closer to the wall
  • Plugs don't extend past the wall like a regular box
  • Trim plate is textured / paintable
  • For power or low voltage applications
  • Positioning tabs for 1/2 Inch wall thickness assure accurate placement on studs
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DOE Announces Historic Strides in Energy Efficiency for Residential and Commercial Building Codes
Members of the ICC (International Code Council) recently passed a series of energy saving code changes.  The final package is anticipated to achieve DOE's 30% goal of energy savings compared to the 2006 baseline.  The ICC is expected to publish the building code in early 2011.  Once the 2012 IECC publication is released, the DOE will undertake a formal rulemaking determination for energy efficiency over the 2009 codes. Click here for more information.

Key highlights of the IECC 2012 code include:

  • Increased standards in envelope efficiency
  • Increased duct performance requirements
  • Increased air exchange requirements (decreased infiltration)
  • Added efficiency requirements for cooling towers and HVAC systems in commercial buildings. 

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