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November/December 2010

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DOE Announces Historic Strides in Energy Efficiency for Residential and Commercial Building Codes

Wells Fargo to Fund $100M in US Solar Projects

Energy Efficiency is One of the Best Ways to Cut GHG Emissions

Solar Tech Advances many be key to competing with China

New Report Claims 4.2% of US Electricity coming from Solar by 2020

FedEx Opens Solar- powered hub at Cologne Bonn Airport

US Solar Installations Expected to Double in 2010

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We recently designed and provided all of the solar components for three solar projects in Massachusetts.  Check them out!

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Term End Date Extension for Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Projects

As many of you are aware, awarded projects in the program were initially given six (6) months to complete the project. Effective immediately, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is extending the project completion deadline for all outstanding stimulus projects to May 31, 2011.  Please note that May 31, 2011 will be the final deadline for these projects.

Please contact us with any questions.

Opsun Solar Modules and Racking Systems

OpsunWe now carry Opsun solar modules and racking systems.

Opsun specializes in the manufacture of PV modules, mounting systems and commercial solar solutions. Opsun's modules have practical module efficiencies up to 15.4%, allowing to install more PV in less space, time, labor and materials, resulting in a significantly lower project cost. Because they are made of mono-crystalline cells, have high efficiency and are made of top-grade materials, Opsun's modules are generally more durable than most.


Click here for Opsun Racking systems


Click here for Opsun Modules

Direct Grid's Micro Inverters

Direct GridBalancing the need to lower total PV system cost, while also lowering the cost of yielded watts to achieve competitive LCOE is an ongoing industry challenge. Direct Grid Technologies is reshaping the space for micro-inverters in terms of wattage, thermal management, reliability and energy harvesting.  


  •  Utilizing Direct Grid Technologies breakthrough patent pending closed loop MOSFET planar architecture, significant gains can be realized on reliability and efficiency. The extensive thermal management in the unit enables the micro inverter to operate much cooler than competitive micro-inverters. In addition, familiar failure modes associated with traditional power conversion architectures are greatly reduced, if not eliminated
  • Unprecedented 460W Utility Grade OEM Micro-inverter -the DGM-460 provides independent MPPT for maximum energy harvesting, mates to two 60 cell crystalline modules (reduces the number of required micro inverters in half) AND offers a power factor >0.99.
  • The Direct Grid architecture permits auto detect and synchronization with both 60Hz and 50Hz applications.  No special setup needed.
  • DGM-460 is certified to UL1741 and IEEE1547 - in production, shipping now!

Click here for more information.

Historic Strides in Energy Efficiency for Residential & Commercial Building Codes

In October, members of the International Code Council (ICC) met in Charlotte, NC and voted to increase the energy efficiency levels for the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The 30% improvement in energy savings over the 2006 IECC means that homes and businesses across the country will be built to use less energy, saving Americans potentially billions of dollars on energy bills.


Key highlights of the IECC 2012 code include:

  • Increased standards in envelope efficiency
  • Increased duct performance requirements
  • Increased air exchange requirements (decreased infiltration)
  • Added efficiency requirements for cooling towers and HVAC systems in commercial buildings

These monumental strides in energy efficiency represent a significant milestone towards the Department of Energy's goal of achieving 50 percent increase in energy savings compared to the 2006 energy code baseline by 2015. Contact us for more information.

We now carry electric car chargers!

Portable chargerWe now carry Leviton's complete solution to Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging. The Evr-Green product line consists of both portable and fixed-mount chargers and is supported by a certified installation team and extensive customer service.  The Evr-Green line complies with all industry standards and is compatible with all major EV manufacturers.

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