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August 2010

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The end of summer is approaching fast!

There are many new and exciting things going on in our Solar Division for you to check out!

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PV Market Breaks Record for Inverter Shipments  

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We recently designed and provided all of the solar components for three solar projects in Massachusetts.  Check them out!

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We have warehouses full of solar panels!
Solar PanelsWe carry the most cost effective solar panels from ReadySolar, Silken, Canadian, Evergreen & Suntech! 
Our immense buying power means you will receive the most competitive pricing available! We warehouse state-of-the-art panels and racking systems that are ready for delivery. Click here to see the panels, inverters, racking systems and electrical supplies that we have in stock.
First Massachusetts SREC Auction
Massachusetts now has its first SREC sale on the books! On July 15th, the first SRECs from the first quarter of 2010 were created by NEPOOL GIS for the new Massachusetts Solar Carve-Out program. The first transaction has now occured on  The SRECs cleared at $500 per SREC. 
This is exciting news for the Massachusetts solar industry and an excellent start to what should be one of the healthiest and most robust SREC markets in the nation! Click here for more information.
Don't be left out in the cold!
Solar PanelsAlthough the 30% tax credit is still in play until 2016, the 30% federal grant ends this year. The end of the year rush has already begun!
With cold weather and the end of the 30% federal grant just around the corner, coupled with PV module shortages and manufacturer backlogs, the rush to get PV projects installed by year-end is in full swing. 
If you need modules, inverters, racking, whips, wire or weebs...don't delay! Place your order today!
Enjoy your last couple weeks of Summer!
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