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August 2010

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Summer is already coming to an end! There is a lot going on in our Conservation Division and we have many exciting programs and new products to tell you about!
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New Energy Efficient Technology
National Grid Small Business Program
National GridNational Grid's new Small Business Program is up and running and we are the only distributor with all the eligible products online with spec sheets.  Some of the cost-cutting, energy efficient equipment available through this program includes:
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Lighting occupancy sensors
  • Walk-in cooler efficiency measures
  • Site-specific custom projects
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
ARRAThe ARRA was signed into law as an effort to jumpstart the economy.
An important part of the ARRA is the the Buy American Provision.  Currently, Philips Day-Brite manufactures over 85 percent of their products in Tupelo, Mississppi and Sparta, Tennessee. Therefore, these products are in full compliance with the Buy American Act and we carry many of them!Click here for more information.
Help Us Change the World, Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge!
Want to do your part for the environment while you also save money and energy?
energy star logoWhen you pledge, you are making a commitment to save energy and money, and fight global warming by taking energy-saving actions in your home or workplace, such as:
  •  changing a light to an ENERGY STAR qualified model
  •  enabling your computer to power down when not in   use
  •  installing and using a programmable thermostat correctly with pre-programmed settings
  •  choosing products that have earned the ENERGY STAR.
Taking these actions will also save energy and money.  Click here for more information and to take the pledge!
New Water Saving Products!
Water ConservationWe carry a variety of proven water saving products!
As our population and demand for water increase, so does the cost to deliver and treat it.  Water conservation is closely tied to energy conservation.  As much as 20% of a home's electric bill is from the energy used to heat water.  We carry proven water conservation products that reduce the demand for water, while saving money on water and electric bills!  Click here for more information and to view our products!
Enjoy your last couple weeks of Summer!
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