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Tra-la! It's May!!
This spring brings some changes to GSP Rescue New England's board of directors.

Wendy Phelps, a Connecticut CPA, who was a member of Rescue's board and also handled all financial matters on a volunteer basis, tendered her resignation early in the month. Rescue is at a loss for words as to how to thank her for her help.

For two years, Wendy served as Rescue's financial guru, keeping track of the money, writing the checks, balancing the books -- a talent that few of us here have but that all could appreciate.

Thank you for your help, Wendy.  Our books wouldn't be the same without you.
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Michele Morris

With Wendy's departure comes the return of Michele Morris, a former board member. Michele has graciously agreed to resume her spot as a Board Member filling the position of Clerk of GSP Rescue NE, Inc. We are very, very happy to have her back!

Hope your spring is off to as good a start as ours is!
Celeste Long and Audrey Carmosino
GSP Rescue NE board of directors

Bookkeeper Needed

So when one chapter ends, another begins, and its with that thought that Rescue starts the search for a volunteer to take over the position of bookkeeper for Rescue.


The job duties include: accessing, maintaining and updating financial records using PayPal and Quickbooks, keeping track of inventory and sales, generating reports for spending analysis, filing annual federal tax forms and state tax reports.


If this is a volunteer position that interests you, please contact Celeste


Whisker Walk 2012, Raffle

Whisper Walk logo 2The 2012 Whisker Walk will be held Sunday, June 3, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (the walk starts at noon) at the Lancaster (Mass.) Fairgrounds (home of the Bolton Fair).


GSP Rescue New England will once again have a booth at the walk, along with a team that will participate in the Whisker Walk to raise funds for our rescue group.


Whisker Walk Booth
GSP Rescue NE's booth at the Whisker Walk.
Come visit us!! 


AND, Rescue is also holding a raffle for two beautiful bracelets designed by Three Scoops of Vanilla 

and a sterling silver hand-wrapped ring (approximate size 7-8) designed and hand-crafted by GSP Rescue supporter Janice Macleod of Rhode Island.  


Raffle tickets may be purchased online or at Whisker Walk. You need not be present to win.  



Raffle Item #1:

Custom-made bracelet from Three Scoops of Vanilla.This precious pawprint bracelet has a "rescued" charm and a lobster claw clasp. It will fit wrists from 6"- 7.5" with the extender chain. A $30 value.


Click here to purchase raffle tickets online



Raffle Item #2
Lovely hand-wrapped sterling silver ring designed and hand-crafted by Rhode Island's Janice Macleod. Ring is adjustable, size 7-8. Value $25
Click here to purchase raffle tickets online.

Eldora bracelet

Raffle Item #3

Custom-made bangle bracelet from Three Scoops of Vanilla.

The Eldora is another beautiful bracelet, this time a bangle from Three Scoops of Vanilla. It is versatile as it can be for the dog or the cat lover.  This bangle will fit wrists up to 8.5" and it does unclasp for ease of getting on and off. $30 value.


click here to purchase raffle tickets online



The Whisker Walk is a FREE, fun day for families and their dogs PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England.


The 2011 Whisker Walk brought in over a HUNDRED animal rescue groups, pet related vendors/manufacturers and sponsors and it's an "event not to be missed" for pet lovers.   


This is an event that offers local shelters and rescues a chance to raise money, recruit volunteers, and spread the word about their organization. While the Sterling (Mass.) Animal Shelter organizes and sponsors the event, any money we raise goes directly to GSP Rescue New England.


To read more visit the Whisker Walk web site: 


Dog Food Recall Expanded
  On May 4,  Diamond Pet Foods announced that it was expanding its voluntary recall to include batches of nine brands of dry pet food formulations due to potential contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

During the past 10 days, Diamond and the Food and Drug Administration have announced a number of product additions and bag code changes to the information that had been previously reported.


The recall now includes 14 brands.

According to the company, none of the additional products being recalled on May 4 have tested positive for Salmonella. However, the manufacturer claims it is pulling these products from store shelves "as a precaution".


Brands Included in the Recall

Brands named in this recall now include:

 Distributed in These Locations

The recalled products were manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods in Gaston, S.C., and were distributed in the following states and Canada:

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Canada

However, further geographical distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred.


Important Batch Information

Due to the ever-changing nature of this unusually widespread recall event, visit the special Diamond Pet Foods Recall website for the most up-to-date information.


The recall site provides specific batch information and diagrams that show how to read package codes and "Best By" dates to accurately identify affected products.


Get Dog Food Recall Alerts by Email

Get dog food recall alerts delivered right to your Inbox the moment we become aware of them. Subscribe to The Dog Food Advisor's Dog Food Recall Alert email notification list



Secret Life of the Dog
The secret life of the dog - BBC Horizon
The secret life of the dog - BBC Horizon
 Another well-done documentary by the BBC  shows we have an extraordinary relationship with dogs -- closer than with any other animal on the planet. But what makes the bond between us so special?

Research into dogs is gaining momentum, and scientists are investigating them like never before. From the latest fossil evidence, to the sequencing of the canine genome, to cognitive experiments, dogs are fast turning into the new chimps as a window into understanding ourselves.

Where does this relationship come from? In Siberia, a unique breeding experiment reveals the astonishing secret of how dogs evolved from wolves. Swedish scientists demonstrate how the human/dog bond is controlled by a powerful hormone also responsible for bonding mothers to their babies.

Why are dogs so good at reading our emotions? Horizon meets Betsy, reputedly the world's most intelligent dog, and compares her incredible abilities to those of children. Man's best friend has recently gone one step further --  helping us identify genes responsible for causing human diseases.
Planet of the Dogs
K-9s Groom Humans
as Personal
Well-Being Tools Planet of the Dogs
(From MAN'S BEST FRIEND blog -- By Chad Love)

A few years back, the world got its shortpants in a wad over the beating IBM's "Deep Blue" computer administered to world chess champion Gary Kasparav. They bunched even tighter last year when IBM's "Watson" computer thoroughly trounced the best human "Jeopardy!" players on the planet. In the wake of these and myriad other examples of the growing superiority of the silicone chip-based servant over its carbon-based creator, there was much bloviating about the nature of sentience, logic, intelligence, reason, and whether computers would eventually overtake humans in all these heretofore exclusively and uniquely human categories.

To which I say (to myself, since no one listens to me): What a waste of time and apparently not-so-unique-after-all thought. Seriously. That's the problem with academics; they're too damn academic. Devious cunning and opposable thumbs got us where we are today and devious cunning and opposable thumbs will always insure that computers will never become our robot masters, so forget the Matrix.

But dogs, on the other hand, well, I can easily see them going all Planet of the Apes on us. If you ever stop for a second and think about it, I mean really think about it, I believe you'd come to the conclusion that there's not a damn thing a dog can't be trained to do, and do it better than pretty much anything else out there. Dogs can find people buried under tons of rubble, they can sniff out bombs and drugs, they can be trained to detect cancer, pick up shed antlers, help guide the blind, I mean, the list literally goes on forever. And although they do seem to lack our devious cunning and handy extra digit, dogs are our superiors in virtually every other way imaginable. We may be the "masters" in this eons-old relationship, but who's really controlling whom here?

According to some recent research, dogs have evolved not so much to please us, but to groom us as their personal well-being tools.


Read more about it in this story in


And remember, be kind to your dogs. Your smart, deeply-intelligent, human-training, always-watching, always-adaptable dogs. Treat them well, or in a few more millennia of canine evolution it won't be HAL 9000, Skynet or some malevolent toaster we have to worry about, it'll be our canine masters.



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Several GSPs have found their forever homes!


They are: Daisy,Cheyenne, Miles, Leah, Chip, Rika, Cocoa and Flyer


Hooray for the dogs!! Hooray for their new families!! :-)


Donations have gratefully been accepted this month from:


Jamie Page

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Thank you all for your generosity.

Thank you, donors!

For those who have graciously made donations to GSP Rescue NE and would like a receipt, please contact Celeste.


And, once again, a big THANK YOU to you all. :-)

Help Us With

Our Fundraisers


Book bin
GSP Rescue NE is joining with
Got Books? as a new means of fundraising. Got Books? works by placing bins for recycled books in parking lots. If you have a parking lot with one extra space for a bin please contact Celeste.

 This is a one year commitment. All you have to do is donate the space and call Got Books? to empty the bins when they're full.

Rescue gets paid per pound of books. Got Books? will work for rescue through active participation by the GSP Rescue organization and the community.


Requirements are:
1. Safety - The bin must be placed in a safe location for drivers, pedestrians and participants
2. Location - The Got Books? container should be visible to your members as well as the surrounding community 
Successful programs establish a plan for getting books from the community. Posting information in the weekly program and bulletins, posting information on your website, and alerting local papers about the Got Books? program and what Rescue is raising the money for. Every organization is unique and there is more than one way to accomplish the task of getting the books in to the Got Books? container.


Got Books? is a great way to increase recycling and earn extra money for programs within Rescue.  


For more information on Got Books? or if you have room at your business to house a collection bin, contact Celeste.  

Free first-aid class!


Vetcision logo

Basic first aid classes for pet owners, with an emphasis on what you should include in your pet's first-aid kit are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Vetcision, 293 Second Ave., Waltham, Mass.


 Classes alternate each month between basic first aid classes and other topics.


 Please call or email for details and to RSVP.


For more information, go to Vetcision.

Dog door discount!

 Hale Pet Door logo

GSP Rescue New England is listed among rescue groups and shelters that have participated in Hale Pet Door's Rescue Rewards program. 
The Rescue Rewards works this way:  When  customers let Hale know that they adopted a pet (either recently or in the past), they receive a 10 percent discount on the cost of their Hale Pet Door.  And then Hale makes a donation for that same 10 percent amount to the organization that the customer tells them about.


In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

For more information on Hale pet doors, go to

Partners for Pets Program

 Bissell logo

Bissell's Partners for Pets program supports pet adoption and homeless pets. When you buy selected pet products on, you save 10% (with free shipping) and BISSELL will donate 10% of your purchase price to a pet shelter of your choice. For more information, click here.

Use the code ADOPT at the BISSELL checkout to receive the discount. 

Click here

 to view eligible products.

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Mrs Brown's Misunderstanding - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 2 Episode 5 - BBC One
Mrs Brown's Misunderstanding
  Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 2 Episode 5 - BBC One