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Peter and Jennifer Russo are longtime GSP Rescue New England supporters and volunteers who lost their senior dog Silas a couple of months ago.

 Always available when I send out a call for help, they are an integral part of our GSP Rescue family.

I thought you all might enjoy how Peter and Jennifer have celebrated Silas' life in a wonderful tribute to a beloved family member.

and the gang at GSP Rescue New England


"Silas" Russo: "He Was Just The Best"
Silas group
Peter Russo, center with dog on lap, and friends who participated in the Silas 7 Mile Run.

"Silas" Russo was two months shy of his 16th birthday when he passed from this earth, and from under the watchful and loving eyes of his family, Peter and Jennifer Russo of Rumford, RI.

Silas was a dog who had beaten the odds many times, even surviving a bout with throat cancer at age 8. Who would have thought that after having to undergo several radiation treatments to combat the disease that this tough old dog would life for another astounding 8 years? He was nothing short of amazing.

But time eventually took its toll, and finally Peter and Jennifer knew that Silas's time here was coming to a close, and he needed to move on to bigger and better things. On Nov. 11, 2011, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and the Russos were heartbroken.

silas hat

Silas's birthday was Jan. 7 and it was always a big celebration in the Russo household. As large as the void was now that Silas was gone, they didn't want to spend the day tearfully moping around. They decided to celebrate the occasion. So they -- and 25 of their closest friends -- did just Silas beerthat. How? The Russos are runners who especially like running with their dogs (Silas ran frequently with Peter), so they held a road race in memory of Silas called the "Silas 7 Mile Run."

Most of the runners knew Silas personally. Says Peter, "If you have met me, there is a 99 percent chance that you know my dogs. They are almost always with me."

Logos were designed, special beer bottle labels with Silas' picture were fabricated (Peter likes to brew his own beer), a cake was baked, and the group got ready.  The event, Peter says, helped keep them busy and occupy their thoughts on what they anticipated would be a dreadful day.

The day of the race dawned sunny, bright and cold. Runners trekked the seven miles then headed back to the Russos house for the party in honor of their old friend and running companion, Silas. The participants very kindly passed the hat and came up with a donation for GSP Rescue NE.

Says Peter of the Jan. 7, 2012 birthday party, "That

day, Silas would have been 16.  If not for planning that run and party I don't know what I would have done.  It was a great event but afterwards I was a complete mess. Silas was just the best."


And so, we think, are Peter and Jennifer.


Silas water
"Silas" Russo, vacationing in Vermont in 2004. 


Spotlight On: Chip
Chip moving
The handsome Mr. Chip
Periodically, we will feature a dog in the care of GSP Rescue NE who, for whatever reason, is taking longer than usual to be adopted.

This month's star is Chip, who is thriving in foster care, but, as with the rest of our dogs, really, really needs a home of his own.

The always-smiling Chip. :-)
Chip's foster mom tells us that Chip is not the kind of dog that needs a lot of exercise.  "He's happy roaming around the fenced yard. Chip is content laying around the house napping, or chewing on soft toys. He has small bursts of energy (usually in the late afternoon) so we will go play out in the yard and let him run around. On the weekends we like to go on long walks on the bike trail or hikes. Chip loves to snuggle with his people and rolls over on to his back for belly rubs. 

"Chip is usually very mellow with new dogs he meets.  We have taken Chip to our local pet food store on several occasions.  He is always friendly with the dogs he meets there, and loves the "rock star" treatment he gets from everyone that passes by.  Our own GSP can be a real grouch with other dogs but Chip gets along with him just fine.

Chip and friend
Chip, left, playing with his GSP housemate.

"Chip loves to chew on soft stuffed animals but isn't destructive with them.  He hasn't torn one stuffed animal since being here but he likes to steal my children's stuffed animals.  My kids are not crazy about sharing their favorite stuffies with him.  ;-)

"Chip likes birds and is obsessed with mice and guinea pigs when we take him to the pet food store.  We almost have to pick him up and carry him out of the little rodent section.  He isn't aggressive or verbal around the critters, he just stares at them through the glass as if willing them to come out and play. 

"Chip is a chow hound!  He has broken the code on the dog food storage bin several times.  He has counter/table surfed dinners (another issues we are working on), opened backpacks and found food in pockets.  Chip will find food whereever it may be in your house.  Chip isn't destructive while finding food.  It's actually quite funny.  I do not know how he can unzip a backpack to find snacks without causing any damage to the backpack. 

"Chip, however, does fine uncrated at night.  He sleeps like a champ.  He never wakes up, stirs or causes a commotion at night.  He likes to sleep in the same room as his human(s), too as he doesn't like to let them get too far out of his sight.

"Chip does not do well in the crate.  He has severe anxiety in the crate and needs to be secured using other methods. 

"He's fantastic and patient with our children (ages 5 and 8).  Also good with visiting children/adults. 

"Chip is a not a big barker but is more of a grunter and groaner. ;-)  He is a typical GSP that loves to be next to his human.  He likes to follow me everywhere I go.  Sometimes he walks so close that he steps on the back of my shoes/slippers!  He is usually laying at my feet, and I need to be mindful not to step on him when I get up.  He is extremely smart and uses his smarts to seek out food where ever that may be!"

Chris Chartier

If you think this handsome dog might be just the one you're looking for, contact Celeste.

The Wolf In Your Living Room
   Even the most well dressed companion dog is a wild dog at heart. When he plays with a favorite toy and shakes it up, when he buries a bone, when he turns in circles before laying down on his bed, when he eagerly licks his master's face, think these are all cute habits? They're not. They're ingrained behaviors that have been passed down through  generations, from wolf to dog.

Watch this interesting BBC video on Youtube.
The Wolf in your Living Room - BBC Pets in the Wild (Ep. 4 of 5)
The Wolf in your Living Room - BBC Pets in the Wild (Ep. 4 of 5)
Non-GSP Wins BIS At Westminster
Westminster BIS winner Ch. Palacegarden Malachy. Definitely not a GSP. ;-)

Ch. Palacegarden Malachy, a Pennsylvania Pekingese, took home the top prize on Valentine's Day, winning the Westminster Kennel Club dog show at Madison Square Garden.


 It just wasn't the year for GSPs. 


GSP Westminster

Definitely a GSP, but not Best In Show <sigh>

GCH/Intl. Ch. Shade Mountain's Twilight Dancer JH at the 2011 GSPCA National Specialty Show in Oconomowoc, Wisc. 

Winning Best of Breed for the shorthair group was GCH/Intl. Ch. Shade Mountain's Twilight Dancer JH. The almost-4-year-old female, known as "Dancer," is by Ch. Ladenfield's Perfect Storm CD and Ch Shade Mtn Dawn's Early Riser. She is owned by Brenda Abraham & Robert Straight of West Linn, Oregon, was bred by Abraham, and is handled by Phillip Booth.


But that was as far as the GSPs would go. The shorthair was outclassed in the Sporting Group by an Irish setter (Group 1), German Wirehaired Pointer (Group 2), English springer spaniel (Group 3), and an Irish water spaniel (Group 4).


Oh well, there's always next year...

Dogs Dying Flying


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that more pets died on Delta Air Lines than on any other carrier last year, according to data released by the federal government.

Pet flying

A traveler checks her dog, Pablo, in at the Delta Airlines desk at LaGuardia Airport in New York, in this 2005 file photo.


Out of 35 pets that died on airlines last year, 19 died on Delta flights. That's up from 16 the previous year.


Delta said it carries more pets than many other airlines, in part because of its broad route network. The number of pets that are injured or die on the airline is less than 0.2 percent of pets carried, Delta said.


Many carriers such as AirTran and Southwest don't carry pets as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Some pets also are transported in the cabin as carry-ons, but the deaths were all in the hold.


"The loss of any pet is unacceptable to us," Delta spokesman Anthony Black said. "We are working to improve the processes and procedures to ensure that every pet arrives safely at its destination."


One of Delta's latest changes came in December, when it stopped accepting snub-nosed dogs or cats as checked items. Delta already had banned American, English and French bulldogs from flying. That came after a sharp increase in the number of animals that ran into trouble on Delta flights, particularly bulldogs, which are susceptible to respiratory problems.


In most cases, pet deaths are not caused by mishandling but because the pets run into health issues in the cargo hold environment, Delta said. The Humane Society of the United States recommends not transporting pets by air "unless absolutely necessary" because of the risks.

Dog the Only Cure for Tormented Teen


 What's life without a dog? Pretty much none of us could imagine it. But imagine what it would be like if you had NO life without a dog, like this young boy in Atlanta who suffers from the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome.  

Boy with dog
New York Times Magazine photo
Ilya with his golden retriever, Chancer 

It seemed no one could help him, no human, that is. Then he met Chancer, a big, good-humored golden retriever, and the boy's life was changed.


It's a long read from the New York Times Magazine, but well worth it, and, said one blogger, if you don't immediately drop everything when you're finished and either A. cry, B. hug your dog, or C. cry while hugging your dog, then you surely have a heart of the blackest obsidian and are well and truly lost.  


Click here to

GSP Statues
GSP statue

Lifesize, above,

or desk-size, below.

 GSP desk size

Perusing the internet, we came across the perfect GSP. One that requires no cleanup, no walking, no fuss, no muss.


California sculptor James Kermott has just the thing.


Kermott is a field trial judge of pointing breeds in both the American Field and American Kennel Club. Drawing upon his experiences as a judge, according to the bio on his website,  he gathers many ideas, compositions and subjects for his sculptures.


As a judge, he has a number of national and regional championships to his credit. He has been given the honor of creating several bronze commissions which are awarded to winners of major championships of english pointers, weimaraners, vizslas, german shorthairs, and setters.


Check out his website at James Kermott Sculptures.


Novartis recall
 Novartis recallNovartis has temporarily suspended operations at its Lincoln, Neb., production facility and recalled certain over-the-counter drugs -- Bufferin, Excedrin, Gas-X Prevention and NoDoz, due to mix-up of products. Now, the animal health division of Novartis has warned that a wrong tablet may be found in bottles of Clomicalm, which is prescribed to treat behavioral disorders in dogs.


Novartis Consumer Health Inc., the consumer health division of Novartis, initiated the voluntary recall of the OTC drugs on Jan. 8, following consumer complaints of chipped and broken pills in the products and inconsistent bottle packaging line clearance practices.


 On Jan. 25, Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. warned that due to potential packaging issues at its manufacturing facility, there is a rare possibility that a wrong tablet may be found in bottles of Clomicalm. The animal health unit of Novartis said that it has not received any reports where a patient experienced a product mix-up, or any reports of adverse events attributable to a product mix-up.


As a precautionary measure, Novartis is recommending that before dispensing Clomicalm, the contents of the bottle should be examined for tablets that are broken or incorrect in color, shape or size.


On Jan. 10, Novartis had already warned that the temporary suspension of operations would affect the availability of some Novartis Animal Health products for the immediate future. The manufacturing plant produces both OTC and animal health products.


The animal health products affected include, Interceptor Flavor Tabs, Sentinel Flavor Tabs, Clomicalm, Program Tablets and Suspension, and Milbemite. Production of Deramaxx, which was recently moved to the site, is also affected, although supplies on hand will continue to be shipped, according to the letter sent by Novartis to the veterinary community. 

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In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

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