August/September 2011

No. 21

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Spot says, "Summer ain't over yet!"



 Although summer is officially over, the temperatures remain warm and there still may be some good beach weather left!  


August went sprinting by us and GSP Rescue NE was fortunate to adopt out a number of dogs, as well as take some in. Some of these dogs went straight to adoptive homes upon intake, others went to foster homes for some evaluation and well-deserved R&R before they find their forever homes.


Unfortunately, September leaves us again with a shortage of foster homes. There are a number of dogs languishing out there who would benefit from living in a home with a family, with other dogs, and outside of a kennel or shelter where they may be holed up until help comes along.


We ARE the help.  


If you are a fosterer, thank you, thank you, thank you for opening your homes and hearts to these at-risk animals.  


If you're still thinking about fostering, now's the time to do it. Take the plunge. Help these dogs out.  Give them a stable, loving home and help them readjust their bodies and their minds. They'll thank you for it.  Over and over. Really. Do it.  


Best wishes from

Your friends at GSP Rescue :-) 


Mr.Fonda needs a home 


This 12-year-old shorthair in Maine is a case in point for the need for foster homes.

Mr Fonda

Mr. Fonda was picked up as a stray on July 29, and to this date  no one has looked for him.  Our volunteer met him and found him to be a delight.


Typical of his age, Mr. Fonda has some diminished sight and hearing, a little stiffness in his joints, but still functions just fine. He tested positive for Lyme so is being treated for that.


Mr Fonda 1   

He seems to move pretty well for an old boy, has a real bounce to his step .... he prances. Stairs are hard for him, so he should probably not be in a home where he has to do a lot of them. One or two will probably be fine. He is not a barker,digger or jumper. He is not known to guard food/toys.


He was soft mouthed taking treats and a bit mischievous, as our volunteer laid her purse down to get her camera, he was fast exploring the contents in search of the treats. In fact, he managed to grab her bag of treats, which she had no problem in taking out of his mouth. 


Mr. Fonda was just neutered so he still is a little stemmy (even at 12!) in his approach to other dogs in that he tries to mount them!



He is lovely with people, and is seeking a friendly, upbeat retirement home with or without other dogs.  No cats for Mr. Fonda.


Mr. Fonda is available for adoption or foster through GSP Rescue NE. He is currently in Westbrook, Maine.


Please email Celeste  if you can help this delightful dog.


Pre-K Kids Go To The Dogs!


Dog kids


 Hi Celeste,


I thought you might enjoy the pictures of Coco and Reggie at my pre-school last month. 


I do a pet uniteach year that encourages responsible pet care and ownership geared to the Pre-K children. 


 My son, Taylor, brought Coco and Reggie by for about an hour to meet the children.  Coco put on a Frisbee show on the town field across from my playground.  She was a huge hit, especially with the boys. The children were amazed at her speed and accuracy when catching the Frisbee in mid-air!  Reggie as always was sweet and lovable! 


 I told the children the history of both of these beautiful dogs and how they came to be part of our family.  Amazingly, most of them were able to go home and repeat the story of each dog and wonder how they ended up in rescue!


 It was a very successful day and one I will repeat again next year!


Hope you are enjoying the summer!


Janet Sleczkowski

Kids dog

Up close with Coco and Reggie!


A Toy For That Ball-Crazy GSP

 Do you have a hyper GSP at home who lives only to play fetch? Here's a great toy for him that will save YOUR throwing arm.

Go Dog Go ball launcher 

According to the company, the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower and Launcher Machine is all about enjoying your dog while you give them the best thing for their health, EXERCISE! (Knowing how ball-crazy some dogs can be, they also advise not exercising your dog to the point of exhaustion.)


GoDogGo® RemoteFetch ball thrower and fetch machine is designed so a dog can be trained to retrieve and return balls to the inside of the wide-mouth bucket. This enables a dog to play safely and independently.


However, design allows for 3 types of use; continuous launching of balls every 7 or 15 seconds when the bucket is fully loaded, use with a single ball for independent play when the dog returns the ball to the bucket, and owner controlled launching with the remote control.


GoDogGo retails for $124.99. For more information, go to GoDogGo.



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GSP Rescue New England now has a presence on Facebook. Go to:

Look who's been adopted!

Some more GSPs have

found their forever homes!


They are: Columbus, Summer, Charlee,Willie and Jackson.


Hooray for the dogs! Hooray for their new families! :-)


Donations have been gratefully accepted this month from:

*Michael and Maria DeLellis, in honor of Patty Voss

*Catherine Parmentier

*Doug Leenhouts

*William Kowalski

*Stacy and Andrew Hamilton

*Brendan Boyle

*Sue Tenuta

Thank you, donors!

For those who have graciously made donations to GSP Rescue NE and would like a receipt, please contact Celeste.


And, once again, a big THANK YOU to you all. :-)

Free first-aid class!


Vetcision logo

A one-hour first-aid class for pet owners will be held Tuesday, Oct. 4, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Vetcision, 293 Second Ave., Waltham, Mass.


This will be a basic first aid class for pet owners, with an emphasis on what you should include in your pet's first-aid kit.


 Classes are held on the first Tuesday of each month and alternate each month between basic first aid classes and other topics.


 Please call or email for details and to RSVP.


For more information, go to Vetcision.

Dog door discount!

 Hale Pet Door logo

GSP Rescue New England is listed among rescue groups and shelters that have participated in Hale Pet Door's Rescue Rewards program. 
The Rescue Rewards works this way:  When  customers let Hale know that they adopted a pet (either recently or in the past), they receive a 10 percent discount on the cost of their Hale Pet Door.  And then Hale makes a donation for that same 10 percent amount to the organization that the customer tells them about.


In 2010, Hale donated more than $20,000 to rescues and shelters all over the country.  

For more information on Hale pet doors, go to

Pet Photography

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Wouldn't it be nice to show off your pets in imaginative, personalized cards?  Our full line of pet cards featuring YOUR pet is one-of-a-kind, because it's your pet(s), your text, your thoughts personally conveyed!  


For more information, visit Creative Pawtography   


Partners for Pets Program  

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Bissell's Partners for Pets program supports pet adoption and homeless pets. When you buy selected pet products on, you save 10% (with free shipping) and BISSELL will donate 10% of your purchase price to a pet shelter of your choice. For more information, click here.

Use the code ADOPT at the BISSELL checkout to receive the discount. 

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Husky Dog Talking -

Husky Dog Talking - " I love you "


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