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January 2011
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December Adoptions
~ 5 Dogs were adopted this month:
Riddle, Zeke, Leah, Niko and Pino

~ GSP Rescue New England rehomed 65 dogs in 2010!


Email Updates
~ Both Tonka and Murphy are in foster homes and are available for adoption.   

~ Leah has been adopted and is living happily in her forever home. 


~ Nikita has made it to her forever home from coastal GA.  Many thanks to Tom Yukna for getting her there! 


Willie is Arriving 1/23/11!  We still need a foster home!


2 year old Willie is arriving from KS on 1/23 and we still haven't found a foster home! 


Picked up wandering the streets, the shelter Willie is coming from believes he was dumped because he would not hunt.  Willie is a friendly, wonderful boy and is pretty happy go lucky.  willie2

He does need obedience training and they believe he is house trained as he doesn't use his kennel for a bathroom.  (I suspect he may need some monitoring with house training.)  


Named for One Eyed Willie from "the Goonies" movie, Willie has no vision in one eye due to trauma but it doesn't slow him down one bit.  The shelter believes he was shot in his eye!  Willie is fine with other dogs, no cats.  Great with people and children.  High energy for sure!  Willie weighs about 60 pounds.


If you'd like to consider fostering this boy please email Celeste.  Thanks!



GSP Rescue NE Thanks:
~ Weston Kenney for his generous donation

~ Julie and David Doucette for their generous donation
~ Thomas Barks for his generous donation
~ KPINC Consulting for their generous donation
~ Deborah Williams for her generous dontion

 ~ Mark Garibotto for his generous donation

~Kim and David Lee for their generous donation

~Douglas and Johanna Voss for their generous donation

~Oliver, Gino and Sujata Varadharajian for their generous donation
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**Merchandise orders may be delayed slightly due to Piper Makenzie's arrival.

Comedy Corner

First day out in the field for newly adopted Zeke



                                                 "Gotcha back dad!"

              Photo submitted by Gail Bartlett. 


If you have a funny photo of your dog, please email it to Jami along with a brief explanation. 
Issue: #14January 2011
Dear Friends,

A new year always brings with it hope and excitement for good things to come. We at GSP Rescue NE have had many wonderful changes enabling us to move to a more professional, polished organization and will continue to work in that direction to make us even better than ever for the year 2011!

Bringing CPA Wendy Phelps on board has allowed us to take a serious look at our numbers for the past year. Wendy has worked tirelessly to provide us with reports that are easy for us "non money" folks to understand and to show us where we can make changes and where we have done things well. We have published a synopsis of them below.  Vetting costs are obviously skyrocketing so a goal for this year is to find creative and innovative ways to reduce those costs. 

We also learned that we lose money on almost every dog we adopt!  In order to keep our adoption fees reasonable and each and every dog properly vetted and guaranteed healthy at adoption time, we depend on your continued support and thank you once again for your generosity in the past.  We are only as good as our supporters, that is abundantly clear!

Thank you for all your cards and pictures of your families and dogs this holiday season. We never tire of seeing pictures!  There were so many we're going to try to put together a collage at a later date.

Our wish is for a happy and healthy new year for all of our supporters. Each and every one of you are special to us!

Warm Regards,
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett

2010 Financial Report

2010 GSP Rescue financial report





Piper Makenzie Barrett, 8 pounds, 6 oz made her debut on Saturday, January 8th to proud parents Jami and Justin Barrett.  We couldn't be happier for the Barrett family.  Welcome Piper Makenzie!


In Memory

Peggy Gagnon, GSP Rescue trailblazer


GSP Rescue New England was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Peggy Gagnon of Henniker, N.H. 
Peggy worked rescue the old fashioned way - before the creation of the Internet, before Petfinder. She was a source of support and guidance when GSP Rescue, as we now know it, was in its infancy. She cared so much about this breed and always supported the rescue effort. We will always remember her kind words of encouragement and her caring spirit. 

Our sincerest sympathies to the Gagnon family.  Peggy will be missed!






Adoption Update: Blixen (formerly Buddy)
Benedicte Henrotte writes:

    "Blixen arrived in my life last March after a couple of weeks of transition [at a New York foster home]. I had been approved for adoption when Celeste contacted me to see if I could foster Buddy - now Blixen.
     While not looking for another dog till fall (I still had a boxer in a wheelchair), I did agree to foster him. It, of course, did not take long (about 3 days) to decide that he was not going anywhere!
     Really, this dog is a genius! He basically "got" all the rules of the house in about one week and had 99% recall in less than 2 weeks (in a fenced-in orchard at first, outside as soon as I felt confident in his recall).
     He made friends with Mac the Boxer right away and the 2 of them would curl up in the same bed. Lily the Corgi is above that sort of thing! :)
     Blixen's life is happy and full with daily walks in the
woods,Blixen guarding the hens from the "bad fox" with his friend,   Quincy; helping Mom with the fashion consulting business and going to work at the vet's with Carrie when Mom has to go away. 


He looks wonderful (gained 14 lbs), healthy and fit. Such a sweet and social GSP!"


If you have an adoption update, please email it to Jami along with 2-3 pictures.