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October 2010
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September Adoptions

~ 7 Dogs were adopted this month!  Congratulations to: Bonnie, Coal, Dakota, Trigger, Edel, Butch and Coco!
~ GSP Rescue New England has helped 50 dogs find their new homes since January!

Email Updates

~ Look for an email to come about foster homes.  We have 4 dogs in the midwest that we agreed to place in New England because they were in high kill shelters and our midwest counterparts reached out for our help.  These 4 lovely dogs were in immediate danger of being euthanized and had we not stepped in when we did the shelters they are at would have had "no choice."

If you have been thinking about fostering and think this is the time you may be able to help please email Celeste.   

GSP Rescue NE Thanks:
Our generous supporters who stepped up to the plate to help Belle.  There are too many to mention!

Donation receipts will be forthcoming.
Halloween Safety Courtesy of Home Again
Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween 
Keep the candy for the kids. Although chocolate is a well known pet-safety hazard, artificial sweeteners and other candy ingredients are also dangerous for your pet. If you want to give your cat or dog Halloween treats, ones from the pet store are just the trick.
Watch for escape artists. On Halloween night, you'll probably be opening your door for trick-or-treaters every few minutes. Make sure to check that your dog or cat stays inside after each visit.
Make sure your pets are clearly tagged. It's easy for an animal to escape on Halloween night, so make certain that your pet is wearing a collar with contact information on it. Brighter colors are easier to see! Don't have a collar tag?

Consider your pet's temperament. If your animals are frightened of strangers, loud noises, or children, keep them in an area of the house that's away from the front door. The sights, colors, and sounds of Halloween can be stressful for even the calmest pets.
Keep your pets close to home, particularly the black cats. Unfortunately, Halloween brings out the dark side of some people who may use the holiday as an excuse to torment or otherwise injure an animal they find lose on the street.
Think about the children. Even if your pets are good with children, not all children are good with pets. It may be a good idea to keep your pets away from a child who could startle them into an aggressive or defensive attack.
Avoid costume drama. Make sure you choose a Halloween costume that's safe for pets. Avoid strangulation hazards and parts that affect vision or movement. If your dachshund looks completely miserable dressed up as a hot dog, then let him out as soon as you've taken a few photos.
Be careful with the decorations. A Jack O'Lantern with a candle or glow stick in it may be beautiful for you, but it's also fascinating for your pet. Reduce the risk of singed whiskers or poisoned bellies by keeping dangerous decorations out of your pets' reach.
Minimize stress while you're away. If you plan to go out for a party or other Halloween fun, leave the radio or television on. The noise can mask loud noises your pets hear from the outside festivities.
Remember to keep it fun. Whatever you do, don't let worrying about pet safety ruin the evening. With a few simple precautions, there's no reason why you and your pets can't have a boo-tiful holiday full of frightful, and pet-safe, fun.

Issue: #11October 2010
Dear Friends,

Halloween is the time for ghouls and goblins but it can be a true nightmare for our dogs.  Courtesy of the ASPCA we've attached some tips to keep this fun day safe for our four legged family members.

It's finally done! After months of hard work our new website will launch next week. When we make the update, we will lose our website service for several days and our email for a short period. If you email us and don't get a response within a week please try again.  Urgent matters please call 888 450 2519
and leave a message.  Our phone service is not affected by the website.  

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Warm Regards,
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
Many thanks!!
Update on Belle

Once again our supporters have shown their generosity and kindness for a dog in need. Belle has successfully undergone her spay, hernia repair and "tummy tuck" and has come through with flying colors!  Thanks to Dr. Teresa Love of the Love Veterinary Center in Willington, CT., Belle will be able to act and look like a normal GSP.  Dr. Love is a GSP lover, has had 6 of her own, and generously gave of her time to help Belle.  Once recovered, Belle will still have to have some dental surgery but the worst is behind her! Dr. Love couldn't get over how sweet Belle is. 
Thank you all once again for your financial support and well wishes.  We couldn't have helped Belle without you! 

Look for pictures of Belle next month with her new girlish figure..she's truly as beautiful outside now as she is inside and her name really fits!



Get Your 2011 GSP Rescue Calendar!
They are beautiful!
 Leash Holder
We are happy to announce that the 2011 calendars have arrived!  These calendars feature pictures of rescued GSPs happily enjoying their new homes. 
Pricing:  Calendars cost $15 for the first calendar and $10 for each additional calendar.  A shipping and handling charge of $2.99 will be added. 
Ordering:  If you would like to order the 2011 calendars, please email Jami with the following information:                                   
  • Number of calendars you would like to purchase
  • Mailing address
  • Preferred payment method (Calendars will only ship after payment is received)                                                                    
Payment options:                                                                   
  • PayPal: You may use either your credit card or pay directly from your bank account (preferred method).  Please click here to make a payment.
  • Check:  You may mail a check for the total of your calendar order to:
GSP Rescue New England, Inc.
P.O. Box 5731
Wakefield, RI 02880
Adoption Updates!

Edel finally goes home!

After a year in foster care Edel finally has found her perfect forever home! Adopted by the Broderick family, it took Edel 2 minutes to train her new family that the couch next to them was where she wanted to be. Bedtime continued the same theme..Edel made it clear she was sleeping with the family, not next to them in her brand new dog bed.  Congratulations to Edel and the Brodericks!



Please click here to see current dogs available for adoption!

Comedy Corner



A flying leap into the laundry helped Rocky get dressed for the day. 

Do you have a funny picture or story to share?  Submit them to Jami and we will feature your picture or story in an upcoming newsletter! 
Combined Federal Campaign Reminder

CFCJust as a reminder to our supporters and volunteers who are members of the military or who are government civilians: the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign is in full swing!  


For the second year in a row, GSP Rescue New England is on the CFC charity list.  Our charity code is: 82241. 


Consider donating to GSP Rescue New England this year through the Combined Federal Campaign!  It is an easy way to make regular contributions to one of your favorite (we hope!) charitable organizations.