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September 2010
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August Adoptions
~ 6 Dogs were adopted this month!  Congratulations to: Jack, Jill, Millie, Moses, Parker, and Pepper!
~ GSP Rescue New England has helped 43 dogs find their new homes since January!
Email Updates
~ 5 out of 6 dogs looking for foster homes have found them!!  Thank you to everyone who offered to help. 
~ Sammie did not find a foster home.  Sammie is a senior who would do best in a home without young children and with a submissive dog.  Due to moderate separation anxiety, the ideal foster parent would be home a great deal of the day.  If you think you could foster Sammie, please email Celeste.   
~ Leash holder fundraiser:  Thank you to all who purchased the leash holders!  We will consider running this fundraiser again in the future.  GSP Rescue NE raised approximately $150 through this fundraiser. 
GSP Rescue NE Thanks:
~ Pauline Runkle for her generous monetary donation in sponsorship of Chanterelle.
~ Trudy Van Houten for her generous monetary donation.   
~ Debbie and Andy  Williams for their  monetary donation, their willingness to
spend time and energy in support of our rescue efforts, and for their  help getting Trigger and Yankee to New England.
Help for Underprivileged  Pets in CT
Sherry is an Animal Control Officer for Hartford, CT.  She is working on a unique effort to help owners who are struggling to provide basic needs for their pets.  These people are generally good pet owners who have found themselves in a difficult situation and they are reaching out to Sherry for help on a daily basis. 
Her hope is to build relationships with these owners.  In return, she hopes that her actions will increase trust so that these owners will support programs to reduce the stray population and are more likely to report known cases of abuse.   
You can help by donating any of the following items: dry dog and cat food (any brand), canned food, dog treats, used collars and leashes, and dog chews. 
Sherry has helped GSP Rescue New England in the past so we are returning the favor by publishing her request for donations.  GSP Rescue New England is considering how we might be able to donate, even if only a single
bag of dog food or a couple of used collars. 

To help the underprivileged
animals in Hartford, please  email Sherry.  

Attention Supporters near Hopkinton, NH!
Marie is a supporter who is looking to connect with other GSP owners in the Hopkinton, NH area.  She would like to form friendships with other GSP lovers for the purpose of mutual pet sitting. 
They own a friendly and active  8 year old female who is invisible fence trained.  For those without I-fencing, this girl would need a securely fenced yard as she has a history of escaping.  At Marie's home someone is always there, so anyone trading pet sitting would have peace of mind knowing that their dog is always supervised.
If you live in the Hopkinton, NH area and would be interested in getting to know Marie and her GSP, send her an email today. 
Dog Treat Recall!!
Hartz Mountain Corporation is issuing a voluntary recall of 74,700 8-oz bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs (lot code BZ0969101E, UPC number 32700-11519) after a random sample testing conducted by the FDA detected the presence of Salmonella.

For more help, including information about how to obtain reimbursement for the purchase of this product, visit the U.S. Food and Drug Association's website or contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414.  
Issue: #10September 2010
Dear Friends,
The fall season has arrived and we hope that this newsletter finds everyone happy and well.  Please review our tips for child-dog interaction.  As we all know, GSPs often make wonderful family companions and most do well around children.  However, it is important to remember that what we do as parents is often more important than the natural temperament of the dog.   
Welcome Wendy!
At our August Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted to change the office of Treasurer from Audrey Carmosino to Wendy Phelps.  Audrey will stay on as a Board Member and will continue to hold the office of Secretary.  Wendy, with her background in accounting and tax preparation is well suited to keep our financial records in order and we are all excited to have her on board.  The Board of Directors welcomes Wendy to the team! 
Website Note:
Over the past several months, we have been working to rebuild our website in order to improve our ability to make frequent changes and updates.  We hope to launch the new website within the next month.  Please Note: When we make the update, we will lose both website and email service for several days.  Please be patient.  However, if we do not respond to your email within a week, kindly re-send your email or call us at:
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
Available for Adoption!
Beau Still Needs a Home 

Jill (top), Jack (left), Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill2

Since arriving at his new foster home, we have learned much more about Mr. Beau!  In fact, his progress is so great, that we felt it was important to highlight him in our "Available for Adoption" segment this month. 
Beau has learned to live wonderfully inside and is much enjoying himself - so much that he is more than willing to come inside when called!  Beau is now house trained and will settle in nicely at night.  He is also fully invisible fence trained.  A quick learner who is eager to please, Beau has been mastering basic commands such as sit, stay, and down. 
We have learned that Beau is very attached to his people.  He would love to spend the entire day with his people if possible.  We believe he would do exceptionally well with a family where someone is home all day.  Due to his strong prey drive, a home without cats or other small animals would be best.  He would likely do best in a single dog home or in a home with a submissive dog. 
Prior to coming into Rescue's care, Beau spent his life chained to a dog house outside with his "sister" Edel.  Both dogs have now been in foster care for over a year.  Please help Beau find his forever home!    
To read more about Beau, click here.
Click here to read more about our other adoptable dogs!
Get Your 2011 GSP Rescue Calendar!
They are beautiful!
 Leash Holder
We are happy to announce that the 2011 calendars have arrived!  These calendars feature pictures of rescued GSPs happily enjoying their new homes. 
Pricing:  Calendars cost $15 for the first calendar and $10 for each additional calendar.  A shipping and handling charge of $2.99 will be added. 
Ordering:  If you would like to order the 2011 calendars, please email Jami with the following information:                                   
  • Number of calendars you would like to purchase
  • Mailing address
  • Preferred payment method (Calendars will only ship after payment is received)                                                                    
Payment options:                                                                   
  • PayPal: You may use either your credit card or pay directly from your bank account (preferred method).  Please click here to make a payment.
  • Check:  You may mail a check for the total of your calendar order to:
GSP Rescue New England, Inc.
P.O. Box 5731
Wakefield, RI 02880
Adoption Updates!
Hunter and Jake
Barkley: Half GSP, Fully Loved

Many thanks to GSP Rescue New England for making our adoption of Barkley possible. He is just a delicious addition to our family. Because he is 1/2 Shar-Pei he lacks the high energy of a GSP, but his other 1/2 is a  GSP through and through.  He is loving and loves to be loved, a bit mischievous, loves to go for a walk, (however he spends more time sniffing than walking) and  is a perfect companion to our ten year old GSP, Hershey. 

Barkely was diagnosed with blastomycosis ( and a number of other issues) when he entered rescue and his chances of surviving were thought to be slim. Through the very diligent efforts of his foster Dad, Barkley is now a healthy, happy pup. Truly laid back in his approach to everything, Barkley reminds us daily to slow down and take a few minutes to just appreciate the fact that life is good. Welcome to your forever home, Barkley !!

~Tom, Gloria and GSP brother, Hershey 

Please click here to see current dogs available for adoption!
We need more adoption updates!  Email Jami with your story and some pictures and we'll feature you in a future newsletter!
Comedy Corner

Foster Dog Bonnie, trying to find a warm spot to sleep.  She settled on Emma!

Do you have a funny picture or story to share?  Submit them to Jami and we will feature your picture or story in an upcoming newsletter! 
Child/Dog Interactions: Tips for Parents
  • Supervise all child/dog interactions, at all times.  This also applies to dogs who are "reliable" with children.                                
  • Watch your dog for signs that he is uncomfortable.  If your dog backs up or even looks away from the child, showing the "half moon" white of his eye - INTERVENE.                               
  • Enforce your commands to both your child and your dog.           
  • Educate your child, teaching her to be respectful  of your dogs need to be left alone at times.                                                        
  • Give the dog space during feeding time.  Children should not put their hands in the dogs food dish, even if he will tolerate it.                                                                                
  • Teach your dog basic obedience commands; ensure that your dog sees you as the leader.                                                             
  • Teach children not to run, wave their hands, or yell around any dog.                                                                              
  • Teach your children how to respectfully approach and greet a dog.                                                                               
  • Require that your child ALWAYS ask before approaching and touching an unknown dog.  Be understanding if the owner says "no" to your child interacting with their dog.                
  • "Let sleeping dogs lie."  Do not let children climb on or startle awake a sleeping dog.  Sleeping dogs may wake surprised and react in an uncharacteristic manner.                                     
  • Be mindful of older dogs. As they age, older dogs may develop aches and pains that could reduce their  tolerance for young children.  Even older dogs who were great with children when younger, may not be so tolerant as they age. 
Donations in Memory...


Annie was rescued by Charlie and Jacquie Werner four years ago.  She spent her days outside chasing butterflies and evenings curled up with her beloved owners.  Unfortunately, Annie lost her battle with kidney failure this month.  A generous donation  was made in Annie's memory by the Werner Family. 
We extend our sympathy to Charlie and Jacquie.  Thank you for thinking of GSP Rescue New England during this difficult time.           
Sophie was the much loved and long time companion for Debbie and Andy Williams.  She  welcomed and comforted many foster dogs in her day, always making them feel welcome.  As the light of the Williams' family, Sophie will be truly missed.  A generous donation was made by the Williams' family in memory of Sophie.   
We extend our deepest sympathy to Debbie and Andy. Thank you thinking of GSP Rescue New England during such a difficult time in your life.   

Both Sophie and Annie will be featured on the Remembrances page once the new website premiers.