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August 2010
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August Adoptions
~ 6 dogs were adopted this month: Beacon, Chuck, Cody, Lena, Odie, and Zephyr!
~ GSP Rescue New England has helped 37 dogs find their new homes since January!
~ We currently have 7 dogs waiting for forever homes.  Of those 7 dogs, 4 have been waiting for more than 6 months for their forever homes: Beau, Edel, Chanterelle, and Pino!
Email Updates
~ Emily found a foster family, who subsequently adopted her. Congratulations Emily!
~ Edel and Beau found separate foster homes.  They are doing well and we are learning more about them each day.
~ Pepper has found a foster home and we are getting to know more about her.  Thanks to everyone who offered to foster Pepper! 
~ Electronic Fence Collars: Thank you to all who donated Electronic Fence Collars!  They are being put to good use in our foster homes.
~ Crates:  Thank you to all who donated and loaned us crates for transportation.  Your generosity is much appreciated!
GSP Rescue NE Thanks:
~ Daniel Piccolo for his CFC contribution! 
~ Mia Unson for her very generous donation of 30 brand new leash and collar sets!  We are so excited to send these out to fosters who need them.
~ Al Daniels for his very generous monetary donation. 
~ Cindy Cossuto for her monetary donation.
~ Sharon Flannery for her monetary donation.
~ Jane Given at Scarlett Dream Coats.
Attention Adopters!!
When you adopted from GSP Rescue NE, your dog was most likely microchipped.  The microchip company and identification number should have been printed on the vetting protocol that listed your new dogs vet history. 
All dogs are registered to GSP Rescue New England until the adopter changes the ownership on the microchip.  This means that GSP Rescue NE will be contacted if your dog is identified through his microchip.   
If you wish to change the primary contact information, please call your microchip company.  They will guide you through the process.  A nominal fee may apply. 
When changing the primary contact information, please remember to keep GSP Rescue New England as the secondary contact on file.  Thank you!
Please direct questions about your dog's microchip to Celeste Long
Online Store!!
Some survey respondents mentioned that they would like to see more merchandise and an online store. Good news: We have an online store, via PayPal, already established!  Please note: we are in the process of updating the store, so not all items are listed as of now. 
Click here to visit our online store. 
You can also access our online store by clicking on the "shop" button under "Quick Links" on the left hand column of each newsletter. 
The store can be accessed from our home page by clicking the dog bone button that says "rescue store."  Try it today!
Issue: #9August 2010
Dear Friends,
Thank you to all who responded to our survey!  This email will address some of the questions raised by respondents as well as some odds and ends from the GSP Rescue New England Board of Directors.
Please remember, any word or phrase that is underlined and in blue is a link to a website, email address, or document.  Click them to learn more or to contact us!       
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
Available for Adoption!
Jack and Jill 

Jill (top), Jack (left), Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill2

We thought you would like to see the newest additions up for adoption!  Newly arrived to New England on Saturday, Jack and Jill are a pair of 1 yr old GSPs that were found as strays and held by a good Samaritan in Missouri.  The lady who had them could not afford to keep them so she contacted a wonderful Missouri rescue, Cause for Paws, who in turn contacted GSP Rescue NE.  These two beauties made the trek from Missouri with the hope of finding a forever home here in New England.
So far Jack and Jill seem to have lovely temperaments. They are happy go lucky, playful and healthy young dogs.  We would  like to see them placed together because they are obviously attached to each other.  Jack and Jill are not up on our site yet so if anyone is looking for a fun pair, these two are available.  They do need basic obedience and more than likely need to be housetrained because they have lived outside all of their lives. 
Email Celeste if you're interested!
Click here to read more about our other adoptable dogs!
Order a Leash Holder Today!
Leash Holder 
Limited Time Offer!
We are offering this stylish and attractive leash holder to our supporters for $20 plus shipping and handling; 50% of your purchase will go directly to GSP Rescue New England.  The leash holder is black pewter with two hooks for leashes, keys, collars, etc.  This attractive holder will go well with any decor!  "Rescued and Loved" leash holders are only available through this fundraising opportunity!       
You may order the "Rescued and Loved" GSP leash holder (pictured above) or the "Time for a Walk" GSP leash holder (click here to view a sample).  In addition, you may also order the "Rescued and Loved" leash holder in over 100 breeds, or paw prints for those friends and families with a rare or mixed breed dog.
Size: 9.25 inches by 6.25 inches.      
Order these now for holiday or birthday gifts!!    
This is a limited time fundraising offer; get yours today!  Orders must be placed by August 30th.  To order, email Jami with the type and quantity of leash holders you would like to purchase.  Please include your mailing address in your email.   
These leash holders are made right here in New England!  For more information about these products, you may visit the website for Sweeney Ridge.   
Adoption Updates!

Hunter, Kohlby, Pepper, and Jake

Hunter and Jake
Hunter and Jake

Hunter was found running in Rhode Island with a name tag with a disconnected phone number and an unregistered chip.   I had just lost a GSP, 15 year old Kezar, 31 days prior to meeting Hunter.  I went looking for Hunter because my life felt empty without at GSP sharing it.  There was something nostalgic about him when I set my eyes on him for the first time.  I didn't know exactly what, but it was not until a year later that I put my finger on this "nostalgic feeling".   I was viewing old photographs of my first birthday being celebrated on a beach in 1948 when there, standing next to this one year old was a GSP.  With his liver head, white athletic body and a pattern of liver patches nearly identical to the one Hunter now sports.   Hunter loves to hike in the NH White Mountains and vacations with me on the shores of Cape Cod.  Hunter loves to be outside at all times and would sleep outside on my front porch if I let him. 
With my love for GSPs, I find myself browsing through Pet Finder on my coffee break.  Some people drink coffee and read the paper; I on the other hand browse Pet Finder.  And there he was.  Little Jake.  He too was found running in Vermont and then placed in a GSP foster home in Rhode Island. We drove to R.I. and brought Jake home to his new family. Jake is high energy and doesn't seem to gain much weight.  He cannot stand still long enough to finish his food because he wants to Go. He wants to be on the other side of the door even though he still struggles not knowing which side will open.He greets our arrival home with delight and runs ahead of me to the bedroom at bedtime. Jake is such a loving boy but trying to kiss my wife with him around is a feat in itself.  Just the sound of a kiss and he is in sight coming for a kiss himself.   We are so happy to have such wonderful boys, Jake and Hunter. 

~ Doggy Daddy, Frank J. Straccia

Please click here to see current dogs available for adoption!
We need more adoption updates!  Email Jami with your story and some pictures and we'll feature you in a future newsletter!
Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Wendy Phelps!  

Bart - 10 Years Ago
Wendy is one of our, very few, Connecticut Volunteers!  Recently we have been handed CT as part of our "territory" and Wendy has be invaluable to helping us expand into CT.  She helps out in all ways, including: fostering dogs, evaluations of dogs in shelters, adoption screenings, and has even adopted a dog!  Next for Wendy is the transition to the office of Treasurer.  With her experience and training as a CPA, Wendy is highly valued for her ability to work with numbers and complete our taxes!  Thank you Wendy, we are proud to have you as part of our team. 
Ten years ago, my life was transformed forever when my GSP, Bart was born.  I never wanted a dog just to have a dog; I wanted him and I to have an active life together. We participated in Flyball, hunt tests and eventually field trials. We had the time of our lives competing all over the country, meeting hundreds of GSP's and wonderful people.
GSP's have given me more happiness and life experiences than I could have ever imagined. Shawn and I started rescue work to give back to these magnificent animals.
~ Wendy Phelps
From the board members and the dogs: Thank you for everything you do Wendy!
Wendy will receive a handmade dog collar donated by Jane Given of Scarlett Dream Coats as our way of saying "Thank you!"   
Donations in Memory...


Shelby was rescued by Danielle and Jessica through GSP Rescue New England several years ago.  Sadly, she recently lost her battle with Cancer.  A generous donation was made in Shelby's memory by Danielle and Jessica. 
We extend our sympathy to Danielle and Jessica.  Thank you for thinking of GSP Rescue New England during this difficult time.   
Bobby was adopted by GSP Rescue New England Board Member, Audrey Carmosino and John Feitor in 2005 at about 9 years old.  After 5 happy years living with Audrey and John, Bobby developed several health issues and unfortunately passed away.  A generous donation was made in his memory by Audrey and John. 
We extend our deepest sympathy to Audrey and John; we feel honored to have met and known Bobby.  Thank you for your donation to help these wonderful dogs. 


Both Shelby and Bobby are featured on the Happy Endings page - click here to read more about these wonderful dogs.