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May 2010
Wisker Walk
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Flower Power!
Our Flower Campaign was a huge success!  We raised a total of $461 for GSP Rescue New England! 
Thank you to all of our supporters for purchasing flowers to beautify your yard and help a needy dog! 
Good News!!!!
It was a month of adoptions!  Adopted this month:
  • Brownie
  • Buddy
  • Gage
  • Heidi
  • Panzer
  • Peter  
  • Radar
  • Skeeter   
GSP Rescue NE thanks:
~ Barry Trudeau for his donation. 
Mary Beth Dion for her donation of an invisible fence receiver 
~ Michele S. and Lynne W. for their offers of an invisible fence/invisible fence receiver!  We may need these in the future. 
Items Needed for Donation
We are in need of suggestions for the Raffle Baskets for the Whisker Walk!  We would like to offer a "dog" themed basket, and a "people" themed basket.  If you have suggestions or donations, please contact Jami
Seasonal Safety Tips

Cocoa Mulch:  Cocoa mulch is sold at local garden stores, including Home Depot and Target.  Cocoa mulch contains "Theobromine" a lethal ingredient that smells like chocolate.  There are NO warnings printed on the label.  Do not use Cocoa mulch if you have outdoor pets as they may be inclined to eat the poisonous mulch!

Basket Ball Hoops:  You are probably asking "WHAT?"  Recently, a tragedy struck a GSP Rescue NE adopter.   Several months ago the family adopted a young dog only 6 months old named Riley.  Riley suddenly got sick and then passed away shortly afterwards.  The vet said her death was due to antifreeze poisoning.  This family is well aware of common household dangers such as antifreeze and double checked that everything was locked safely away.  After extensive searching, they found that people sometimes fill the base of portable basket ball hoops with water and add antifreeze to prevent cracking during the winter.  This family had recently purchased a portable basket ball hoop at a garage sale and quickly found that the water in the base was in fact the source of Riley's illness. Their older dog, Tucker, also became sick after Riley passed away.  Luckily, because of Riley's illness and death, they recognized the signs early and early treatment saved Tucker's life.

If you own a second hand portable basket ball hoop check that there is no antifreeze in the base!!  Fill the bottom of these hoops with sand instead. 
GSP Rescue New England extends our deepest sympathy to Riley's  people.   
Issue: #6May 2010
Dear Friends,
This month's newsletter is dedicated to the 2010 Whisker Walk as it is only weeks away!  Our "regular" segments will be postponed until next month to ensure that we get the necessary information out in time for Whisker Walk on June 6th.  This event has the opportunity to be a huge fundraising event for us, however we still need more support from you to make this successful!  Take a look and let us know what you might be able to help us with. 
Error Correction!
Last month I failed to include Rebel in our adopted dogs section!  My apologies to Rebel and his people for this inexcusable oversight.  Rebel's adoption update will be included in the June newsletter. 
~Jami Barrett
Take our survey!
We have created an online survey to collect your input on how we operate and your experiences with us.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we know what we are doing right and where we can improve.  Click here to take the survey.  Thank you so much in advance - your opinions are important to us.       
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
What is the Whisker Walk??
2010 Whisker Walk 

The 2010 Whisker Walk is a FREE, fun day for families and their dogs PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit  animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England.

The 2009 Whisker Walk brought in almost a HUNDRED animal rescue groups, pet related vendors/manufacturers and sponsors for the first of its kind "event not to be missed" for pet lovers. The 2010 Whisker Walk is sure to be bigger and better! Held at the Lancaster Fairground (Home of the Bolton Fair) there are 50+ acres for Pet owners and animal lovers to walk, visit vendors, see, do and buy PLUS they can lend a paw for the animals shelters and pet rescues they love and support! 
This is an event that offers local shelters and rescues a chance to raise money, recruit volunteers, and spread the word about their organization.  While the Sterling Animal Shelter organizes and sponsors the event, any money we raise goes directly to GSP Rescue New England
To read more visit the Whisker Walk web site
Join our Whisker Walk Team!
Walk with us! 
We are forming a team to walk in the 2010 Whisker Walk with the purpose of raising funds and raising awareness for this wonderful breed.  As of right now, we only have 3-4 volunteers walking in this event.  We would love to see a group of 10 or more band together to walk for this wonderful breed. 
The walk is scheduled to start at 12 Noon on Sunday, June 6th.  If you are interested in joining us for the walk portion of the 2010 Whisker Walk, please email Jami.  You can walk with our without your dog.  If you do bring your dog, remember that he or she must be well behaved on lead.   
Raise Pledges!
2010 Whisker Walk 
Even if you choose not to walk with our team, you can still raise pledges for us!  Visit our Chipin page to make an online donation.  You can also forward the link to our Chipin page to your family and friends for easy online donation collection.  Alternately, if you choose to do a hard copy pledge form, please email Jami
If you choose to ask for donations, you may use this letter as your template:
Dear family and friends,
I am involved with a fantastic organization, GSP Rescue New England.  GSP Rescue New England is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving needy German Shorthaired Pointers.  This is a cause that is very close to my heart as I own (list your dogs if you choose, especially if they are rescue dogs!). 
Every year, GSP Rescue New England spends almost twice as much on vet costs than they receive in adoption donations.  As a 501c3 registered non-profit, the difference is made up through donations, sale of merchandise, and fundraising events such as raffles.
On June 6th, the GSP Rescue New England team will be walking in the 2010 Whisker Walk in Lancaster, Massachusetts to raise funds for needy GSPs.  Please consider donating to the GSP Rescue New England team as they participate in this walk. All funds donated go directly to GSP Rescue New England.  Any donation you make is tax deductible due to GSP Rescue New England's non-profit status. 
Some suggested donation amounts are below, but feel free to donate what you can. 
$25 - covers 1 vaccinations for a dog in need
$50 - covers 2-3 vaccinations for a dog in need
$100 - covers heartworm testing for 2 dogs in need
To donate, please visit this secure website: http://gsprescuene.chipin.com/gsp-rescue-new-england-whisker-walk
Thank you for your time and consideration!  The dogs will thank you too!
(your name)
Whisker Walk - Booth Help
Meet New People at our Booth!

We will be hosting a GSP Rescue New England booth at the 2010 Whisker Walk!  At the booth we will be selling our GSP Rescue New England merchandise, such as shirts, hats, and hopefully our new coffee and travel mugs!  We will also have various dog toys for sale.  All proceeds will go to GSP Rescue New England.

At our booth we will also be talking to people who are interested in the breed.  These people might be interested in adopting and/or volunteering.  Your expertise in these areas would be greatly appreciated!  
If you foster a dog, this would be a great time to bring him/her out into the community to meet other people and dogs and show off his/her special characteristics!  While no dogs will be adopted at the event, it is always wonderful for our foster dogs to get these experiences as well as to expose people to the various temperaments of this breed.  Again, there will be no adoptions at the event.  All interested adopters will still have to complete the adoption process before being matched with any of our dogs.  
Finally, our booth will be serving as the meeting point for GSP Rescue New England supporters, adopters, and volunteers.  Please stop by to meet other people who all strive to save these wonderful dogs. 
If you are interested in helping out at the booth, please email Jami.  Shifts can be scheduled in two hour blocks so that you do not have to commit your whole day, but you are more than welcome to stay the entire time!  Shifts will be from 10-12, 12-2, and 2-4.       
Business Owners
Help get the word out! 

Business owners: if you would like to advertise this event in your place of business, please email Jami.  We may still be able to get post cards and possibly posters for you.  Remember, the more people who know about this event, the better for everyone!  Do not forget to tell people that GSP Rescue New England will be there!