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April 2010
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Help Wanted!
Donation Items Needed
Whisker Walk
Adoption Updates!
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Hoarding Hits Close to Home
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Flower Power!
Don't forget to order your flowers!  The deadline for orders is April 23rd.  This is a great benefit for us because we receive 50% of money raised from your purchase! 
Click here to order your flowers today! 
Good News!!!!
~ Birdie and Riley were adopted this month!
~ Peter and Roy have found foster homes!  Thank you to all who offered to help work with these wonderful dogs.
~ We found a volunteer to complete or 2009 taxes.  Thank you to everyone who offered to help!
GSP Rescue NE thanks:
~ Wendy Phelps and Shawn Curtis; Adrienne Bentman; and Gilbert & Timme for their donations in memory of Richard Phelps and his beloved dogs Chip and Abby.
Laura Brodeur, Sujata Varadharajan, Eileen Casey and Bill Crawford for
their donations! 
~Christiane Williams for organizing and hosting a table at Planet Earth! 
~Wendy Phelps for collar donations.
~ Jane Given at Scarlett Dream Coats.   
Help Needed!
We would like to make two raffle baskets for the Whisker Walk and we are looking for someone who would help us by gathering donated items for these baskets.  Our thought is to create a "summer fun for pooch/summer fun for owner" duo, but we are open to suggestions!  If you are interested in helping develop these raffle baskets, please contact Jami
Items Needed for Donation
We are in need of an electronic fence receiver and transmitter!  These items will be used for a volunteer who would like to foster but does not have fencing.  Our volunteer is able to purchase and install the wiring if they can find the receiver and transmitter.  If you can donate these items please contact Celeste
Beware: Dangerous Toys!
Recently we received a forwarded email from one of our volunteers.  The email warned of the stuffing found in stuffed animals made for children. 
In some stuffed animals the stuffing is made with flame retardant and mite repellant chemicals that are designed to turn into a gel.  When the dogs ingest the stuffing it turns to gel inside their stomachs and poisons them - killing the delicate stomach and intestine tissue. 
Many of us have purchased second hand stuffed animals for our dogs, knowing they will demolish them in seconds.  We purchase them second hand precisely because we do not want to spend $10 on a toy that will only last a short time.   
Double check that all of your dog's stuffed animals are made for dogs!  You may be advised to throw out any toys not designed for pets.  While it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy of this email, it is easy enough to remove the potential threat.
The Humane Society suggests that you check children's toys to ensure that they are safe for children under three years of age and that they do not contain "problem fillings."  Problem fillings include nutshells and polystyrene beads. The Humane Society notes that that even "safe" fillings are not completely digestible.   Read more toy safety tips.  
Consider adopting Chanterelle! 

An oldie but a goodie!
Quiet, gentle, and friendly to all dogs and people, Chanterelle was surrendered to GSP Rescue NE due to changing family circumstances.  Even at 10 1/2 years old,  Chanterelle demonstrates many of the characteristics common in a GSP: she's  agile, active, and prey driven.  She does well with children and enjoys their company.  Car rides are a favorite of hers and she will often spend her time outside sleeping in her foster dad's truck! 
Chanterelle is invisible fence and remote collar trained.  She walks well on lead and would make a lovely walking companion. 
Chanterelle has a mild seizure condition which is controllable with medication costing approximately $35/month.  This is a turn key dog who will make a wonderful  companion for someone with a big heart.                                              
To read more about Chanterelle visit our adoptables page
Issue: #5April 2010
Dear Friends,
This month has been a busy month for GSP Rescue New England!  Dogs have been moved around, adopted, and we have taken in several new dogs.  At the time of this mailing, we still have two dogs waiting in shelters for foster homes.  If you have an interest in fostering, please email JamiWe will guide you through the fostering experience and together we can help these dogs get to a loving home! 
Read Past Newsletters!
We have archived past copies of our newsletter!  Check out the "Quick Links" section to the left for a link to the archives.  Use this feature to read about past events, articles, and to get access to links we've provided in past newsletters.  We will also be placing a link on our website soon.     
2010 Whisker Walk
We will have a booth and a team of walkers walking to raise pledges for GSP Rescue NE!  Please consider joining our team, helping with the booth, and/or raising pledges.  See below for more details...
Thank you!!
The board members would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Animal Control Officer Todd Boutin.  Your efforts on our behalf have been above and beyond - thank you. 
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
2010 Whisker Walk!
Come join us on June 6th! 
Whisker Walk BannerWe are planning our participation at the 2010 Whisker Walk in Lancaster, Mass. on June 6th.  This year we are hoping to make this event bigger and better for us than last year and we need your help to do it!  There are several volunteer opportunities for anyone interested. If you don't want to commit to volunteering, please still stop by the event and visit us at our booth! We love to see past adopters and volunteers.  
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Booth help: come help us run the booth, talk to people interested in the breed and in our organization and help us sell raffle tickets.  Meet other volunteers and learn more about them.  Booth help can be broken down into 2 hours shifts so that you don't have to commit your whole day to helping out.  Shifts are:
    • 10-12
    • 12-2
    • 2-4
  • Join our team of walkers:  This year we are forming a team of walkers to participate in raising pledges and walking in the event to represent GSP Rescue New England.  Join Jami and Michelle Koch in the walk!  Imagine a whole pack of GSPs participating in this walk...how great would that be?!
  • Raise funds for our team of walkers:  You can raise funds for our GSP Rescue NE team without even being at the event!  Visit our Chipin site for an online donation option that you can forward to friends and family.  Want a sample email to send out or would you like a paper pledge form?  Email Jami and she will send you one right away! 
If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please email Jami for more information and to sign up! 
You are welcome and encouraged to bring your leashed and well mannered dogs to this event!  Join us for the whole day or just part of the day - any little bit helps and we would be excited to meet you! 
Remember: we want our booth to serve as a meeting place for volunteers, supporters, and adopters!  Come out and meet each other, make new friends, and learn more about the wonderful people who make it possible to help these great dogs! 
Click here for more information on the Whisker Walk
Business owners: If you would like to advertise our participation in this event please email Jami. She can provide post cards and/or posters to place in your store front along with our business cards.   
Reader Suggestion: A Great Video!
Orangutan and the Hound 
We received several fowards of this video with the suggestion to add it to our newsletter...it is very cute and warms the heart!  Enjoy!
Adoption Updates!
EchoA Happy Ending for Echo 

Echo was from Grant Nebraska rescued from Perkins County Animal Shelter in Nebraska and advertised on Petfinder.com.  She arrived in Boston, MA on Labor Day weekend 2009. 


She is a perfect little GSP around 40 pounds.  We call her our little Yoga dog because she is so agile and stretches in a yoga cobra position a few times each day.  We enjoy her big personality and great cuddles.  Echo is afraid of people but has grown to trust some family members and friends over the past few months.  We hope with additional school, walks in public and socializing at daycare she will continue to improve trusting humans and unfamiliar surroundings more each day. 


We are so glad to have adopted little Echo and continue to support this beautiful and perfect active breed.  Echo has taught us how important it is to have a good family environment for any pup.  Although she is our first rescue she was important in teaching us about the breed, about patience, and that it is great to find and support a companion in a situation like she came from.


Brenda & Don Rathburn


Please click here to see current dogs available for adoption!
Do you have a happy ending you would like to share?  Email Jami with your story and some pictures and we'll feature you in a future newsletter!
Volunteer Spotlight
Daphne, Michelle, and Elmer
Michelle Koch
Meet Michelle Koch! 

A dedicated volunteer in every way, Michelle is always willing and able to help out when we need her!  A softie for senior dogs, Michelle has fostered (and adopted!) several of our seniors.  Michelle helps us with pretty much everything rescue related, including: home visits, vet references, dog evaluations, and she has recently helped mentor a new volunteer!  Reliable, enthusiastic, and full of great ideas, Michelle is a valued member of the GSP Rescue NE family!     

I started volunteering with GSP Rescue a year and half ago and what an amazing journey it has been! I started off slowly, just making calls to potential adopters. Then, I started doing home visits, transports, and meet and greets. Next thing I knew, I was on a slippery slope, and I was a foster mom! I can't say enough about what a fabulous and rewarding experience it has been. I am helping amazing dogs and meeting wonderful people - both volunteers and adopters...and, in case you're wondering, we adopted our Elmer in 2008 and Daphne, our foster, in 2009.
-Michelle Koch
From the board members and the dogs: Thank you for everything you do Michelle!
Michelle will receive a handmade product donated by Jane Given of Scarlett Dream Coats as our way of saying "Thank you!"   
Hoarding Hits Close to Home
Several GSPs Removed from NH Property 
At the end of March several horses, dogs, birds, and other animals were rescued from a farm in Middleton, New Hampshire.  The condition of the animals was deplorable: the animals were underweight, poorly sheltered, and living in several feet of manure.  Authorities believe the animals were victim of a hoarding situation that got out of hand.  Among the animals removed were several German Shorthaired Pointers.  The GSPs were taken from the property and are now recovering in local animal shelters.  Read more... 
GSP Rescue New England offered our support in helping the shelters foster and place the dogs if needed.  The shelters have several adoption applications for the animals in their care and do not expect to need foster care support at this time.  However, they do operate on limited funds.  If you'd like to help support these animals and the shelters which they are currently calling home, please consider donating directly to the shelters.
Two of the GSPs are currently in the care of: Cocheco Valley Humane Society.  
Four of the GSPs are currently in the care of: New Hampshire SPCA.