GSP Rescue New England Newsletter
March 2010
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Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards
Meet Panzer!
Shaws Reward Program
Reader Suggestion on Dog Loss
Adoption Updates!
Volunteer Spotlight
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Good News!!!!
~ Birdie found a foster home! Thanks to all who offered to foster her.  
Eight dogs were adopted this month: Ben, Buddy, Carly, Finnegan, Rex, Riley, Scrappy and Stella! 
GSP Rescue NE thanks:
~ Jim Halpin for his ongoing and generous support.  From general donations to sponsoring dogs that need additional medical care, Jim is always there for our dogs. 
~ Candace & Benjamin Phelps, Friends at the Traveler's Laboratory, Lee & Elizabeth Ramsauer, Matt Bauer, Kaufman, Osit and Vasquez P.C., Sarah Ball, and Autopart Int. for their donations in memory of Richard Phelps and his beloved dogs Chip and Abby
Items Needed for Donation
We are in need of collars and leashes!  These items will be used for transports and for new foster families.  Martingale and slip collars are preferred for transport.  If you have used collars or leashes that are functional but no longer needed, contact Celeste at: clong@gsprescuene.org   
Hale Pet Door Donates to Rescue!
Hale Pet Doors has a Rescue Rewards Program that benefits both the consumer and the rescue your adopted your dog/pet from! 
When you make a purchase at Hale Pet Door and you indicate that you have rescued your pet from a legitimate rescue, you save 10% off your purchase.  Hale Pet Doors then sends the rescue from which you adopted your pet a check for the same amount that you saved! 
This month our adopters, Patrick and Shari Owens purchased two pet doors and indicated that they had adopted through us.  As a result, we will recieve a check from Hale Pet Doors!  Thank you both for mentioning us and making us aware of this great program! 
Also, thank you to Hale Pet Doors for caring about the rescued animals and the people who help them.  We are looking forward to a great partnership with them.   
Consider adopting Panzer! 

Searching for Love!
Before being surrendered to Rescue, Panzer spent the first 6 1/2 years of his life alone in a crate.  He had limited experiences with the world around him and little human interaction.  Despite this, or maybe because of it, Panzer is an attention hound!  He loves to be near his people, or better yet, on them.  His foster mom has found him to be a quick study and he knows many commands including: sit, down, stay, come, and heel.  He's e-collar trained and very reliable off leash when hiking with it on.
Because Panzer was not exposed to dogs early on in his life, he demonstrates high anxiety and poor coping strategies when confronted with them.  However, he has improved dramatically with training.  Panzer has learned to live with two dogs in his current foster home and given the right owner and a confident balanced dog, it is believed that Panzer could live with another dog.  However, he would much prefer a single dog home where he can get all of the attention!  
To read more about Panzer and to view his video, visit our adoptables page
Donate while you Grocery Shop!
Shaws Reward Program 
Shaws offers a Community Rewards Program which donates a percentage of your total purchase to your chosen charity(s).  You can support up to 4 charities, so include us even if you already support a different charity. 
Here's how it works:
  • Sign up for a Shaws Rewards Card if you do not already have one
  • Link your Rewards Card to the Community Rewards ID number (49001020883) for GSP Rescue NE online at www.shaws.com (from the home page click on "Learn" on the far right side, then click "community" on the center of the page, then click on "community rewards" at the top right)
  • Shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at Shaws or Star Markets and Shaws will donate a percentage of your purchase to GSP Rescue NE!
We currently have 12 Shaw's Supporters, let's see if we can reach 50 Shaw's Supporters!!  Sign up today!   
Thank you to our Shaw's supporters: Thomas A., Lucy C., Linda B., Christina D., Marie G., William L., Celeste L., Diane M., Michele S., and Jennifer W. 
Issue: #4 March 2010
Dear Friends,
As many of you know, we are a registered 501c3 non-profit orgnization.  This means that we rely entirely on donations and volunteers to help save needy GSPs.  In 2009 we spent almost $22,000 on vet bills alone.  We brought in just over $12,000 in adoption fees for these dogs.  Each year we make up the difference through donations, fundraisers, and merchandise sales.   
Because of this, we're dedicating this newsletter to the various ways you can help support the dogs we save.  Many of the options featured here are free, with no cost to you. 
We are looking for a volunteer who will be our Fundraising Coordinator!  The Fundraising Coordinator will help us increase and organize our fundraising efforts and handle merchandise orders.  He/she needs to be good at communication with board members, dedicated to the breed, and preferably have prior fundrasing experience.  If you have the time and are willing to help us, please contact Jami at: jbarrett@gsprescuene.org.    
Check out our new online store!!  You can now view our products, place an order, and pay via Pay Pal all online!  Visit our store by clicking here.  You can also find it on our web site.  
Thank you to Michelle Salyers for maintaining our website!  
Government/Military: Look for us in your CFC listings this fall!  We are completing the paperwork to be included in the Combined Federal Campaign this coming year.  Look for us this fall when it is time to renew your CFC choices! 
GSP Rescue Board Members:
Celeste Long, Audrey Carmosino, and Jami Barrett
Foster Homes Needed!
Consider opening your home 
We are currently in need of foster homes for needy GSPs.  The length of the commitment for fostering varies from a few weeks to several months.  As a foster home, you are responsible for: food, love, shelter, rides to the vet, exercise, and hopefully basic obedience.  Rescue will cover any medical expenses directly with no out of pocket expenses to you.  
As a foster parent we expect frequent communication about the dog in your care.  You will receive training and support through the length of the foster commitment - we want this to be a positive experience for you and your family.  Helping a dog make his way to his forever home is the most rewarding part of fostering a dog!   
If you are interested in fostering or just want to learn more about becoming a foster home, please contact Jami at: jbarrett@gsprescuene.org.  She has a lot of foster experience and is willing to discuss the pros and cons of fostering with you.   
Reader Suggestion: Preventing Dog Loss...
Through GPS 
Frank S. suggests the use of a handheld GPS collar combined with a training (electronic or beeper) collar.  While he admits that the GPS will not tell the dog to come back, it will give you an idea of where to start your search!  Also, an electronic or beeper collar, when trained properly, can be a very helpful way of recalling a dog who is following his nose. 
Check out Gun Dog Supply or Lion Country Supply for these products! 
Thank you for the suggestion Frank! 
Adoption Updates!
CocoCoco is the Spice of Life

Coco aka "Cuckoo" came to us last March at 7 months old.  She was crate trained but not house broken and did not respond to any commands.  By late spring she was fully house broken and responding nicely to commands.  She is a true athlete and developed a love of playing ball and catching a Frisbee.  We realized early on she was a natural hunter as she spent the summer on point.  It didn't matter if it was a bird or dragonfly!


She found her true passion on her first pheasant hunt last fall.  She loves her daily runs and is content to play with a basketball or soccer ball by herself for up to an hour.


We didn't realize how dull life around the house had become until she came into our lives.  She is the official greeter and "talks" to everyone that comes through the door.  She spends her quiet time in front of the woodstove.


Thank you for the opportunity to adopt this wonderful girl!

Janet and Joe

Please click here to see current dogs available for adoption!
Volunteer Spotlight
Lucy and LitaLucy Cobos 

Have you ever watched a video of one of our adoptable dogs online?  If so, then you've seen some of the wonderful work that Lucy has done for GSP Rescue New England!  Lucy often travels near and far to take video of our adoptable dogs.  She spends time editing the footage and adding a voice over describing the dog. The videos are then posted online so that adopters can virtually meet and fall in love with our dogs!  Check out her work on our adoptables page!   

Reliable, communicative, and intuitive, Lucy also screens potential adopters, often acting as thier advocate to get the right dog.  She routinely goes above and beyond when screening applicants, often stopping to do home visits while traveling on vacation. 
"I never thought when I told my husband that I wanted an engagement puppy instead of a ring on my finger , that it would mark the beginning of a now 20 year love affair not only with him, but also the  breed.
I started with rescue when our third and last pointer Boo, passed at the age of 14. I needed a way to channel my grief and volunteering was the medicine I needed. It's also brought us to our own adoption of Lita. Our 4th pointer!

My profession as a commericial photographer in Boston, puts me in contact with alot of interesting and fascinating people, but it's the volunteer work with rescue , the dogs I meet and the people who want to adopt them , that give me the greatest pleasure." ~ Lucy Cobos

From the board members and the dogs: Thank you for everything you do Lucy!
Lucy will receive a handmade product donated by Jane Given of Scarlett Dream Coats as our way of saying "Thank you!"   
Donate through iGive.com...
For Free!
igive.com allows you to donate money to your chosen charity through online shopping and internet searches.  Set up a free account, choose your charity, and download a toolbar to your internet browser. 
You can shop online through iGive and donate money to your charity for free!  Online stores that partner with iGive will give a percentage of your purchase to your chosen charity.  This is where money adds up quickly for us.  Some stores donate up to 26% of your purchase total!  iGive.com has 777 online stores that participate, including: Nordstroms, Amazon.com, PetSmart, and Expedia.com.  Additionally, if you make a purchase within 45 days of signing up iGive will donate an additional $5 to your cause!   
You can also raise money through internet searches when you search through iGive.com.  Generally, each search is worth 1 cent, but they often run specials where searches earn additional money.  It's not a lot of money, but it will add up if everyone does it!  
Here are some current stats from iGive.com:
  • We currently have 54 supporters
  • Since signing up in January 2008, we have received a total of $585.51 in donations through iGive.com
  • In 2009 we received $243.93 in donations through iGive.com.
  • We have recieved most of this money as a result of online shopping.  

Sign up today by clicking here!