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September 2012

Learn the ABCs of Pricing

Pricing Your Products & Services

If you’re interested in learning about pricing models or some of the legal considerations for setting prices, take this VISA online workshop today. Get information on conducting market research, pricing for a services or consulting company, determining if your prices are working for you, and when to raise or lower prices.

The ABCs of Pricing

One of the hardest lessons to learn when you're starting a new business is how to price your products or services. With today's still-recovering economy, consumers expect lower prices. Learn how to set price points that attract customers and still make a profit.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Pricing

For many small businesses, survival depends increasingly on finding the ever-elusive “right price” for whatever goods or services are being sold. While there's no magic formula, this list of tried-and-true pricing strategies have worked for successful small businesses!

SCORE Blog: Daily Tips to Help You Succeed

Visit the SCORE Small Business Success Blog this month for exclusive sales and marketing tips from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Janet Zablock, Head of Global Small Business for Visa.

SCORE Success Stories: USA Gypsum

With help from their SCORE mentor, the management at USA Gypsum have significantly increased their company’s profitability and decreased their reliance on debt financing.

Find out how USA Gypsum has built a successful business that serves both the market and the local community.

Jon Taffer's Rescue Tour

Rescue TourBar and restaurant owners - are you a fan of SPIKE TV's Bar Rescue? Don't miss this opportunity to meet and learn from its star host, Jon Taffer.

Jon Taffer's Rescue Tour is coming to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Last year's tour sold out - sign up today!


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