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October 2011
Get Better Customers
with Help from a SCORE Mentor.
Tools and Tips for Business Start-ups
 Expert Advice: Using Twitter to Find Better Customers
 SCORE Blog: Ray Ramon, Guest Blogger
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 e-Business Now: Jumpstart Sales with Technology
 Small Business Saturday: Small Business Toolkit
 SCORE Success Stories: FoxTales Book Shoppe
Expert Advice 
Using Twitter to Find Better Customers

Daniel KehrerSocial media tools such as Twitter can be a gold mine of information on potential customers for your small business. And you don't have to be a regular "Tweeter" to realize the benefits. 


This month Daniel Kehrer, founder of, provides 5 top tips on using Twitter to prospect for new customers, boost your visibility, and learn more about your market. Read more!


Ramon Ray, October Guest Blogger 
Ramon RayVisit the SCORE Small Business Success Blog throughout the month of October for exclusive tips from Ramon Ray, "technology evangelist" and editor of

This month, Ramon provides tips and expert advice on using technology to start and grow your small business. Visit the SCORE Small Business Blog now!

SCORE LIVE Webinars 
Working on the Move Safely- Oct 20 at 1:00pm ET 
More and more people and businesses are working on the move. Whether that's out and about in coffee shops, working on the train or in airports or just moving from one office to another, more and more of us are expected to be connected to the online world most of the time.

In this webinar, Richard Gorby of AVG Technologies will provide a series of tips to help you stay safe while working on the move.

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SCORE LIVE Webinars 
Getting Better Customers - Oct 26 at 1:00pm ET 
Every small business knows that customers are their lifeblood, but why do we find it so hard to find and keep "good customers"? Perhaps it's the differing perspective between you and your customer about what makes a "good customer".

To bring those two points of view together, Heidi Tobias of Constant Contact will show you some simple steps that are easy and inexpensive to implement as a small business that will build your army of "good customers" and grow your business.

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e-Business Now 
Using Technology to Jumpstart Your Sales
FREE Online Workshop

Learn how to boost your sales with this FREE online workshop provided by SCORE's new
e-Business Now initiative - helping small businesses grow and prosper with the latest technology tools. 


Use technology to give your sales a jumpstart, and take the workshop today! Visit the SCORE Small Business Success Blog every week for insights into the latest tech trends on e-Biz Thursdays


Small Business Saturday - Nov 26, 2011
Driving Small Business Holiday Sales

Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010 to help drive sales at the beginning of the holiday season, and to recognize the vital contributions of small businesses.


Participants in last year's Small Business Saturday saw a 28% increase in sales volume nationwide. All small businesses, not just those that use or accept American Express, are able to participate!  


Visit to find out more, and get started with the Small Business Saturday toolkit right now at


SCORE Success Stories
FoxTale Book Shoppe - Atlanta, GA

FoxTale Book ShoppeEllen Ward had run an ad agency for 18 years. Jackie Tanase had worked as a corporate paralegal. Karen Schwettman was a freelance interior designer. All three shared a lifelong passion for writing, books and independent bookstores. 


"When we told our SCORE mentor Hooper Wesley about our concept, he said 'What a great idea, this could work!' It really encouraged us. He was with us every step of the way. He even went to meetings with us at the bank," says Karen. 


Today, Ellen, Jackie and Karen are proud of their growing business. "An independent bookstore puts money back into the community .. it instills a sense of ownership in our customers." 


Visit FoxTale Book Shoppe and read more about their SCORE Success Story! 


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AVG Security Tips
Enabling your employees to work remotely for flex-time and travel can greatly increase your business' productivity. Learn how to secure your networks, computers and passwords for remote workforces with this month's Security Tips from AVG.

Download this month's AVG Security Tips now!



SCORE ExpertAnswers

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Harvesting Intangible Assets
Harvesting Intangible Assets: Uncover Hidden Revenue in Your Company's Intellectual Property by Andrew Sherman is a clear, comprehensive guide to identifying, managing and leveraging your organizations intellectual assets - which may include patents, trademarks, customer information and employee expertise.

Find out more and order your copy today!



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