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Wed, Aug 1, 2012                                                  Volume 5, Issue 15


ENGINE             TSN          CSN        TSO       REMAINING       STATUS                  

PT6A-28          6294.9       7778       4455.9     ZERO           SALE

PT6A-28          6288.2      7721        2779.2       820           SALE

JT15D-4/4B       6924.2      7124        Zero         3500           For Sale 

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American Flight Attendants To Vote On Latest Offer
With pilots and machinists soon to vote on new company offers, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants are planning to send AMR's latest offer to its members for a ratification vote. However the union stopped short of calling it a tentative agreement and, according to the Associated Press and the Washington Post, declined to indicate if the executive committee had endorsed the offer.......Read More

GE Aviation Launches Two New H80 Turboprop Engine Derivatives
The H75 engine will be rated at 750 shaft horsepower (shp) for takeoff and maximum continuous operation, and the H85 engine will be rated at 850 shp. Like the H80, the H75 and H85 engines will be aimed at the agricultural, commuter, utility and business turboprop aircraft segments. Engine type certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the US Federal Aviation Administration are anticipated early next year...Read More

Boeing Says 104 Planes are affected by FAA Airworthiness Directive
Boeing says a recent airworthiness directive from the Federal Aviation Administration will apply to 104 Boeing 777s. "More specifically, this is directed to 777-200 airplanes (line numbers 1-75) and 777-200 and 777-300 airplanes (line numbers 76-104)," Boeing says. The directive requires ultrasonic inspections to detect possible lap joint fatigue cracks...Read More

Boeing Could See Slight Dip In Orders In 2013, CEO Says
Boeing forecasts a slight dip in orders next year after receiving strong orders recently for its 737 MAXs. "We still see some opportunities in the mid-teens for wide bodies, but by and large the pressure [will be] down after this year," said Boeing CEO and Chairman James McNerney. At the end of June, Boeing had an order backlog of 3,924 aircraft...Read More

United Pilots: "We Want A Contract"
Dozens of United pilots have protested in front of the White House. A United first officer at the event said, "We want a contract, not a strike." "We are focused on reaching a new agreement with our pilots and are currently in negotiations," said Megan McCarthy, a United spokeswoman...Read More

Delta Subsidiary Comair To Cease Operations
In a memo issued Friday to the Officers and Directors of Delta Air Lines, Don Bornhorst, Senior Vice President of Delta Connection, said that regional flying has and will remain a key component of Delta's network, but that customer expectations and the unit costs of regional flying have evolved. "In response, Delta recently announced its plans to reduce the total number of regional jets in its network while adding more mainline flying. This includes reducing the number of 50-seat regional jets from nearly 350 aircraft to 125 or fewer in the upcoming years...Read More

Dreamliner Engine Focus Of NTSB Investigation

The NTSB has gotten involved in an investigation stemming from the failure of a GEnx engine hung on a Boeing Dreamliner being prepared for delivery to Air India. Debris reportedly fell from the engine during a pre-flight test Saturday sparking a grass fire at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina. Boeing and General Electric, the engine's manufacturer, are both involved in the investigation...Read More

Piper, Pratt & Whitney Canada Sign 10-Year Agreement

Piper Aircraft, Inc. has reached a 10-year agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) for the continuing purchase of PT6A-42A turboprop engines to power Piper's flagship aircraft, the single-engine M-Class Meridian. Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott announced the accord at a news conference on the first day of EAA AirVenture 2012. "This agreement speaks to the long-standing and cooperative relationship we have with Piper," said Denis Parisien, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC...Read More   


JAL Sees Light At End Of Bankruptcy Tunnel

Japan Airlines is recovering from bankruptcy with a 17% operating-profit margin and new ties to the U.S. market. About 40% of its international routes were cut post-bankruptcy, and the airline is teaming with an ailing American Airlines to boost offerings...Read More


Bob Hoover Talks About Airplane Ideas Of The Future   

The freak storm that blew through Oshkosh Thursday morning brought greener grass, a break from the heat, and an opportunity to meet the famous pilot, Bob Hoover. To be saved from driving an open golf cart in the pouring rain, a friend and I picked up Bob Hoover and his friend. On the way over, we saw the GoodYear blimp. I asked about his blimp-flying experience, and he told us lots of great stories...Read More


Pratt & Whitney's PW610 Engine Selected For Eclipse 550 Aircraft

Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW610F engine will power the Eclipse 550 twin-engine business jet, expanding the relationship with Eclipse Aerospace and light business jets.The PW610F engine is one of three engine models in the PW600 family with approximately 2,000 engines in service with more than one million flying hours across three platforms...Read More

Vector Aerospace Joins Pratt & Whitney DOF In Asia

Vector Aerospace will now be a part of the Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) Designated Overhaul Facility (DOF) for the PW150A turboprop engine in the Asia- Pacific region, with future plans to have a fully operational MRO by mid-2013. The new DOF will create new opportunities for PW150A engine owners and operators throughout the Asia Pacific region building their reputation for customer service and will provide operators of Bombardier's Dash 8-Q400 series aircraft with an MRO alternative...Read More       

AMR Sends Confidentiality Agreement To US Airways  

AMR has sent a non-disclosure agreement to US Airways for its review of a possible merger and is sending similar agreements to other potential merger parties, according to an internal AMR memo sent to staff on Friday.

The bankrupt parent of American Airlines has developed the confidentiality agreement, or a non-disclosure agreement, together with its creditors committee, the airline said in the memo...Read More

Americans With Top Security Clearance OK For PreCheck, Pistole Says
Speaking at a recent forum, Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole says the agency has allowed Americans with top security clearances to enroll in the PreCheck program. The program allows travelers who have submitted to background checks to move through security checkpoints more quickly. Pistole says the TSA signed an agreement with the director of national intelligence that allows individuals with clearances to participate...Read More

Pistole: Shoe, Liquid Security Requirements Will Remain In Place
The Transportation Security Administration will continue to require travelers to remove their shoes and jackets and will keep the ban on liquids in place for the foreseeable future, TSA Administrator John Pistole said in a recent interview. "Clearly, we've had success in not having a repeat of 9/11," Pistole said. "We can't go back to the pre-9/11 days." However, the TSA's PreCheck program allows travelers who submit to a background check to move more quickly through checkpoints. The program is in place in 16 airports...Read More

Column: American Airlines CEO Is Changing Merger Message
The CEO of American Airlines has been stretching the limits of his credibility on a recent publicity campaign. He took credit for starting the industry's consolidation and flip-flopped on the company's interest in a merger. One analyst said he was on a rampage, presumably because US Airways' Doug Parker has been dominating the coverage of a possible AA-US Air hookup...Read More

American Airlines Will See 543 New Aircraft Over 10 Years
American has ordered more aircraft than any other U.S. airline. Deliveries will begin in December, when the first of 10 Boeing widebody 777-300ERs arrive. It will fly Dallas-Sao Paulo. In 2013, the first of 130 Airbus A319 and A321 narrowbodies will arrive: These will be the first aircraft delivered from American's historic 2011 order, the largest commercial aircraft order ever...Read More

EAA Predicts Dip In AirVenture Attendance
Rod Hightower, CEO of the Experimental Aircraft Association, says he expects attendance at the EAA AirVenture this year to be down slightly from the 541,000 people who attended last year. However, he estimates that more than 500,000 people attended the aviation event last week in Oshkosh, Wis. "Despite the struggles in the overall economy, the aviation community knows Oshkosh is the place to be not only for finding out what's new and available in aviation, but for buying your goods and services you might need in the upcoming year," Hightower said...Read More

Machinists Union Aims To Prevent Sale Of Hawker To Chinese Firm
The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is trying to block the sale of Hawker Beechcraft to a Chinese firm. The union says the sale would allow China access to technology that it doesn't yet possess. Hawker Beechcraft filed for bankruptcy in May, and reached an "exclusivity agreement" with Superior Aviation Beijing Co. this month...Read More

X-47B UCAS Demonstrator Completes  Flight Test
The 36-minute flight - the first for the tailless, strike-fighter-sized aircraft since it was transported to the Navy base in June from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. - was successfully completed July 29 at 11:36 a.m. Eastern time. It marks the first time a tactical unmanned aircraft has been fully integrated into the air traffic patterns and the command and control structure of the Pax River flight test complex, Northrop Grumman said...Read More

Embraer Reports Profit Of $56M For Q2
Brazil's Embraer reported net income of $56 million for the second quarter. However, the company says Brazil's currency lost 10% against the dollar during the quarter, which affected results. During the second quarter, Embraer delivered its highest level of commercial jets in three years...Read More

Piper Aircraft Deliveries Rose in Q2
Piper Aircraft delivered 39 new aircraft in the second quarter, an 18% increase over the same quarter last year. Piper also delivered 76 aircraft in the first half of 2012, compared with 59 in the first half of 2011. "Company delivery and financial performance measures are continuing an upward trend," said Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott...Read More

Bombardier Halts Learjet 60 XR Production Due To Weak Demand
Bombardier Learjet has announced plans to halt production of its Learjet 60 XR midsize business jet in Wichita, Kan. The aircraft manufacturer cited weak demand for the jet, but said it could restart production if demand strengthens. The suspension will start in the fall, Bombardier says...Read More

Italy Cuts Taxes On Visiting Private Aircraft

The Italian government has approved an amendment to the contentious tax on business aircraft that it made law on April 29. Now, foreign-registered aircraft operated privately will incur the tax only if they stay for 45 consecutive days, rather than the 48-hour threshold in effect until now. The amendment, which is expected to be endorsed by the Italian parliament, would also reduce..Read More

Gulfstream Shines In General Dynamic's 1H Earnings

With sales of $1.6 billion, up 16 percent from the same period last year, General Dynamics' aerospace group was a bright spot in the company's

second-quarter 2012 financial report, released yesterday morning. At Gulfstream, in the first half of the year, the large-cabin market made up 60 percent of the order book, "reflecting the return of some of our North American customers and some cooling of international demand, particularly in Asia," said General Dynamics CEO Jay Johnson...Read More

Fuel Hedging Leads To Q2 Loss For Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines has posted a loss of $168 million for the second quarter, compared with a profit of $198 million for the same quarter the previous year. The carrier took a charge of $561 million on adjustments for fuel hedging during the quarter. Operating revenue increased 6.3% for the quarter...Read More

Boeing Sees 3% Profit Boost In Q2
Thanks to strong sales of commercial planes, Boeing saw a 3% rise in net profit during the second quarter. Revenue surged from $16.54 billion a year ago to $20 billion. This year, the company predicts it will bring in $4.40 to $4.60 per share, which is up from the previous estimate of $4.15 to $4.35...Read More

AMR's Horton Says He Will Evaluate Merger Prospects
AMR CEO Tom Horton says he is open to the possibility of a merger while the airline is taking part in reorganization efforts under Chapter 11. "It has been portrayed that this company is not in favor of mergers. Nothing could be further from the truth," he said...Read More

US Airways Posts Q2 Profit Of $306M
US Airways has posted net income of $306 million for the second quarter, more than triple the $92 million in the same quarter of 2011. US Airways benefited from higher fares and lower fuel prices during the quarter. Quarterly revenue increased by 7.2%, to $3.75 billion...Read More

Nev. Doctor Volunteers As Pilot For Angel Flight
Joseph Adashek, a physician in Nevada, joined Angel Flight as a volunteer pilot six months ago. "It seemed like the perfect thing for me because I love to fly, and I like to have a reason to fly, not just go somewhere and fly back," he said. Angel Flight arranges free flights for patients who need medical care...Read More

German Firm Develops V-12 Diesel Engine For General Aviation
Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments of Germany displayed a V-12 diesel engine for general aviation aircraft at the EAA AirVenture. The engine is designed for use in large single-engine aircraft as well as twin-engine aircraft. The fuel-efficient engine retails for $170,000...Read More


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