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Thur, June 7, 2012                                                  Volume 6, Issue 11


ENGINE             TSN          CSN        TSO       REMAINING       STATUS                  

PT6A-28          6294.9       7778       4455.9     ZERO           SALE

PT6A-28          6288.2      7721        2779.2       820           SALE

FJ44-2A           507HRS     386 CYC   N/A         2993           SALE

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*Precision Turbines is an ASR (Authorized Sales Representative) for Sierra Industries and specializes in Citation and King Air Engine retrofits. 


Eclipse Aerospace Begins Producing Eclipse 550s  
Eclipse Aerospace has announced that the company has started production on the Eclipse 550 very light jet. The company plans to deliver the first Eclipse 550 in the middle of 2013. Eclipse has received new production certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for the aircraft....
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Fla. Is Jockeying To Be One Of 6 UAV Test Sites 
Unmanned aerial vehicles could be flying the Florida skies after the Federal Aviation Administration devises rules by 2015. The state is in the running to be one of the six test sites that the FAA could choose by the end of the year. "We want Florida to be at the leading edge of this," said Jim Kuzma, chief operations officer of Space Florida
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Delta Air Lines Buys 4% Stake In Aeromexico    

Delta Air Lines has purchased a 4% stake in Mexican carrier Aeromexico for $65 million. The two airlines have participated in code-sharing benefits. "The benefits of connectivity and strength are of great value to our customers worldwide," said Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta, in a statement...Read More 



American Airlines, Pilots Begin Talks On Concessions  

After failing to win agreement from flight attendants on cost-cutting measures, American Airlines on Monday began talking to pilots about ...Read More     



Delta Air Lines Looks For Ways To Boost Revenue    

Delta Air Lines is considering charging for additional optional products and services. In 2011, non-airfare revenue accounted for 11% of overall sales for the carrier. "By having consistent revenue, it allows us to do things like make investments back into the product for our customers," Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec said....Read More 



AEA Publishes Analysis Of FAA's Proposed Part 145 Rewrite Compares Differences Between NPRM And Current Regulations

As the first step in keeping its members and other interested parties informed about the FAA's proposed changes in Part 145 of the FARs, the Aircraft Electronics Association has published a comparative analysis of the proposed changes to current regulatory language...Read More 


SpaceX Dragon Completes Historic Flight

The first privately built spacecraft to travel to the International Space Station returned home on Thursday after successfully completing a historic mission that proved commercial firms can indeed take over duties that until now have been reserved for large....Read More



SpaceShipTwo Gets Thumbs Up for Rocket-Powered Flights

On the heels of SpaceX's successful mission to the International Space Station, the FAA has given the green light for another commercial venture to move one step further toward space flight by granting Scaled Composites an experimental permit for rocket-powered test....Read More



Airlines Expand Basic- And Premium-Economy Classes of Service 
Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines are instituting two levels of economy-class service. Basic-economy service will be a no-frills experience for passengers looking to spend less, and premium-economy service will offer extra perks such as more seat room and early boarding. "Our expansion of Economy Comfort gives customers more premium seats to choose from no matter where they fly on Delta," said Glen Hauenstein, a Delta executive vice president.....Read More



Gulfstream G280 Flies From Paris To New York In Less Than 8 Hours

Applies For Speed Record With Two Test Pilots And Five Passengers Aboard......Read More 



Russia and China To Challenge Boeing and Airbus As World Aircraft Leaders 

The two countries are setting up a joint venture to build new airplanes based on Russia's Ilyushin aircraft...Read More   



Houston Approves Southwest's Proposed Airport Terminal 

Southwest Airlines has received approval from the Houston City Council for a proposed international terminal at William P. Hobby Airport. "There is still work to do, but today we are one step closer to increased competition and lower fares for Houston's international travelers," a representative....Read More 



Lufthansa, Boeing, Debut 747-8 Intercontinental 
Lufthansa's first commercial flight of its Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental touched down in Washington, D.C., last week with much fanfare as airline officials touted the aircraft's upgraded in-cabin amenities and potential operational efficiencies
....Read More


Delta Details Saudia Partnership  

Delta Air Lines Inc. said Wednesday that its partnership with Saudi Arabia's national airline would be more extensive then previously disclosed...Read More



Former TWA Pilots File Lawsuit Against American Airlines
Negotiations between American Airlines and its pilots union could result in loss of seniority protection for hundreds of former TWA pilots based in St. Louis, according to a federal lawsuit...Read More



Dash 8 Pilots Faulted in Stick-Shaker Incident

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found the two pilots of a QuantasLink Bombardier Dash 8-300 to be primarily responsible for...Read More  



AMR Trims Staff, Will Cut American Airlines' Flight Schedule

AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines, has begun layoffs of management and support staff, sources say. The carrier also plans to reduce its July flight schedule by 1% due to "a number of factors, including increased reserve utilization due to higher-than-normal pilot sick usage."...Read More 



Special Lines Help Travelers Speed Through Security

Some travelers don't know that designated security lines may save them time as they pass through airport checkpoints. At several airports, the Transportation Security Administration asks travelers to select a line based on how familiar they are with the screening process. For example, the Black Diamond line is reserved for frequent or experienced travelers...Read More



Army Places Second Order for iRobot Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles

iRobot Corp. [IRBT] said yesterday it has received a $12.7 million order from the Army Contracting Command in Warren, Mich., for 68 of the company's model 310 SUGV robots and spares kits...Read More  



Teal Forecasts 13,879 Business Aircraft Over 10 Years  

According to the Teal Group's recently issued business aviation forecast, 13,879 aircraft worth $310.3 billion will be delivered over the next 10 years. This includes 10,249 business jets worth $249.5 billion, 568 bizliners worth $42.3 billion and 3,062 business turboprops worth $18.6 billion...Read More 








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