Awaken the Psychic Powers Within You
The Commonwealth Wisdom School presents:

Summer Psychic Camp
- The Door to Spiritual Awakening

4 Day Intensive with John J. Oliver

July 9 -12, 2010
Sierra Madre, CA


johnsmallWelcome to the Commonwealth Wisdom School.  In this school you will work meditatively to heal yourself from self-imposed mental distractions so that you can regain the Consciousness and the Alignment that you have forgotten. You will learn how to go Within to access glorious states of Awareness so that you can enjoy the spacious moment of Now.  Sometimes the "dancing monkeys" of your "monkey mind" get the better of you, but it is time to come home to your True Self. 

Watching and Observing are the central practices in our Wisdom School. You will learn to watch and explore your psyche, your gross anatomy, and your subtle spiritual anatomy.  Your goal is to gain this skill so that you can call on it to your benefit -- morning, noon or night.  This Watchfulness allows you to remain connected to the higher purpose of your life and the Higher Calling of your destiny.  This program is a concentrated and intense training for you to learn the essential tools and knowledge to master Spiritual Awakening.


John J. Oliver

Sierra Madre, CA, 91024
( The address given upon registration.)
There is a limited number of beds available withing the retreat center. The rooms shared. If you desire private lodging
these are the close by hotels:

Oak Tree Inn:
788 W. Huntington Drive, Monrovia (626) 358-8981

Hilton Garden Inn:
199 N. Second, Arcadia,
(626) 574-6900

Hampton Inn:
311 E. Huntington Drive, Arcadia (626) 574-5600

Four Points Sheraton:
700 W. Huntington Drive,
Monrovia (626) 357-5211

Santa Anita Inn:
130 W. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, (626) 446-5211

Embassy Suites:
211 E. Huntington Drive
Arcadia (626) 445-8525

Motel 6:
255 Colorado Street,
Arcadia (626) 446-2660

The closest airport is Burbank, CA
(22 miles & approximately 30minutes)

The second closest is LAX, CA
(38 miles & approximately 50 minutes)
There is a shuttle bus leaving form both airports towards Pasadena. You will need to take a taxi to drive you up the hill to Sierra Madre Retreat.
If you do not have a car and you are staying at the center we recommend you call Ann:
(818) 424.2091

She is very reliable and charges $45 from Burbank or $65 form LAX, which is the lowest price for a car service to get you to the center.

John J. Oliver, one of the World's Premier Psychic Detectives will teach you step-by step of how to develop and harness the intuitive powers of your mind, body and spirit.

Deeptrance Friday, Day 1, 11AM-6PM
Deep Trance States

Begin the weekend with instruction on working in deep trance states and learn about the precise altered state stages you must journey through that will give you access to the wisdom of the inner self.  The session concludes with an invocation to Spirit and a pre-bed exercise for shamanic dreaming.
BodyTemple Saturday, Day 2, 11AM-6PM
Alchemical Realization of the Body Temple

You will learn to work with the Mysteries of the subtle body anatomy in order to understand the vast spiritual potential of the instrument that you have incarnated into tfe time. his liYou will learn the clearing and activation of the chakras and begin to use technology of specific breath techniques for balancing the yin and yang energy flow in the brain and body.
yogasunset Sunday, Day 3, 11AM-6PM
Transformational Movement Rites

You continue to activate the Spiritual Fire in the body temple by learning several foundation rites.  As a spiritual practitioner it is in your best interest to keep the subtle channels clear and to keep the physical body as healthy as possible so that you can continue to serve humanity and to keep doing your practices in your training for Enlightenment. In the East these rites are used for longevity and to keep the body young. Wear comfortable loose clothing for these sacred movements.
anchoringrituals Monday, Day 4, 11AM-6PM
Anchoring Rituals

In the Work there are many Conscious rituals that assist you in your journey to awakening.  In this session you will learn three magical art ritual therapies to help you with your spiritual awakening and for manifesting those things that you need for the physical and emotional support of your life.  You will also learn to use magical symbols and numbers.

spiritualcontact Monday, Day 4, starts in the evening
Spiritual Contact

You cannot talk about the Spiritual without mentioning Spirits. In this session John will instruct you on methods for Spirit contact.  Inviting non-physical beings into a space can be very helpful for psychic healing so you will practice an exercise in this regard.  You will also learn how to be helpful to people in the Spirit World after they have left their bodies. John will conclude by teaching you about his Deep Trance Work.


$396 if paid by June 1, 2010
$450 if paid by June 15, 2010
$495 if paid after June 15, 2010

$50 per day at the retreat center. Limited number of beds available and rooms are shared. Call in advance if you need to secure a space at the center. If you desire a private accommodation we have listed few close by hotels.  Also, there is a large kitchen and dining area to share.

To pay by check, make check payable to Inner Resources, and call for the address before mailing.

To pay by credit card: (Visa/MC/Amex)

Cancellation Policy:
 20% charge off the tuition if canceled less than 14 days prior to the event.

You will be contacted upon registration with all other pertinent details...essentially everything you'll need to know to have a wonderful time in Sierra Madre!

Contact Viliam to register @ (347) 882 0325

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John J. Oliver is America's premier psychic intuitives. He is also a full body trance-medium and spiritual teacher. He has an extensive background in psychic police work, and recently starred for three seasons in the Tru TV hit series " Haunting Evidence." He has worked professionally as an in-demand psychic since his teenage years and presented thousands of seminars throughout the United States and Europe. In 1997, John presented a special program, " The Enlightened Individual: The Key to an Enlightened World" at the United Nations. Visit for more information.