Gilda's Club Twin Cities NewsletterOctober 2010
Executive Director's Desk

Join the "Clubhouse Circle"

One year ago this month I joined Gilda's Club Twin Cities as Executive Director and I'm excited with our organization's success in creating momentum, community awareness and the strong belief that GCTC will become a reality. Michelle Silverman May 2010 Now is the time to transform and translate that belief into personal action and move to the next phase of our campaign to open our clubhouse. 

I'm excited to announce our "Clubhouse Circle," and I invite you to become a founding member. Members of the Clubhouse Circle are those who give $1,000 or more to help open our doors. I've included our Clubhouse Circle Giving opportunities table, shown here,
which offers you vario
us giving opportunities in tribute to and for special recognition throughout the clubhouse.

When you join the Clubhouse Circle, your name will appear in our GildaGram e-newsletters and annual report, and you will be recognized on the founding donors' wall in the clubhouse. It will be an honor to publicly acknowledge you for your substantial commitment to making GCTC a reality.

I am inviting you to join me as a member of the Clubhouse Circle. With your help, the needs of so many of us impacted by cancer will have a permanent place to go for healing and support.

Please contact me at: or 651-295-1113

Lee National Denim Day

A Gilda's Club Twin Cities Team Success

"There were lots of five-dollar favors over the last few months that lead to a successful Lee National Denim Day campaign," said Laurie Walker, LNDD Committee Chair. "We don't know the exact numbers as LNDD donations will be accepted through December 31, 2010. However, as of October 8 the total nationwide donations are predicted to be between $4-5 million and ahead of last year."
To see what we accomplished in Minnesota and a link to the photos of the events click here.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who contributed to this campaign by asking for five-Lee Denim Day Logodollar favors, leading teams throughout the Twin Cities and celebrating on Lee National Denim Day.


Now for our last reminder: it's not too late to donate, so join the Gilda's Club Twin Cities team on Donations are accepted through the end of December.

 Partnering for Success

Redpath Consulting Group The Gilda's Club Twin Cities community has grown substantially in the past year with a vibrant and involved volunteer base that supports our Executive Director, Michelle Silverman, and the Board of Directors in the implementation of strategic initiatives. This remarkable growth has required a revamp of our infrastructure to optimize the time and effort of these generous individuals. 

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"In Her Own Words"
Jenni Lilledahl, Gilda's Club Twin Cities Board Chair

Twelve years ago I listened to the surgeon tell my sister Teri, her husband Wayne and my husband John that Teri's cancer was inoperable and she had about nine months left with her two young kids and family. As you can imagine, this was beyond devastating.

The emotional trauma was debilitating for all of us. While she had great medical care, we had nowhere to go as a family to learn how to talk to the children, to share our struggles with other families who knew what we were going through or to sort out the confusing emotioJenni Lilledahlns and fears.

When Teri passed away, the cancer was gone, but the emotional trauma lives on in so many of us that were her family, friends and coworkers. My family needed a Gilda's Club then, and that's why I'm committed to helping open one in the Twin Cities.

Hardly a month goes by that I don't receive a call from someone telling me that a dear person in their life was just diagnosed with cancer and asks where should they go for help. These conversations always remind me of the day we sat in Teri's doctor's office, and I feel their hurt.

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In Memoriam
Passing of a Friend

A very special friend of Gilda's Club Twin Cities, Deb Lillegard, has passed away. She was an oncology psychotherapist at Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center and a member of our Medical Resource Deb LillegardCouncil. Her work focused on counseling families and individuals who face the emotional challenges of living with cancer, particularly those relating to relationships, stress, grief and loss.  Deb was an invaluable resource and supporter of Gilda's Club Twin Cities and the first person to sign our "testimonial red door."  She will be missed by all who knew her.

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Executive Director's Desk
A Gilda's Club Team Success
Partnering For Success
"In Her Own Words" Jenni Lilledahl
In Memoriam
Welcome Wendy Seyb
Coming up on TV
Come On. Get Involved
Welcome New
Board Member
Welcome Wendy Seyb,

Wendy Seyb has a wealth  of experience in the non-profit sector, most recently as President of WAMSO. Her public sector experience includes
Wendy Seybtions in executive management and human resources in the fields of technology, investment brokerage and banking.

Please join us in welcoming Wendy to Gilda's Club Twin Cities.
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Kundalini Yoga Class
An open invitation
from Erika Kearney, GCTC volunteer

Anyone living with cancer, including families and friends, can attend a
FREE weekly, restorative Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class every Sunday. This is your opportunity to take part in a class that will eventually become part of the calendar of activities at Gilda's Club Twin Cities.


5:00-6:00 p.m.
The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
2833 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis MN, 612-940-6510

Come On
Get Involved

With a philosophy and program unlike any other resource in Minnesota, Gilda's Club Twin Cities will fill an important gap in cancer care and touch thousands of people living with cancer today. 

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