Gilda's Club Twin Cities Newsletter June 2010
Executive Director's Desk

State of the Union Update
Over the last couple of months, so many exciting things have happened and are continuing to happen. WE ARE getting closer to providing the only drop-in cancer support facility that will deliver critical support whenever it's needed to the over 10,000 men, women, teens and children who are waiting for a Gilda's Club in the Twin Cities.
The momentum is building as the awareness and support from the Twin
Michelle Silverman
Michelle Silverman May 2010
Cities community continues to grow, and as we proceed with our initial capital campaign outreach and the contributions come in.
I am very proud to tell you, as of this week, we have 100% board member participation in our capital campaign. Other vital avenues of support are the 3rd party events such as the very successful May Day with the Maeflies in-home party reviewed below.

Every Gift Does Count
Recently several people asked me what size donation it takes for a gift to be considered part of the capital campaign -- our gifts range from $1,000 to $1,000,000 with pledges occurring over a period of one to five years. Today is a great day to speak with one of our board members or to me about a capital tribute opportunity in honor, or in loving memory, of someone special in your life. Please call me at 651-295-1113 or email:  

Clubhouse Committee
Our clubhouse committee members are focused upon leasing space and have begun the search for a clubhouse location.The search is based upon defined geographical parameters and physical site requirements.

We are excited to report that there are multiple space options available for us to consider and we are working to further define our program and clubhouse environment. We will use this information to further refine the selection process.

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In My Own Words - Derek Cotton

I was 42 years old with two boys, ages eight and three, living in Dallas and working for a venture capital firm in Califormia when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. For the next nine months my life was all about  surgery and chemotherapy--talk about a career change.
People treat you differently when they find out you have cancer and I
Nikki, Max, Derek
Nikki, Max, Derek
quickly realized that I needed an outlet to
help me get throu
gh what was turning my children's and my world upside down. I tried several support groups and found out that a meeting once every other week in the "church basement" or once a month in some hospital or clinic listening to people's cancer woes just wasn't quite working for me.
A friend told me about Gilda's Club North Texas, and that I could drop in almost anytime I wanted or needed to. I made an appointment with a counselor and took the 35-mile trek into downtown Dallas. The first thing that hit me when I first walked through the Gilda's clubhouse door was that it didn't have that clinical smell, nor did I have that feeling that it was even an environment about cancer.

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May Day with the Maeflies:
a Fundraising Success Story

Elizabeth and Daniel Gangl scored a winning bid at the 2009 Gilda's Club Twin Cities Golf Event "silent auction". They won a private, in-home performance by the Maeflies, a renowned folk rock ensemble, and that's where the concept of the May Day 2010 fundraiser began.

Liz Gangl, Michelle Silverman,
 Dan Gangl
Liz & Dan Gangl and Michelle Silverman
This was not your ordinary fundraising party, it was an intimate evening at the home of the Gangls with the Maeflies performing a live acoustic show, a five course gourmet progressive dinner served butler style, a wide variety of games and challenges such as wine tasting, beat the pool expert, beat the poker pro's plus many more games and a raffle.

There was a goal of raising $10,000 and when the final numbers came in almost $14,000 was donated by GCTC friends and supporters.
Thank you Elizabeth and Daniel Gangl for hosting this spectacular event and to all of the volunteers, friends and supporters who made this event a smashing success. It is in-home parties and events like this that make a difference, generating funds that bring us that much closer to opening our doors to begin to serve our community. 

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Gilda's Club Twin Cities Is Going to be a Part
of a National Fundraising Campaign

Since 1996, the first Friday of each October has been designated Lee National Denim Day, a day when supporters nationwide come together to

Lee denim bnr
put on their jeans in exchange for a $5 contribution to the fight against breast cancer. More than $75 million has been raised to fight breast cancer as a result of Denim Day. This year Gilda's Club is one of the designated cancer organizations that will receive money raised on National Denim Day.
As part of this exciting national campaign, we will have the opportunity to share our mission with the community. We will reach out to corporations, community groups, schools, churches, families and friends to join teams to raise money and build awareness.
For this campaign to be a success, and it will be, we need an ARMY of volunteers to develop teams to:
-Send Tweet's
-Find Friends on Facebook
-Create a video on YouTube
-Join events and spread the word
 -Be a contact at your company.
Many of you have asked is there something I can do to help open the doors? Well now is the time to get involved, we need you.
In June and early July we will be recruiting volunteers and doing training sessions. From July to October volunteers will be registering teams on the Lee Jeans Denim Day website. Throughout the campaign, we will be asking our volunteers and friends of Gilda's Club to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Don't worry, you'll be trained and the best part is you will share in telling the GCTC story.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email
If you are interested in being a corporate or community group contact, or for more information about this campaign, please email
Take a look at the Lee Jeans website to learn more.
Don't Miss the July 26th Golf Benefit

Gilda Grass GildaGram

Gilda's Club Twin Cities Presents the Third Annual
Roseanne Roseannadanna Golf Benefit

Don't miss this fabulous golf benefit offering hole-events, silent and live auctions and a dinner with fun-filled comedy entertainment by the Brave New Workshop comedy Theatre.


Monday, July 26, 2010


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Notes From the
 "All Hands" Meeting

At our recent GCTC "All Hands Meeting" we all participated in an interactive visioning exercise. We split into teams and everyone present was asked to contribute to a list of criteria to help our clubhouse committee create a warm and welcoming environment that will reflect our special Minnesota culture.

The response was incredible; you could feel the energy of all of the participants as they articulated our Gilda's culture and made it come to life, ready to serve the community. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks.
As you read on, I also hope you find inspiration in the story from Derek Cotton and his experience at the Gilda's Club in Dallas, as he tells you why our mission is so important.
You give me and our board of directors' confidence, through your courage, strength and continued commitment. Together we will open our doors and begin to serve our community.

With gratitude
-Michelle Silverman

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All Hands Meeting

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Imagine Our
Our Mission
To ensure all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.

Our Promise
Behind our red doors, Gilda's Club Twin Cities will create a welcoming community, a place to go to for free support for everyone living with cancer--men, women, teens and children along with their families and friends.

An essential complement to medical care, our innovative program will provide networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities.


Kundalini Yoga Class

An open invitation
from Erika Peterson, GCTC volunteer

Anyone living with cancer, including families and friends, can attend a FREE weekly, restorative Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class every Sunday. This is your opportunity to take part in a class that will eventually become part of the calendar of activities at Gilda's Club Twin Cities.
5:00-6:00 p.m.

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, 2833 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis MN, 612-940-6510.

Come On
Get Involved

With a philosophy and program unlike any other resource in Minnesota, Gilda's Club Twin Cities will fill an important gap in cancer care and touch thousands of people living with cancer today.

You Can Help

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