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Gilda's Club Twin Cities e-Newsletter September 2009
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A Sold Out Event at the Beautiful
 Minneapolis Golf Club

The Second Annual Roseanne Roseannadanna Golf Benefit was a huge success The numbers keep rising, with donations and some generous matching gifts coming in, the amount raised (net after expenses) is now more than $65,000. The benefit kicked off with a round of golf on a championship course that included an "Outshoot the Celebrities" competition, and a hole-in-one chance to win a car from Rudy Luther Toyota. Following last minute bids for the silent auction, everyone enjoyed an informative and entertaining evening. Sept photo banner

Brian "BT" Turner Cities97, and John Sweeney of the Brave New Workshop, back by popular demand, were our emcees for the evening's program. They kept the audience thoroughly engaged and when they turned to guests to support the evening's "Fund-a-Need" for the Twin Cities clubhouse, hands shot up all over the room with pledges raising thousands of dollars. Gilda's Club Twin Cities is very fortunate to have the continued support of friends like Brian Turner and John Sweeney.


If you weren't at the event or didn't have the opportunity to make a donation, you can donate now click here

Dr. Chris Moertel and Dr. Brenda Weigel, members of the GCTC Medical Resource Council, presented the need for a Gilda's Club Twin Cities to many new friends and supporters. They explained how our clubhouse will make a difference for the Twin Cities cancer community, and why the social and emotional support offered through the Gilda's Club program is as essential as medical care for those living with cancer. GCTC will be the only support organization to offer a dedicated facility for everyone touched by cancer; men, women, teens and children, along with their families and friends every week of the year.

John Sweeney and actors from the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre formed a foursome for thBNWe day's tournament. Later, without missing a beat, they joined the rest of the cast of the Brave New Workshop performers for a set of hilarious improvisation to conclude the evening's program, The performance, in the true spirit of Gilda Radner's spirit, brought the audience to tears with laughter. Many thanks to The Brave New Workshop performers who gave so freely of their time and talent.

The Gilda's Club Twin Cities Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank the 2009 Golf Committee, our sponsors, silent auction contributors, day-of-event supporters, golfers, dinner guests, volunteers and celebrities for the generous sharing of time and financial gifts. The board extends very special thanks to the Co-Chairs Joyce Wahr and Bette Englund whose leadership, planning and implementation was flawless. As Gilda says, "It's always something," and July 27th was something wonderful! click here to see the great photos of the event. 

A Special Thank You to our
 "Outshoot the Celebrities" Team

Brian "BT" Turner from Cities97 and his team of celebrities gave so freely of their time; "BT" asked them for an hour and they gave us all afternoon. The "Outshoot the Celebrities" team's boundless enthusiasm and banter kept golfers thoroughly entertained while Heather Thomas, our GCTC volunteer, coaxed golfers to give her a $20 donation to out-drive the celebrity of their choice. Thanks to all of our celebrities for their help in making the day memorable.

Brian "BT" Turner, Cities97

Brian Leighton, G.B. Leighton Band

Frank Vascellaro, WCCO -TV/Channel 4

Heather Hall, Mrs. Minnesota-America

Sally Wingert, Guthrie Theatre

Tim McNiff, Kare 11

Laura and Nikki, Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Our Sponsors Really Made a Difference

Gilda's Club Twin Cities extends a sincere thank you to the 2009 Roseanne Roseannadanna Golf Benefit sponsors. Their generosity and support will help us move even closer to opening a Gilda's Club in the Twin Cities where members will be provided with essential cancer support. click here to see the complete list of our fantastic golf event sponsors.

Silent Auction

Over 100 items were generously donated and artfully displayed by Rachel LaTour and her imaginative team. This energetic team was also responsible for the speedy bid tally and checkout at the end of the evening. A round of applause to the team and a special thank you to the generous auction donors. To see what wowed the crowd click here.
Volunteer Spotlight

Stacey Allen, Volunteer Coordinator and Beth Killion, Day-of-Logistics for the Second Annual Roseanne Roseannadanna Golf Benefit. Scheduling and managing the dozens of volunteers needed for an event like this was an enormous organizational undertaking involving weekly committee meetings and daily contact with volunteers over several months. Stacey and Beth pulled this off with such panache that the majority of the volunteers will be signing up to work on next year's event.

When asked about her experience, Stacey remarked, "the most wonderful part of working with a group like this is mingling with such talented and dedicated people. I learned so much more than I had ever thought I would. Who knew you could work hard, have fun, and create great memories too!"

Beth added, "There were so many dedicated volunteers that came together that day to make the event a success. I particularly appreciated the ladies who committed over two hours to blowing up 150 balloons and forming them into bouquets for our outdoor and stage decorations. Some new friendships were formed between these fantastic women and the surroundings looked great dressed in red, black and white balloons."

The Wellness Community Update

 The headquarter offices of The Wellness Community and Gilda's Club are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2009, we have joined forces to become the largest provider of psychosocial cancer support in North America and will be extending our reach to even more people affected by cancer.Our combined Kim and Laura signingorganization will also be the largest employer of psychosocial oncology support professionals, advancing the idea that psychosocial care is as important as medical care in the face of a cancer diagnosis.Both Gilda's Club and The Wellness Community have grown extensively during our combined 45 year history to make a significant difference for people affected by cancer. Both organizations have also established solid, reliable reputations in the cancer community and share an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and services based on the best research available to move our respective and complementary agendas forward.

On November 7, 2009, The Wellness Community and Gilda's Club will host a Cancer Summit in Washington, DC, to formally introduce the newly unified organization and vision.People with cancer, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals, and health care leaders will be invited to this milestone event, which will mark a new beginning of the highest quality cancer support for the millions of people facing this disease. read more


Golf Event Highlights
The winners

Eva & Rick

Drs. Moertel & Weigel

Click here to see more photos
You Can Make a Difference
Gilda Desk Figure
It was Gilda Radner's dream to provide a homelike  environment where people with cancer, their families and friends could gather for free, emotional and social support. Here's how you can help make this dream a reality.

Make a personal donation: Every dollar given will bring us closer to opening our doors. To make a donation:

Volunteer: We have many exciting and rewarding things for you to do. To sign up go to:


Save the Date:
 July 26, 2010
Minneapolis Golf Club
 Third Annual Roseanne Roseannadanna Golf Benefit


Sidebar Quotes From the 2009 Golf Event

Jenni Lilledahl, GCTC President: "I continue to hear comments every week from people who attended our event. Not only will the money raised ensure stability as we move forward hiring an executive director, launching our capital campaign and securing a location, but the relationships sparked and the event's pure energy have created an undeniably positive momentum."                   

Bette Englund Co-Chair: "While the economy said we couldn't, we were blessed with grand volunteers, enthusiastic golfers, and people dedicated to making things better for those experiencing a life where, It's always something!"                    

Joyce Wahr Co-Chair: "I am enormously gratified in this difficult economy to have seen the outpouring of support from the community, volunteers, and for the Gilda's Club mission that no one face cancer alone."

Golf Treats
Special thanks to        Angie's Kettle Corn and Summit Beer who provided treats on the course for the golfers.

Behind the Scenes

 We have some terrific volunteers who worked very hard behind the scenes (and a couple behind cameras) who deserve our thanks.

Kelly Lawrentz,     On-site photography 

Valerie Martinson, Treasurer

Vicki Stromberg, On-site photography

Lisa Thompson, Decor and gift bags

Nancy Whittlesey, Design

Laurie Walker, Communications

Quick Links
Committee Chairs and  Volunteers

We had a number of hard working committee chairs and volunteers who deserve special thanks. read more

News and Events

Kundalini Yoga Class

Erika Peterson, GCTC volunteer and yoga instructor, announced the move of the free Kundalini Yoga class for anyone living with cancer to The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. This is the yoga class previously held at The Center for Happiness.

All changes effective September 13, 2009

New Location: Yoga Studio provided by The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

Abbott Northwestern Hospital                          2833 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis MN

New Time:  Sundays, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about parking, Kundalini Yoga and the terrific instructor Erika Peterson, please click here

Welcome New Volunteers
Alexia Chrisan
Ali Shireh
Carolyn McCormick
Gary Nathan
Gayle Jorgens
John Andreini
John Doiron
Kathy Pfaendtner
Nancy Whittlesey
Susan Dunfee

Thank you Helena Raghubir, Director of The Center for Happiness
More than two years ago, Helena Raghubir, Director of the Center for Happiness, generously agreed to donate space for the "temporary" location for the Kundalini Yoga Class for anyone living with cancer. While we are moving to a new location, we've gratefully enjoyed Helena's hospitality for a long time.

Please refer to the News
and Events article in this newsletter for details about the move.

Thank you Helena. We are so appreciative of the many hours our friends and supporters have spent at The Center for Happiness. read more