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Connecting with creation so that creation can heal us
and we can allow creation to heal.


Snow Falling at Turtle Rock Farm

"There's a reason why your heart skips when you look at a blossoming cherry tree or the way a pinkish boulder on a hillside complements nearby rust-colored dockweed. God created a planet with enough beauty and whimsy to make you suck in your breath a hundred times a day if, as a Buddhist would put it, you're looking mindfully.

"And if you go outside and putter in your yard, vegetable patch or community garden for a day, pinching this and transplanting that, you'll take a deep breath and let the scents of mown grass or sweet peas fill your lungs; and as you exhale, you might smile your joy at being on God's planet."

-- Kristen Johnson Ingram, Beyond Words


Retreating in Winter



Participants in the Unplug, Unwind Retreat and the Simpler Living Retreat
take winter hikes, reflect in the warmth of the fire, make mandalas and share meals.
Ann at Doe Creek monitoring site; Mr. Darcy blessing a guest
Ann and Tom Temple at Hermitage site; The Hens' winter gifts
Snow and birds (Canada Geese in the background) at the Pond House; Farmhouse in the snow

The weather has been perfect for winter retreating - both voluntary and imposed. For several days in January, we had fog until mid-day; in fact, the warmish weather got even warmer one day last week when the thermometer reached 65 degrees. And the very next, temperatures plummeted and a storm blew in dumping ice and snow. As we write, we are covered in beautiful snow from that storm, which shut down most of the state of Oklahoma for a couple of days. The sun shines now, though temperatures will prevent much melting for another day or two. Keeping the animals hayed, watered and fed occupies some of our snow-bound day, but walking in the fluffy white, watching the birds eat the seed we put out for them and standing in the white night, just taking in the deep quiet, make for gifted days.

Fortunately, the scheduled retreats were not on snowy or icy days and we welcomed retreatants here to Unplug and Unwind and consider Simpler Living. We also welcomed neighbors for our first Sabbath Supper of 2010, took a hike in an ancient cedar forest on Keystone Lake, met for our monthly Simpler Living book discussion, welcomed a guest on retreat for a few days, were able to do our monthly creek monitoring between the freezing days (though that water was still cold!) and continued working on plans for our Strawbale Hermitage construction and workshop. 

We've finished with the Simpler Living, Compassionate Life book discussion and will begin in February discussing The Transition Handbook.
Ann is busy building a rabbit hutch to put on top of the Red Wiggler Worm habitat, to help enrich their composting process. The hens have increased their egg production from one, to two and now four eggs a day - for which we are grateful. And soon, spring's garden seeds will be planted in the greenhouse.

Our scheduled events in February include the Shepherd's Retreat for United Methodist clergy and lay leadership, half-a-day composting and raised bed gardening workshops, the Top Ten Pain Releasers seminar, and the Living in the Moment Retreat. See details below. Pat will be presenting workshops in Enid, Stillwater and Oklahoma City on Simpler Living and Sabbath-Keeping and, at Camp Egan near Tahlequah, participating in a youth retreat to help them connect with creation.

As we work with Tom Temple to design our hermitage, we are learning a lot about the complex decisions that go into building green. We hope our hermitage will not only be beautiful and cozy, but that it will model sustainable design. We look forward to sharing what we're learning at the workshop in June when we all come together to set strawbale walls and get our hands in the mud! (By the way, we're planning some fun events during the evenings that week.)

Who knows what the weather will be like in February. It's Oklahoma: it could be spring-like! Come see us.

In Peace and Beauty,
Ann & Pat


Thank You Volunteers!

Clayton Mowing

Want to be a Turtle Rock Farm Volunteer?
Have we got a deal for you!

a 24-hour stay (on us)
for 4 hours of labor (yours)

As we grow and expand our offerings and our facility, we couldn't get along without the wonderful people who volunteer at Turtle Rock Farm. They have become a cherished part of our community.
If you're interested in helping out, let us know. We'll work together and you can have some retreat time, a good night's rest and some community time around a table set with home-cooked fresh food.

Note: This offer does not pertain to our programmed workshops and retreats.

Call us at 580.725.3411 or email annmcferron@hotmail.com; 580.917.6011 or email pathoerth@hotmail.com



February 1-2
Shepherd's Retreat

February 6
Gardening: Build Your Own Raised Bed and/or Turnable Composter

February 22
Transition Handbook Book Discussion

February 20
Top Ten Pain Releasers

February 27
Living in the Moment

March 6
Gardening: Build Your Own Raised Bed and/or Turnable Composter

March 13
Earth Dinner: Cooking as if Earth Depended on it

March 27
Military Women Retreat

Straw Bale Construction Workshop
Check it out here:

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Retreats and Workshops

Gardening: Build a Raised Bed Garden 

and/or a Turnable Composter

February 6

We've combined two workshops into one. You can come for a full day and build both a four-foot-by-four-foot raised bed and a turnable composter, or come half a day and build one or the other. With a growing awareness of the value to our health and the health of the planet, more and more people are growing some of their own food. In addition to going home with tools to garden and compost, you'll get information about growing vegetables and composting. We'll show you our gardens and composting projects.

To register, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com- and click on Workshops and Retreats.

Top Ten Pain Releasers

February 20

Pain is a clear message that we need to pay attention to our bodies. Led by energy kinesiologist Ann McFerron, The Top Ten Pain Releasers is a fun, hands-on workshop for reducing stress and pain that integrates massage, energy work, kinesiology, polarity, acupressure and various reflex techniques. You will learn a wide variety of simple and highly effective self-help skills to benefit yourself and your family.

To register, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com- and click on Workshops and Retreats.

Living in the Moment Retreat

February 27

Do you have trouble quieting your mind? Are you constantly thinking about what you have to do in the future - later today, or tomorrow, or next week? Are you missing the graces of this day by worrying about all the things you have to get done? On this retreat you will learn how to live in the moment.

Spiritual director and retreat leader, Pat Hoerth, will lead you through several spiritual exercises that will allow you to experience the beauty and peace of what you are doing at the moment. You will learn things you can do to continue this practice in your daily lives.

Participants who have made this retreat say they value coming on Friday evening to relax so that they have a full day Saturday to take advantage of the Living in the Moment exercises.

To register, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com- and click on Workshops and Retreats.

Gardening: Build a Raised Bed Garden

and/or a Turnable Composter

March 6

Check out the details in the February 6 workshop above.

To register, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com- and click on Workshops and Retreats.

Earth Dinner:

How to Cook as if Earth Depended On It

March 13

Decisions we make about food not only impact our health, but also the health of the planet. On this retreat participants will learn how food impacts climate change, why it matters what we eat and what we can do about it: where to get food, what kind of food to get and how to cook it. We'll learn cooking local fresh food using methods that are simple and create healthy, flavor-filled meals. Half the day will be spent in the kitchen. The retreat ends with a supper we prepare together, and a reminder of the joy of eating together.

To register, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com- and click on Workshops and Retreats.

Military Women Retreat

A Day in Nature for Women Who've Been Deployed

March 27 - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Connect with each other and enjoy time in nature: walk the prairie, sit on the porch, kayak on the pond, explore the creeks, enjoy home-grown food, relax in the peaceful countryside. Lunch is included. There is no fee for this pilot event.

To register: email pathoerth@gmail.com
or annmcferron@hotmail.com 

Or call 580.725.3411 or 580.917.6011

  Straw Bale Construction Workshop

6-12 June 2010

A week-long workshop during which participants will learn how to build a building with stuccoed straw bale walls. Led by Tom Temple, a sustainable designer and builder, and MudStrawLove's Molly Curry and Steve Kemble, of Ashville, N.C., this workshop will include classroom instruction as well as hands-on experience. During this week, we will stack the bales and apply the first coat of mud on a small hermitage at Turtle Rock Farm.

We will be using clay found on the farm, as well as straw bales from last year's wheat harvest.

For those who want a shorter workshop, Molly and Steve will lead a Straw-Bale Introduction class from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, 6 June, which week-long participants will also join. Fee for the Sunday afternoon workshop only is $25.

Not only educational about natural building methods, this workshop will help build community - and be a whole lot of fun! Participants will be lodged at one of the houses at Turtle Rock Farm or may camp out. Meals will be provided by Turtle Rock Farm staff and shared by the community.

Fee for the week of instruction, lodging and meals is $425. Couples, $375 each. Instruction, meals and camping, $375.  Deposit to hold your space is $150. Spaces for this retreat will be limited. For more information, give us a call, at 580.725.3411 or 580.917.6011. To register, go to our website, www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com.


unique opportunities

for spiritual renewal

and sustainable learning (& living)

in 2010...

shepherds' retreat

for Oklahoma United Methodist clergy


The first 2010 retreats: February 1-2 and April 19-20

Picking Apples During Shepherd's Retreat

A 24-hour spiritual growth retreat for clergy and now laity, modeled after the Upper Room's spiritual academy retreats. Beginning with Eucharist on Monday evening, followed by supper, a reading (from Kathleen Norris' book Amazing Grace,) period of silence and group sharing, plus time in God's good creation. That pattern is kept the second day and the retreat ends with the Eucharist in mid-afternoon. It's a lovely retreat, giving time for clergy and laity to support each other in much-needed, much-longed-for spiritual renewal and community-building.

To register, contact Rev. Susan Ross at ross-susan@sbcglobal.net or call Pat Hoerth at 580.917.6011, pathoerth@hotmail.com.

second monday is

get-away day

Every Second Monday of the month is Get-Away Day at Turtle Rock Farm. Come for an unprogrammed day of quiet, walking, writing, making art, reading, napping, gardening; just being in the country. To schedule, call 580.917.6011 or email pathoerth@hotmail or go to www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com

Transitions Handbook

book discussion

February 22; March 22; April 19...

"Rob Hopkins has written the most thorough description so far of how we get from the present chaos of cities and towns that are killing the planet and the people in them, to viable new ecologically sustainable urban and rural systems. This is more than a theoretical how-to manual; it is based on his own team's ground-breaking work, engaging whole communities in a transformative process that accepts the crucial need to reverse course, and has succeeded in doing so. The book is a great guide for how we must live in a future world where the limits of nature are honoured, but so are the basic comforts and joys of communities coming together in a great common cause. There is no more important book than this one for any community seeking change toward ecological sustainability."
-- Jerry Mander, founder/director of the International Forum on Globalization and author of In the Absence of the Sacred

We will meet 9:30 to 11 a.m. Cost is $15. Call or email if you're interested: pathoerth@gmail.com. 580.917.6011.


Morning Sun on Snowy Prairie at Turtle Rock Farm

Comments from our guests...

"What a wonderful, relaxing, insightful day. I recommend highly to anyone. The farm is just beautiful. Nice to share the day with other women."                  -- Susan Jackson

"Wow. What a peaceful, lovely place. Thank you for your hospitality. Looking forward to future visits and more peace..."                                                               -- Molly Helm

"My body was nourished by good food and fresh air. My spirit was renewed by the peace and hospitality that fill this place. Thank you, Ann and Pat, for your ministry to us two-legged creatures and the rest of creation! I'll be spreading the word - the gospel - about Turtle Rock Farm."
-- Peace to you,
Carol Waters

"Thank you so much for allowing us to have this beautiful weekend of peace and sharing it with us! Your homes are beautiful and what you do with them is even more so. I've had fun this weekend spending time and getting to know the cats, canoeing and kayaking, kissing the Alpacas and practicing yoga under the stars and in the sunshine of the pond! I've also enjoyed getting to know you two.

"...If it weren't for you both I'd be home sitting on my bed wishing my 'life situations' were different. I know to you it might just be another weekend with strange people, but I personally really appreciated it. What you all do for people is quite incredible! So full of service. 'When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.' I truly believe that and I think the things you all do are just amazing! Thank you so much!"
---With love, light and gratitude,
Katie Elliott
Women's Yoga Retreat

"Sunrise (Thanksgiving Day) - This place grants me thankfulness and gratitude at a whole new level. The Alpacas are sleeping in their pasture, next to each other, one facing east and the other, west. There is a bird here who sings long notes, like a flute - I heard him at sunset and sunrise. I believe that God guided me here in my time of need.

"Ann and Pat, what a concept! You have created a space for teaching us to know our planet and allow us to renew our spirit. 'Lord willing and the creek don't rise,' I shall return."
-- Mary Andrews


"Retreat is neither whim nor luxury nor self-indulgence, but a rock-bottom staple of a healthy life. We need retreat as surely as we need oxygen or protein. While any given retreat may start out as a joyride - a few days away from spouse, kids or job; a chance to spread one's wings, loosen one's belt, kick up one's heels - it always winds up as a pilgrimage. We start to look for what really counts." -- Philip Zaleski, The Recollected Heart

How does one 'do' a Retreat?

A "retreat" at Turtle Rock Farm is a chance to get away into the quiet and beauty of the prairie. But not everyone is used to the quiet and find the idea a bit intimidating, even if they know they long for it.
A retreat can be a time when you sleep, listen to music, read, walk, visit, play musical instruments, do art, bask in silence, get a therapeutic massage, sit in a rocking chair on the porch, visit with a spiritual director, explore nature...alone, with friends, family.

It can be what you need and what you want it to be. We are happy to guide and assist, or give you solitude.

To reserve your individual, group, couple or family retreat:
email or phone pathoerth@hotmail.com; 580.917.6011
or annmcferron@hotmail.com; 580.725.3411
our partnership

with GreenConnections...

Photo by Candace Krebs

The First Annual Green Connections
Dinner on the Prairie - October 2009

Green Connections is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit corporation committed to helping people connect with Earth, be healed in it and learn to live more sustainably. In addition to supporting the mission of Turtle Rock Farm, our dream is to build a retreat center and hermitages with sustainable building methods, including straw bale construction. We now have straw bales in the barn! And, thanks to those who came to our Dinner and Concert on the Prairie, as well as other supporters, we are on our way.

If you believe in the work of Green Connections, please consider gifting us with your supportive wishes and hopes, with your volunteer labor, and with your dollars. Even a small amount now and then would be appreciated. If you have questions, please call 580.725.3411 or 580.917.6011.

You may send tax deductible donations to Green Connections, 5900 CR 90, Red Rock, OK 74651. Or, go to our website - www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com - and click on Green Connections Partner, and use Paypal to send your donation. Or, click here:


alpaca with GC board members

Green Connection Board members meet the Alpaca

Meet our board members:

Green Connections: Beverly Alexander (treasurer), Elizabeth Box Price, Dorothy Gray, Pat Hoerth, Stephanie Jordan, Ann McFerron, Mary Moloney, Alan Ware (president.)

Turtle Rock Farm Advisory Council: Barbara Hagan, Bruce Johnson, Tom Temple

We Support the Buy Fresh Buy Local Movement
Buying locally-grown food saves fossil fuel, supports our local growers and provides fresher and more nutritious food. What food you can't grow yourself, consider buying directly from a producer/farmer, a farmer's market or the Oklahoma Food Coop. To find out about becoming a member of the Oklahoma Food Coop, go to: www.oklahomafood.coop. Information about the work of the Oklahoma Chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local (including food guides and reasons to buy local) is at: www.buyfreshbuylocalok.com

Turtle Rock Farm LLC:
A Center for Sustainability, Spirituality
 and Healing

Mission Statement

Connecting with the Natural World
We believe that Earth - part of the Creator's good creation - has intrinsic value.
We believe that human beings are interdependent with all of creation and that the Creator is calling humans to re-connect with creation, with Earth,
and participate more consciously in the web of life. We want to provide
opportunities for people to experience our connectedness with creation
in three distinct ways:

+ organizing and leading retreats that afford people the experience of our
connection and interdependence with the web of life: all of creation, each other and the Divine.

+ promote healing - of Earth, creation and humans, through connecting with
Earth which, we believe, can heal us - as well as through the various modalities of holistic health care including Energy Kinesiology.

Learning to Live Sustainably

+ living sustainably and teaching and supporting others in their efforts to live sustainably. By sustainability, we mean honoring, bringing, enabling life rather than harming and disposing of life; learning practical things to do to sustain life on Earth. Because we believe this is done in community, we hope to promote community life.


Morning Over the Prairie - 30 September 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad


onsider giving a retreat at Turtle Rock Farm as a gift for a friend or loved one. Perhaps a weekend getaway or one of our scheduled retreats or workshops. Email us at pathoerth@hotmail.com or annmcferron@hotmail.com. Or call 580.725.3411 or 580.917.6011.

Turtle Rock Farm LLC
5900 CR 90
Red Rock, Oklahoma 74651