E-newsletterJuly 2010
Water conservation needs to be a way of life  

Water shortages are expected to be part of the future landscape until a long-term, sustainable solution resolves the complex environmental problems of the Sacramento Bay Delta--water conservation needs to become a way of life for residents of Southern California.  


Fortunately, Anaheim customers are well on their way to a water-conscious lifestyle, as demonstrated by the City's recent water saving achievements.  From the time period of July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, we exceeded our 5% conservation target by 1.1 billion gallons!  Over the last 20 years, our conservation program has effectively reduced water use in Anaheim by 3%, while the population rose 31%. 


Congratulations, Anaheim. Your present and past conservation achievements exhibit a relentless commitment to adopting

long-term water use habits that will continue to pay dividends in securing adequate water supplies for the future. 

Unfortunately, Anaheim is facing another year of supply cutbacks, effective July 1, 2010, so we ask our customers to continue their valiant conservation.  The cutback to our overall supply is equivalent to enough water to serve about 5,000 households.  We need you to help Anaheim meet our water use targets and sustain achievements made over the years, by participating in our water saving programs and rebates and by continuing to integrate conservation techniques into your daily lives.


In this issue, we highlight the City's investments in public education, our partnership with Caltrans, and a set of new landscape programs intended to help build upon our customers' water saving achievements. 




Marcie L. Edwards
Anaheim Public Utilities General Manager

Summer reading is all about water

This summer, Anaheim Public Utilities is sponsoring the Anaheim Public Library's Summer Reading Fun Program, to promote water conservation.  This exciting program for ages 12-and-younger features reading activities, story times, book clubs, fun prizes and is designed to encourage families to continue reading throughout the summer. 

Summer Reading Campaign

Teens can also "make waves" at the library this summer by reading about how to conserve water and earning cool prizes in doing so.

Summer Reading Campaign This Summer Reading Fun Program is sponsored by Anaheim Public Utilities, Friends of the Anaheim Public Library, and Friends of the Canyon Hills Library.  For more information, visit
Caltrans is doing more to save water
Anaheim Public Utilities has teamed up with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to implement water-efficient irrigation technologies, to reduce outdoor water use waste while still maintaining healthy landscaping.
In Anaheim, outdoor water use makes up the largest portion of our overall water use. Therefore, Anaheim Public Utilities and Caltrans are identifying various sites throughout the City where water waste can be eliminated through the installation of weather-based irrigation controllers along the freeways.  The sensors on these systems would adjust watering schedules according to the weather, and would automatically turn off sprinklers on rainy days. This exciting technology has already been proven to reduce water use by 25%. 

The first phase of this project will be to install irrigation controllers at the 57 FWY/ Katella Interchange and at the 55/91 FWY Interchange, and should be completed by the end of the month.


In addition, Anaheim Public Utilities has completed a more comprehensive water use survey of Caltrans' landscaped areas in Anaheim. The survey evaluated the conditions of existing irrigation systems, help identify leaks, and recommend additional water efficiency improvements.


If you are interested in the Landscape Water Use Survey program or applying for a weather-based irrigation controller rebate, contact us.

Home Utility Check-up program checks your landscape
Anaheim Public Utilities' Home Utility Check-Up offers all residential customers a free, customized check-up on their home's water and electric use patterns.  The assessment is completed on the spot and identifies simple home repairs and upgrades that will not only improve water and energy efficiency, but save our customers money too.
Earlier this year, the program was enhanced to include a basic evaluation of outdoor landscape watering practices to assist our customers in reducing water waste throughout the city.  During the landscape evaluation, an experienced technician measures the landscape area, verifies the irrigation run times and current schedule, and identifies any problems with the irrigation system.  The technician will also suggest adjustments to your irrigation schedule and provide information on our water saving programs and incentives.

Signing up is simple!  Contact us by phone (714) 939-9020, or sign up online. We will schedule an appointment at your convenience.


*All Anaheim residential electric and water customers are eligible for this program. This includes both owners and renters of both single family and multi-family homes.

Anaheim customer keeps on saving  

Broadmoor-Northridge Homeowner's Association (HOA) continues to soak up the savings.  The East Anaheim HOA installed weather-based irrigation controllers in 2007 to manage their landscape watering, and is looking forward to another summer of savings well over 23%.  Board Member Bob Petty says, "The system is still doing very well."  The HOA has managed to save an average of 97 million gallons of water annually!


Do you have a water saving success story to tell?  Contact us.

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In This Issue
Water conservation needs to be a way of life
Summer reading is all about water
Caltrans is doing more to save water
Home Utility Check-up program checks your landscape
Anaheim customer keeps on saving
 Water Savings Update
June 2010:
 2.3 Billion Gallons

Anaheim's Goal: 

1.2 Billion Gallons
Great job Anaheim! Thanks to your efforts and a wet spring we doubled our water savings.
Anaheim's Water Saving Tips for Kids 
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Getting Ready for Summer!

Plenty of rain in the last few months doesn't mean our water supply challenges are over. As warmer months are quickly approaching, please don't forget to water your landscape efficiently.

4 days per week
3 cycles of 6 minutes each
4 days per week
3 cycles of 4 minutes each
4 days per week
3 cycles of 6 minutes each
4 days per week
3 cycles of 4 minutes each
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