E-Newsletter February  2010
Is the Drought Really Over? 
In recent weeks, heavy rainfall had many questioning whether or not  California's three year drought was finally over.  This January, Orange County received more than five inches of rain, in comparison to January 2009, with less than one inch of rain.
Rising numbers like these recent rainfall stats have led many to believe that the State's current water supply challenges are over.  But in reality, even with the significant amounts of rainfall we've received, it is still not enough to compensate for the past several dry winters.
And while experts stated that the recent rainfall was a good start to alleviating the drought, bear in mind that there are still significant restrictions on the amount of water that Southern California is allowed to import from the North.  In short, we still need to work hard to conserve water.
In Anaheim, our recent conservation efforts have been focused on encouraging customers to reduce their outdoor water use, since outdoor water makes up more than 50% of an average household. And our water conservation efforts have definitely been paying off!  From July 2009 to January 2010, we have successfully reduced our water use by 834 million gallons.  This means we are well on our way to reach our goal of reducing our water use by 1 billion gallons.  
As you read on, you will find more information on our recent outdoor water saving projects, programs, workshops, and tips.  Thank you for your dedication in helping us reduce water use.  Keep up the good work!
Marcie L. Edwards
Anaheim Public Utilities General Manager
Anaheim's Current Water Supply Situationanaheim water supply 2009
This water supply gauge shows
our current water supply situation is in Moderate Condition; despite the recent rain, we are still faced with the State's water supply challenges along with cutbacks to our local supplies.
Our response level is:
Voluntary Conservation
Use less water to protect our supplies - help us move the needle into the green.  
What's the Difference?
Native Plants vs. California Friendly Plants
What's the difference between California native plants and California friendly plants?  Most people think these two types of plants are exactly the same and often times use these terms interchangeably.
california poppyAlthough both types of plants can help you reduce your outdoor water use, they are vastly different.  California's native plants are plants that have been naturally grown in California; therefore they are the easiest to grow in mild winters and hot summers.
These types of plants are not limited to just cacti and succulents; there are lots of vibrant plants to choose from.  One of the most popular California native plants is the State flower, the California Poppy.
sageSimilar to native plants, California friendly plants come in variety of colorful selections, with thousands to choose from.  And many California friendly plants are also fire resistant, most popular is the Sage.  
To views an extensive list of California native plants and California friendly plants visit www.bewaterwise.com.
california friendly gardenLearn How to Save Water Outdoors! 
Anaheim will help make your garden a water-saving sanctuary.
Anaheim Public Utilities is partnering with the Municipal Water District of Orange County to offer California Friendly Landscape Workshops in the upcoming months. 
Participants will learn how to keep their yards looking beautiful, while cutting back their outdoor water use.  Experts will teach the participants a variety of water saving techniques in landscape design, plantings, sprinkler systems, watering, and fertilizers. 
Class: California-Friendly Landscape Workshop
When: April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, and May 15th. 
Location: TBD  
For more information or to RSVP, please contact our Water Conservation  Program Manager, Jarred Ross at (714) 765-4256 or at
Big Returns for Customers Who Conserve Water
A single efficiency investment for a high water user is far more affordable and practical than trying to replicate those  savings over thousands of residences.
Consequently, high water users have always been a key contributor to Anaheim's long-term declining water use trend. Just take a look at the following list of customers that have saved millions of gallons and thousands of dollars in operating costs over the last few years:
customer savings chart  
So, just how did these customers get started on the path of greater water use efficiency and a better bottom line?
Anaheim Public Utilities offers two programs to get efficiency-minded customers started.  If you have a business that uses a lot of water we offer the Water Use Survey program.  If you are a home owners association or residential customers, we are currently developing a Landscape Water Use Survey Program Specifically for our customers with large landscapes.
Under both programs, we put you in touch with qualified technical consultants who can review water use and then develop water saving recommendations.  From there, a utility representative can identify applicable financial incentive programs, that can help bring you water saving plan to reality.
Want to learn more?  Contact our Water Conservation Program Manager Jarred Ross at (714) 765-4256 or at jross@anaheim.net.  

Spring Into Summer

Receive $250 in rebates for High Efficiency Clothes Washers

 Receive "Double the Rebates" from February 1st to June 30th.
Install an ENERGY STARĀ® rated appliances or other qualifying rated appliances and receive double the rebate amount!

     To learn more visit www.anaheim.net/utilities 




Come to Anaheim's FREE Smart Home Energy & Water Efficiency Workshops and learn everything you need to know about smarter, more efficient living

 Saturday, March 27 from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Downtown Community Center 250 E. Center Street, Anaheim
Seating is limited.  RSVP by calling (714) 765-4291, or by emailing anaheimpublicutilities@anaheim.net
 To learn more visit www.anaheim.net/utilities
In This Issue
Is the Drought Really Over?
Anaheim's Water Supply
Native Plants vs. California Friendly Plants
California Friendly Landscape Workshops
Big Returns for Customers Who Conserve Water
2nd Annual Student Video Contest  

We invite students to create a 30 second to 2-minute water conservation video to raise awareness of California's water crisis and the need to adopt water-saving habits.  

The contest is open to  students in grades 6-12 who either live in Anaheim or attend a junior high or high school in Anaheim.
Go here for more information.
"Water is Life"
MWD's Traveling Art Show is coming to Anaheim!
 Date: February 18-26
Where: Anaheim West Tower Lobby
Anaheim's Water Saving Tips for Kids
kidsville 1

Look for Anaheim's water saving tips for kids in Kidsville Newspaper; the Nation's fastest growing children's newspaper and educational resource.

Save Water and Money
To learn more about our water conservation rebates and programs click here.
Getting Ready for Spring!
Spring season is often filled with unpredictable weather, from showers to sunshine all within the same week.  
The lower temperatures make this the optimal time to start planting your new plants.
Remember, lower temperatures allow us to reduce our landscape watering. So, don't forget to turn off your sprinklers when it rains.  
2 days per week
2 cycles, 3-4 minutes each
3 days per week
2 cycles, 1-2 minutes each

3 days per week
2 cycles, 3-4 minutes each
3 days per week
2 cycles, 1-2 minutes each 
Send a Friendly  Reminder 

If you spot water waste, please let us know and we'll send a friendly reminder to the residence or business that you think may be the source of the water waste. Call 311 from any Anaheim based landline, (714) 765-4311 from your cell phone, or click here to submit your request.