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March 2009
Days of Rain Can't Undo Years of Drought
February's rain, while welcome, does not relieve California's three-year drought. In particular, for Southern California, this season's rainfall or Sierra snowpack levels cannot change the fact that the region has significantly depleted its water reserves.
As it stands, starting on July 1, 2009, Anaheim expects a water supply cutback of about 10% if the Metropolitan Water District adopts a 25% Regional Water Shortage.
This is enough water to serve 14,000 households for a year. And, the cost to buy water from our wholesale suppliers will continue to go up.
In response, other cities are looking to enact mandatory restrictions for lawn watering and carwashing, with penalities for noncompliance.
Here in Anaheim, we have and will continue to develop solutions synonymous with choice, incentives, investment, and efficiency to help customers weather these tough times. Examples of this approach will be further detailed in this newsletter. 
This month, we profile the water supply situation in Anaheim along with success stories on how, together with our customers, we are using water more efficiently and developing new drought-proof water resources.
Marcie L. Edwards
Anaheim Public Utilities General Manager
Governor Declares Drought Emergency
On February 27, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a Drought Emergency, asking Californians, particularly those in urban areas, to conserve more water. State agencies were also asked to cutback landscape irrigation. Finally, the declaration ordered the streamlining of water projects that could boost supply from emerging alternatives like desalination and recycling.

At this time, the declaration does not yet call for mandatory cutbacks for water users. The declaration comes on top of an earlier June 2008 Executive Order from the Governor asking Californians to prepare for deteriorating drought conditions. 
More Water Savings Needed if Supplies Cut as Expected
The good news for Anaheim is that everyone from residents and businesses to City buildings and parks are becoming more efficient water users by reducing demand 4% this year. At this pace, this would equal a year's worth of water for 6,000 homes or 950 million gallons.

And the bad news? Anaheim's water suppliers are projecting less water and higher prices for summer 2009 that may require further demand reductions equal to water for another 4,300 to 7,900 homes annually or 704 million to 1.3 billion gallons

With the potential challenge of more than doubling the rate of water savings already achieved this year, Anaheim has many major projects underway to bring water demand in balance with its shrinking supply:

These conservation projects will add to Anaheim's past efforts that has saved enough water to reduce annual demand by 104,000 homes since 1993, and will help to minimize the impact of the impending supply cutbacks.

However, will it be enough this time?

"Its clear that when billions in savings is needed, even a million gallons saved pales in comparison," said Rick Shintaku, Anaheim's Water Resources Manager. "That is why Anaheim's strategy also relies on developing water supply alternatives and changing daily water use habits in addition to water conservation and efficiency projects," added Shintaku.  
WaterrecyclingMayor Supports Water Recycling Plant
Recycling Plant
Highlighted in the Mayor's State of the City Address in January 2009, Anaheim will construct a pilot water recycling plant in downtown Anaheim near City Hall. This facility will treat wastewater from an existing sewer line for irrigation use and/or toilet and urinal flushing. Anaheim has already hired a consultant to manage project planning, design, procurement, permitting, environmental studies, and the preparation of construction bid documents. Estimated water savings is 110 acre-feet of water or 35 million gallons per year, which is enough to serve 220 homes. Construction could start in December 2009.
SuccessCustomer Success Story:
Broadmoor Saves 8 Million Gallons a Year
Bob Petty, Vice President and Landscape Chair of the Broadmoor Northridge Homeowner's Association wanted to irrigate 36 acres of landscape and 2,500 trees using less water and money.
After talking with his landscapers, he found out about a program through his local Anaheim utility that helps customers do just that. SmarTimers are irrigation controllers that irrigate landscape based on weather conditions and plant water needs automatically.
"We installed the SmarTimers at a great time. We were hearing more and more about the drought and conservation, so this was definitely a great investment," said Petty.
The results? One year after the SmarTimer installation, Broadmoor reduced water use by 21% or 8 million gallons a year. And, with lower water bills, Petty said the SmarTimer system should pay for itself within a few years. To learn more about SmarTimers call (877) 728-2282 or visit www.mwdsaveabuck.com.
Conservation Knocking...
For many, its a fine line between tattle-telling on your neighbor and wanting to do the right thing. As Anaheim's water provider, we are also wary of acting like "Big Brother", intruding into the private lives of our citizens.
However, with the drought worsening and the need to conserve heightened, what's a well-intended neighbor and government agency to do?
Rather than simply aggravate customers with citations and fines, Anaheim created a door hanger with water saving tips and instructions that can be left at residences and businesses who are reported to be wasting water. No fines. Just a friendly reminder.
Customers can request to have us leave a friendly reminder by calling 311 or sending a request via the online Anaheim Anytime system. You can view a copy of the door hanger here.
SolutionAlternative Sources may be a Third of Anaheim's Water by 2020
Anaheim has worked with its customers since the early 1990's to do more with less water through conservation and efficiency projects. As of 2008, these efforts have helped us to effectively supply 14% of our water through "savings".

water supply picture 2008

However, with drought conditions seemingly part of the landscape for the foreseeable future, Anaheim is pushing ahead with new ventures from water recycling to desalination. By 2020, we expect these alternative supplies to provide 32% of our water.
water supply picture 2020
Investments like these should position Anaheim to have a reliable and affordable water supply in spite of future drought, demand growth, and higher water prices. 
Savings Water Savings Tips
Save water and money now by following the tips in the table below. Want to learn more about what Anaheim can do to help save you water and money? Visit Anaheim's Residential and Business customer program pages.   

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Days of Rain, Years of Drought
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Mayor Supports Water Recycling
Customer Success: Broadmoor
Conservation Knocking
Alternative Water to Double by 2020?
Water Savings Tips
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"When you're in private business, you just have to get things done. Anaheim shares that approach. Their attitude was always 'let's figure out how to do it.' It was just very refreshing."
-George Adams, Adams Steel
"Our part of the cost (for energy and water improvements) was considerably less because Anaheim Public Utilities provided a 50% rebate, and we qualified for federal and state tax credits."
- Phil Ces, Sea Breeze Laundromat

Save Water & Money  

SmarTimer: Lower landscape watering by as much as 25%
Rotating Nozzles: Lower landscape watering by 20%   
Landscape Workshops: Beautiful garden, less water
Home Utility Check Up: Free water and power saving tune up 
Save Water, Save a Buck: Upgrade your business water systems
Looking the Other Way...

On WATER WASTE? Send a friendly reminder instead! Call 311 from any Anaheim based landline, (714) 765-4311 from your cell phone, or e-mail us to report water waste.

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