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CTL Winter Conference
January 29, 2010
Keynote Speaker: Michael Wesch

Michael Wesch is a cultural anthropologist from Kansas State University who explores the effects of new media on society and culture. Wesch has published and spoken extensively on the importance of pulling new media into the classroom.

Wesch is the creator of the immensely popular YouTube videos A Vision of Students Today and Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us and was the 2008 CASE/Carnegie U.S. Professor of the Year for Doctoral and Research Universities.
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News from the CTL

Where has the quarter gone? Once again a new academic year has gotten off to a whirlwind start.  Faculty members and students were greeted back this fall with the urging of hand washing, flu shots, and requirements that course content and communication be available digitally. 

The Center for Teaching and Learning offered over 30 workshops and held over 50 individual appointments since August 1st to help prepare faculty to continue teaching in the case of high student and faculty absences. While this was quite a workload, we enjoyed the opportunity to work with faculty to think about the ultimate goals of their courses and individual class sessions, brainstorm ways for students to learn material without a regular class meeting, and consider how different technologies could enhance their classes.

Even though the flu has already swept through many communities, it is always a good idea to rethink and revisit the different ways that teaching and learning occur. Blackboard is DU's learning management system and has numerous features for supporting teaching and learning. DU's Portfolio Community can also be used for course communication and teaching by setting up a Course Portfolio. You'll find many resources in this newsletter and on our website about these teaching tools.

Enjoy the end of the fall quarter! 

Visit our H1N1 Continuity Plan Teaching Support Page

Using Blackboard to Supplement your Courses

We've updated and created new resources about Blackboard. Find the support you need in a method that matches your individual preference.

Blackboard Basics

Teaching with Blackboard: In this short video, Dr. Susan Sadler, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences describes the benefits of using Blackboard as a teaching tool.

Using Course Portfolios to Supplement your Courses

A Course Portfolio can be used by an instructor to post information for students. A course portfolio has features that allow members to email each other, conduct assessments, keep a calendar of events and a grade book, distribute documents, and hold threaded discussions.

Click here for online how-to guides
For individual support, contact Jenn Light  
DU CourseMedia™ Showcased at National Conferences

There were multiple mentions of DU video delivery systems during Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. Joseph Labrecque demonstrated using Google Analytics with the ALORA Embed Generator player during his session for FITC, and John Schuman had a strong focus on CourseMedia™ during both of his presentations. 

CourseMedia™ will also be featured this November during Educause in Denver at the Adobe Booth

If you missed the Adobe Education Seminar series in which
CourseMedia™ was discussed at length, you can now view the archives.
Announcement: Call for Proposals

The $20K Grants Program
Supporting Innovations in Teaching and Learning
Proposal deadline: November 20, 2009

At the beginning of each academic year the CTL requests
proposals from faculty that describe the use of teaching
strategies that will improve student engagement and

Over the last 10 years, the CTL Advisory Board has
approved the funding of over 90 grants that support
innovative ideas from DU faculty members to create
sustainable, collaborative, curricular change in teaching
and learning.

View proposal guidelines, forms, and past funded proposals
Tech Tools We Love

Jing is free software that allows you to create screenshots and videos that can easily be shared online.  Instructors and students can use Jing to create annotated visual elements or short narrated tutorials.  Jing creations can easily be shared and stored for free at Screencast.com. Click here for more about Jing and examples. -Kathy Keairns
Prezi is a free online presentation software that uses one large canvas rather than slides. Similar to PowerPoint, you can easily create a linear presentation and add images, video and audio. But unlike PowerPoint, you visually alternate from a big picture view to details by zooming around the presentation. It works very well with presentations that are intended or turn out to be non-linear. You can view a sample presentation about presentations here. -Bridget Arend

Adobe ConnectNow is a free online conferencing tool that is run on the Adobe Flash Platform.  It is ideal for conducting online office hours or meetings with up to two other computers (it costs more for more participants).  You can use various features such as an interactive whiteboard, chat, webcam, and screen sharing in your meeting.  Hosts are required to sign up for an acrobat account, but participants are not. -Alex Karklins

Technology LoveHave a free technology tool that you love? Send us a short description and we'll share it with others in this newsletter.