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The following monthly newsletters are available for viewing.  Simply click on month, and it will open in a pop-up window.  The first 3 months of newsletters were created in different format and are available only as pdf files (email to receive a copy)
  • June 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with MindWare, jump-starting your project, Schreiber's class gets underway, and lots of inventor successes
  • May 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Spartaco Albertarelli, creativity exercise, new resources at GDC, and inventor successes.
  • April 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Richard Borg, Ian Schreiber's free online game design class, new publisher news, GDC has treasures/tools/gems, inventor updates
  • March 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Playroom Entertainment, view on Pomona Toy Show, GDC has 8mm wood cubes, Settlers of Catan Article, inventor successes.
  • February 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Reyn Guyer, views on NY Toy Fair, advice on resubmitting a game, educators and librarians contest, inventor successes
  • January 09 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Out of the Box Publishing, toy industry blogs, Bloom report, review of Paid to Play book, inventor successes
  • December 08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Curt Covert, continuing story of self-publisher, views on UK Games Expo coming next summer, inventor successes
  • November 08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Endless Games, continuing story of self-publisher, TAGIE award winners, views on TAGIE and ChiTAG, inventor successes
  • October 08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Martin Wallace, a story of a self-publisher learning the ropes, several inventor firsts, TAGIE award nominees
  • September 08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Valley Games, upcoming game design book release, article on the 3 types of play tests, inventor successes, TAGIE links
  • August 08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Joyce Johnson & Colleen McCarthy-Evans, a ton of inventor releases and other successes, article on board vs electronic gaming
  • July '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Fundex, views on Origins, Protospiel and the Amer Library Assoc show, new game company Bucephalus, inventor successes.
  • June '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with James Ernest, The 'E' Word and Games for Educators Link, inventor successes
  • May '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Patch Products, tips for creating jigsaw puzzles, how far do you have to change a game to make it original, link to TAGIE
  • April '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Brian Hersch, importance of a game's name, dusting off old ideas, upcoming Inventor Celebration Dinner
  • Mar '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Discovery Bay Games, prototyping tip, rules for best-selling games, GameStorming - P is for 'Put to Other Use'
  • Feb '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Haim Shafir, NY Toy Fair inventor highlights, some presentation tips, inventor successes
  • Jan '08 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Ravensburger, KISS means SALES, how to know when you are done developing your game, request for party games, inventor successes
  • Dec '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Mike Selinker, answers to what inventors can do to help market their games, tips on believing in yourself, inventor successes
  • Nov '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Buffalo Games, increasing sales thru promos for self-publishers, review of Knucklebone article, story of taking success wherever you find it
  • Oct '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with David Fuhrer, an inventors view of Essen, answering 'when do you celebrate', and inventor successes
  • Sept '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with AEG, report on ChiTAG, tips on sales & marketing for self-publishers, and inventor successes
  • Aug '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with Keith Meyers, story of successes achieved by not giving up, the thrill of the 'call'.
  • Jul '07 newsletter
  • 10Q's with GameWright, , tips on presenting your game, story of success with a mis-targeted market, inventor successes
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