Summer 2012
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Todd Butler, Sales Representative
Lynne Jackson, Sales Support Representative
June Smith, Quality Service Manager
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Pens with YOUR Company Imprint
Thank your customers and promote your business at the same time! What better way than to offer an inexpensive pen, custom imprinted with your company name and phone number as a handout.   
 Javalina Jewel Pens
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Small Volume Customized Labels
Small Volume Imprint Label
Now you can get your business name, address, and phone number imprinted onto our stock handwritten oil change reminder labels. 

* 250 labels per roll

* Minimum order is 3 rolls 
(750 labels)

* NO Set up or Plate Fees

* Available in White Static Cling Only


Call today for pricing or visit our website.
Todd's Tips

Having trouble printing from your TLP2824 printer? Here are some quick fixes to try.



STEP A: Always make sure your labels are loaded properly.
Labels need to be in between the two green support arms, and running through the black tension guides. If the guides are too tight, the labels will have difficulty passing through. If too loose, they may go through at a slanted angle and print off the label.


STEP B: Always make sure your ribbon is loaded properly.
Make sure the ribbon supply roll (roll farthest in the back, or the unused portion of the ribbon) is on properly. Grab the ribbon supply roll with your thumb and index finger. Pull to the right, and look at the cardboard core which it is wrapped around. Look for the slit that is in the core and line it up with the plastic knob on the inside of the ribbon frame. Gently push until they snap in together.


STEP C: Reset the printer.

Determine if you have the TLP2824 or TLP2824 plus model printer. Model number can be found on the silver label on the under side of the printer.


If you have a TLP2824 plus, do the following:
1. Turn on the printer
2. Wait for the light to turn green, press it down and hold until it blinks four times
3. Turn off and power back on. Now the printer is reset
If you have a TLP2824, do the following:
1. Turn off printer
2. Unplug keyboard
3. Hold down (green) feed button on top left side of printer
4. While still holding down on the green button, turn on printer, count to 2 ("1, 2" not "1, one thousand, 2, one thousand"), then let go of feed button. Labels will print out.
5. When labels are done printing, push feed button once more
6. Rip off labels
7. Turn off printer
8. Turn on printer
9. Print some sample labels. Now the printer is reset.


Your McCourt Pit Crew!
Seated left to right: June Smith, Todd Butler, Lynne Jackson


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